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deemarie5500May 24, 2004

Hey there!!!


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I am here. Good morning, welcome back. How was your trip?

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Hi Suzanne! I had a wonderful trip. The weather was cold in Canada, but no one cared....none of us were working, so we enjoyed ourselves. We took The Voyager of the of the prettiest ships I've ever sailed on. We played minature golf, saw an ice show, 2 parades, played basketball, attempted to climb a rock wall....all on a ship! Outstanding!...the service was good and we met some nice people.

QOD: My all-time favorite movie is still "Raiders of the Lost Ark". (I do, however, love the movie and the music from Somewhere in Time...although I'm so sad when I see it now when I look at Christopher Reeve)

BJ, I hope you are OK after that spill on your bike. I'll bet you are stiff and sore this morning. Please take it easy, kiddo!

Gotta run; I had over 100 e:mails to review and answer.

See you guys later.

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Welcome home DeeMarie - we missed you! Sounds like you had a very busy and funfilled time. Now back to reality.

BJ - OUCH - I am so glad that you didn't get hurt any worse than you did. That is so nice that you did a clean-up at the beach. Our business association adopted the main strip in town to clean a few times a year and it can be very interesting on what you find out there LOL.

QOD - That is a hard one. I love so many movies - almost anything with Tom Hanks - "You've Got Mail", "Sleepless in Seattle". I like mostly romantic comedies, but I also really liked "Pay It Forward", "Finding Forester" and "My Life As a House". I can watch "Almost Famous" over and over again.

I have been so busy. Saturday I planted more plants in town in the cold and rain and also had to put in a full day at work. Sunday I went to a Holistic Health Festival and had a wonderful day with a close friend. We laughed all day and met many wonderful new and old friends there.

Today I went on a 2 hour walk with a good friend, I haven't seen in months. Gave us a lot of time to catch up and get in a good workout.

I hope everyone is well. try to check in.

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Hello was getting lonely around here today! LOL Sounds like you have been very busy!

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I just came back from my next course and I think I am going to drop it. Monday and Wednesday night from 4:30 - 7:30, plus about 10 hours of homework each week. I have absolutely no interest in what this is about (I didn't choose the class, the school district did). I can get the credits I need on line, so I think I am going to go that route. I have to think it over. Just a lot of unneeded stress for me right now.

I think that I have shared in the past that I have been taken Celexa for the past 2 years. (It is an antidepressent. I was having a lot of anxiety when DS #1 went away to school and just alot of things going on at that time). I have decided to stop taking it, under the direction of my doctor. I did a little research about withdrawal symptoms, etc. and I have found that they are terrible. Major dizziness, nauseau, joint pain, etc. I am only on day 2 of half a dose and I am getting very nervous about it. I have not had any symptoms other than feeling very spacey (more so than usual!!!!!). Does anyone have any information that they can share?

QOD: I have sooooo many. Romantic comedies are really my favorite, but here are all my favorites that I can think of, off the top of my head. The Birdcage, A Fish Called Wanda, Big Fish, Harry Potter, Armageddon, Parenthood, Cape Fear, Raeanne I also liked My Life as a House and Finding Forester, Blame it on Rio, Stepmom, Fools Rush In(I could watch that one 100 times), Somethings Gotta Give, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Under the Tuscan Sun, Calendar Girls, Chocolat, Waking Ned Devine, The Full Monty, Witches of Eastwick, Roxanne. Aren't you sorry you asked?
I have many others, but that is all I can think of right now.

DeeMarie, glad you had a great trip. It is fun just to be away and not have to think much. Thanks for getting us started.

BJ, hope you are feeling ok today.

Raeanne, can my yard be next? And NH Suzie, I chuckled when you said your laundry was all done. Is that possible? I don't think my laundry has every been all done. And if it was, I don't think I would have enough room in the drawers to put it all away!

Pete is doing great. He gets very tired, but that was to be expected.

