What machine to buy?

lovemycatkellarDecember 30, 2007

I just sold my babylock, it did not do 3 letter monograms or 2 lines of text on one screen. But I know how to embroider; just am overwhelmed with all the options out there.

Here are my facts:

I have $600-$800 to spend, maybe a used one on an auction site?

I really just want to do 3 letter monograms (2 outer letters smaller than middle letter).

I also only want to do multiple lines of text (i.e. Ashley's grandma) without doing them separatley and having to be a math major to figure out to get them centered.

I am really not into "picture" monogramming. What is the best machine for me?

I was looking at Janome, Bernina, Husq/Viking, what else should I look at?

Also, I have a Chinese daughter--- I would like to scan or copy somehow Chinese symbols to put on some things for her with her birthname. So I guess I need to be able to get stuff off the internet and onto my machine, what do I need for that too?

Thanks, Melody

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Melody I have a Jamone sewing machine that I love. I wanted an embroidery machine that only did embroidery so I chose a Brother PE700 because of the price (about $800). I have also seen the basic Brother with Disney for about $300.
It is great and I emboridery everything (big family, I am oldest of 6 girls).
I also use mine to embroidery quilts.
In addition to the machine you will need a USB to transfer STUFF from the Net to your machine. The basic will cost you about $100. There are many freebies on the Net for you to use.
Doesn't sound like you plan to ise it very much, soooooooooo have you looked into the prices of having someone else monogram for you?

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We have lots of famiily and friends with small children and I like to give gifts so I do want to embroider alot on clothing. I do not quilt (I need instant gratification with my projects, lol) so I only need it for clothing embroidery, monograms and simple picture emboridery. I want one that does 2 & 3 monogramming and has a USB so that I don't have to have alot of external hardware. Now I am looking into it being a emb/sewing unit b/c I sew alot. then i would not have to house two units. Maybe a Janome 9000 or 9500??? what other brands are at the same level of comparison to those two. I have a janome serger so that is why i looked at them first. THanks for your reply.

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