trouble with CE100

janicemusselmanDecember 9, 2006

Hi, there, Everyone,

I am trying to install the Futura software to run my new (second-hand) CE100. It is an old laptop, running Windows ME. It istalls the sotware OK, but when I try to open it it tells me that the machine is not connected and turned on, when it actually is. there is nothing wrong with the USB port, 'cause I have tried the keyboard on it, and it works fine. From the machine side, it is recognizing that it is hooked to a computer, because the lights stop flashing as soon as I pluf the USB cord in to the computer - but from the software side, it is not recognising it ...

Help, please???


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Does it say that it is compatible with Windows ME?

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I am having the sameish problem. I have Vista on my computer and i went to the site under updates it tells you how to install a patch. You might need it. Im still haveing problems but i think that is to Vista. I will let you know how it goes.

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