Got to run. I am actually going to watch another movie, either Love Actually or Mona Lisa Smile. I haven't decided yet.

Love, Besh

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Besh - I don't have any information to share, but I do know that it is very probable that your experience with the withdrawal may not be nearly as bad as you are expecting. My recommendation is to see if there is a Reiki practitioner nearby and make an appoinment - it is wonderful for de-stressing. I wish I was closer and would offer you my services. I also loved Chocolat!

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Good TUESDAY morning!

Besh, let me know if you liked Love Actually...I am a HUGE Colin Firth fan!

Raeanne, my fitness trainer here at work last evening gave me one-on-one service. I was the only one who showed up for the stretching class, so we did some chair yoga and a great de-stressing stretch. I was walking on air when I left this office last night!

I have back-to-back meetings today, but wanted to check in here first.

Make it a great day!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello Everyone,

BJ, hope you are feeling better after getting banged up! I imagine that it feels about the same as getting tossed from a horse. You whole body hurts.

Besh glad to hear Pete is doing well. Another movie? I haven't watched a movie in so long. I am dying to see the Return of the King. I think it comes out today in video but fat chance of getting it. I can't wait though.

DeeMarie, sounds like another grand time for you. You are the undisputed queen of cruises!

Raeanne, would you do your thing on me? I need something soon!

The girls all got thier spring shots to the tune of $400 dollars! Wow is this getting expensive like everything else I guess. Last week it $200. for the cats to get shots.

Everyone at work is having a hard time with this July issue. No one is making thier goals it seems and it feels nice not to be the only one!

I have to run.

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Good evening all,

WOW, it's quiet here. I feel so lonely! LOL

I was thinking about the QOD answers that I have been reading. Somehow I missed the original QOD. I have to say that I can't possibly name a favorite movie but I have a few that always come to mind first, Out of Africa and The Wizard of Oz. There are so many. Another favorite is Fried Green Tomatoes and the Shawshank Redemption. All of those movies I could pick up beginning, middle or end and still be involved no matter how many times I see them. Also, Uncle Buck was a great one as well as Trains, Planes and Automobiles both featuring the late and great John Candy. Any one see any of the above?

QOD: What is the price for gasoline where you live today?
Here it ranges from $2.05 to $2.07 per gallon for regular. UGH

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QOD: $2.10!!! DH truck has a double gas tank and he could not fill it up yesterday because the pump shuts off at $50.00!

Love ya, Besh

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QOD you asked.....finally, an answer! Fav movies:
Comedy: Love Letter, Edward Scissorhands
Drama: It's a Beautiful Life, Shakespeare in Love, Erin Bockovich
Fav science fiction: Twilight Zone Movie, K-PAX
Cartoon: The American Tale, Wild Thornberrys
Horror: Bad Ronald (cult classic)
Classic: It Started in Naples, Chocolat
Musical Performances: Sting: Bring on the Night, Bee Gees: One Night Only

Besh, did you get a chance to watch Mona Lisa Smile. I loved it. I wish I could sit teen girls in front of it for hours on I can't wait for the redone version of Stepford Wives to come out!!!!!! It looks like a riot! I don't know what to say about your withdrawal other than that I would express the fears to your doctor. Maybe she or he has a milder solution for reducing the dose or something. At the first hint of strange or anxious feelings, maybe let your loved ones know, so they can help you monitor your health. I wish one of us could be more helpful, simply because we DO care a lot and can hearOn another subject, has anyone read the Prophecy of The Stones? I bought it for summer reading, even tho' it's a teeny bopper book.


Don't feel lonely! We're lurking!!!!! lol!

QOD for today:
$2.47 a gallon here. I filled up my truck today for $62.47----ouch! I guess I'll rent a car when I go to Alaska. I absolutely will BLOW the budget driving this rig up there!

Well, it sounds like Alaska may be a good place to be this summer. The terror threats are coming to Seattle! Along that line, I am going to find the race for President VERY interesting this year.

Got my bike going again, but this time, I think I'll take it a little slower for a couple of days!


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Besh: I'm thrilled to hear of Pete's progress. What a wonderful gift---a second chance at life! Every time I think of Pete, I think of Brandon. Brandon's favorite movie was Forrest Gump---he always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." Thank heavens for modern medicine and bone marrow transplants. When it works, it's a blessing. When it doesn't, we learn to value our loved ones and life tenfold. My positive thoughts continue to be sent your family's way. Pete's a symbol of progress and hope for me every day. What an inspiration he is.

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NH Suzanne - when we go to French Lick - I will give you a Reiki session (if not before then)!

QOD - gas is $2.14 a gallon here and it stings. I am considering getting a hybrid car, if I can get my hands on one.

Besh - hope you are feeling less anxious today!

DeeMarie - I have had several one-on-one sessions at yoga and I love it. The first time it felt a little weird, but now I get excited when it is only me LOL.

BJ - I love reading your answers to QOD - you always have so much to share. THANKS

Just returned from my first golf lesson - I loved it and got a lot of praise from my instructor - that could all change next week, but I am enjoying it while I can. He said if we didn't have a sense of humor to leave right away and if we are doing this because it is relaxing to leave right now LOL.

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Wow, sounds like I am getting a great deal on gas!! LOL
I filled up my truck the other day and the pump shut off at $50. too. What's up with that I wonder. It only filled it half way, yikes.

I can't wait to go to French Lick. This is going to be a blast. At the rate this year is going it should be time to go before you know it. I can't believe it's the end of May.

QOD: What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?
I am going to ride as much as possible. I am also go to take Sweet Pea out in the cart. We are doing massive annual plantings at DFIL's farm. Each year we plant thousands of things as a fathers day gift. It always ends up so beautiful. It's alot of work but he appreciates it.
I am hoping the weather is going be nice. We deserve some sunny warm weather. It's 40 here today!

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TUESDAY QOD: $2.03; DH filled up my last night. He pays for my gas about once a month because he uses it sometimes to run estimates. We can deduct that portion from income taxes.

Raeanne, I'm dying to take golf lessons, but I don't think I have the stuff. Let me know how it's going! I thought of again over the weekend. Rachael Ray was talking about your neighborhood and apple season.

WEDNESDAY QOD: DH and I were invited to a picnic on Sunday--his old high school buddy stays in touch with us, so it should be fun. We have lots in common with them, and this party is going to be in a park and HUGE! We were told to bring out our best patriot gear. I've got to bake a dessert...thought about apple crumb cake (hot dogs and apple pie?...get it?) LOL!

OK, I promise to check in later. I've got an 8 o'clock meeting, and it's 8:01 !!1

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Good morning:

BJ - (((HUGS))), thanks so much for the kind words. You always have the right things to say. I think about Brandon too and it makes me realize how fortunate my family is. Pete continues to take good care of himself and is getting stronger each day. I love his outlook and his attitude!

QOD: No major plans for the weekend. Kind of watching to weather. The boat is in the water, so I am hoping that we can use it. I have not been on it yet this year, the weather has been cold and rainy. Feels like April.

NH Suzanne, I love your fathers day gift to DFIL. What a great thing to do. My Dad died 12 years ago, and I still can not look at Fathers Day cards.

Raeanne, DS #2 is taking the Golf Merit Badge this summer at Boy Scout camp. I think it is great. He does not play any team sports so I think it will be good for him. It is something that he can enjoy forever and it is very social. Good luck.

BJ, thanks for the health advice. I did alert my family to what is going on. I was afraid that I would start acting strange and not realize it. So far it is has been pretty easy. The fogginess is still there, but only at night. I do feel better just knowing that I am going off of these things. I really don't believe that I need them anymore. I am taking Raeanne's advice and making an appt. for a Reikki sesson. I have not heard of that book, but I will check it out. All school year I read young adult literature and do my "adult" books in the summer. Right now I am reading "My Heartbeat" by Sharon Creech. A really fast read and she is one of my favorite young adult authors.

Got to run. Hello and (((HUGS))) all around.

Love, Besh

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continued [[[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] to BJ, Besh, Pete, and all who need them.

Patti & Dave, please check in. I miss hearing from you.

Amy, hope all is well with you.

Let's hear from the MIA's....Just a small "hello" is ok!

Got out of my meeting and found a dozen e:mails containing actions for me....geesh, don't leave for a vacation...all h*ll breaks loose! LOL

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Continuing the group ((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))) to all.
I hope this reaches far and wide to all the MIA's where are you all?
Life must be grand and I am glad but check in here to share! Like DeeMarie said, a small hello would be okay.

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It is very hard for me to get on the computer at work these days. But the good news is that I am accomplishing a lot at work LOL.

NH Suzanne - I also love your Father's Day gift to DFIL. He is lucky to have you! I know you can't wait to get on SP this weekend. I agree French Lick will be here before we know it.

DeeMarie - I loved my first lesson - but he made it quite clear that it is one of the hardest sports to take up. He said if we didn't have a sense of humor to leave immediately LOL. I actually did surprisingly well. I am not in the least athletic or coordinated. We meet again next week at the school and then it is off to the golf course for 4 weeks YIKES. I have to go shopping for golf clothes LOL.

Besh - Our high school gym class has golf as part of the curriculum, I think that is great. I am glad DS is learning - I agree, it is a very good social game. I finally started reading the Davinci Code - I lent it out to everyone, now it's my turn. We just got our boat ready to be put in the water and it hasn't been nice enough out to do it. DD is coming home this weekend and expects to use it.

DeeMarie - how is DH doing with his cholesterol - is he walking with you? The picnic sounds like so much fun.

BJ - are you healing well? When you say you will be in Alaska all summer - I worry that you will be so much further away from us - how silly am I?

QOD - It depends on the weather, but DD#1 is coming home on Friday and has requested hamburgers and hot dogs to be available all weekend and that the boat be in the water - so she is coming home with an agenda. On Monday, I have to be in Providence to help DD#2 pack up her apartment - she graduates the following weekend, but her lease is up - Memorial Day of all days and Brown University has graduation that day - so Providence should be a real mess - narrow streets with NO PARKING, on a normal day.

I gotta run, but I wanted to continue the group hug so here it is:
(((((HUGS TO ALL)))))

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Did Maddie get back yet? I thought we would've heard from her by now.

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Yeah, where is Maddie?

Good THURSDAY morning!!!!!

Can't stay too long, as I've got an early meeting. Hope everyone makes this day count. Always look on the bright side of life, make a smile your umbrella, walk on the sunny side of the street, hide the chocolate, go take a walk, give your special someone a hug, yada, yada, yada!!! LOL

With love from
Miss Motivation!!!


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Thanks for the pep talk Miss Motivation and I am taking a walk this morning! Did you hear that Krispy Kremes are working on a low carb version - I think that is hysterical!!! How is that possible and I am sure they will be very yummy NOT.

Good morning everyone - I have a busy busy day ahead of me - but had to say HI.

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Good Morning All,

I had a warm Krispy Kreme at one of the Virgina shows that I went to earlier this year. Until that moment I thought that it was all a hype but I have to say it was sooooooo good and I am glad that we don't have them around here as I might be tempted from time to time.

I should be busy but I am ignoring work!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Morning:

BJ, I did watch Mona Lisa Smile and loved it. Catherine is a good role model and I can see why you would want your daughters to watch it. Isn't it amazing how different but how much the same things are from then and now? The mother in that movie was insufferable, but that was her generation.

Dee, I haven't watched Love Actually yet, but will let you know when I do.

I watched Dr. Phil last night on Larry King Live. He has a new cookbook out. Although I really can't take much of him, I did like his common sense approach to weight loss.

Got to run,

Love, Besh

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NH Suzanne - Both DD's usually bring KK's here when they come to visit (the closest KK is about an hour away THANKFULLY). The last time I ate one, when no one was looking - that doesn't count, right?

I didn't get to my walk yet, DH has had a pain in his hip and into his shin. The Dr. put him on steroids and said it would be much better by now, but it's not. So off to the chiropractor this AM. But I got some other errands out of the way while he was in the office. I came home and shot some golf balls in my yard - I guess I got a good workout retrieving them (not that they go that far).

I'm not sure if I mentioned that my art studio is having an open house this weekend and my instructor wants me to display my landscape and a still life - I am a bit reluctant to display them, but I will.

Enjoy your day.

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Don't be reluctant to show them, Raeanne! Take pictures; we would love to see them posted in our album.

Amy, you should display some of your work there too!

gotta run.................................

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RAEANNE! Go for it! Show your stuff! I loved the painting on Marci's pic site! Beautiful!

ARG! It's pouring rain and my kitchen skylight is leaking! WAH! "HANDYMAN!!!!!!!!"

Krispy Kremes are here and near. I take the tourists there a couple times a year and I CAN'T STOP EATING when I'm there. I dislike how much I love those doughnuts. It's a good thing little Jiminy Cricket sits on my shoulder most the time about that!

Maddie~ Check in or I'll----I'll---well, you know what I'm capable of!


Friday, we're headed out for a night of shopping for DH and a court-style wardrobe for him. He got a job with the court system in Alaska, so he'll have to be a smart-dressed man this summer for work. He's currently a Levis and polo shirt guy---EVERY DAY for the past 11 years.

Saturday morning, we're picking strawberries at a local U-pick farm, then going to an apple cider factory to learn about the presses! Saturday evening, we're headed over to some Greek friends to teach 4 families worth of kids how to make dolmathes (stuffed grape vine leaves). They grow the leaves and harvest and stuff them about now--ought to be fun. I haven't made stuffed grape leaves in about 20 years!

Sunday, in between loads of laundry, I'm going to make Alton Brown strawberry jams and junk with the kids. This will be a fun adventure and I may be a few pounds heavier next week! lol! Jam making will take up most of the day.

Monday, I am going to clean a little, and go through my recipes and decide which ones I want to bring to the last frontier with me this summer! I also have to pack up some more boxes of linens, clothes, and office supplies. Then I am going to watch my Ti-Vo'd programs and purge them.

More fun than all of that, though, is, starting tomorrow, I get to start back on my solitary bike rides every morning until Wednesday. Which reminds me, I need a new pair of bike shorts!

Ahhhhhhh, I love a long weekend! Be good to your body so it can be good to you!

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WOW, never ask BJ what she's doing if you are tired!!! I need a nap!

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Har. Har. DeeMarie, you're a riot! I have to completely tire my kids out daily, so they get a good night's sleep!!! lol!

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BJ - I bet your kids have a hard time keeping up with you LOL.

I am definitely showing my 2 pieces - the one posted on Marci's site and a still life, I just don't care for the still life. I just framed it and I think it looks better. Let's put it this way - if I went to buy a picture for my house - it wouldn't be that one - no matter how cheap it was LOL.

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Just to let you know how my day is going so far:

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to make a bunch of mini Rolo's and put them in a bag so that you can eat them by the handful? Breakfast anyone??

Arghhhhhh, Besh

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Besh, you are too funny! Put the ROLO'S DOWN AND BACK one will get hurt! What's going on??? My whole week has been like that. I have been positively eating and drinking out of I hope your day improves it's supposed to be a decent weekend too.

Good morning everyone!

Raeanne, so glad you are going to exhibit your work. I don't recall seeing the still life. Did you show us?

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