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mcpegMay 30, 2011

Good Morning!

I'm guessing with the US long weekend folk are sleeping in or outside enjoying the day.

It's gorgeous here. I'm outside working on new veggie garden beds today. Been busy digging, flipping, moving rocks, raking and generally getting more toned up (less body aches now)from the physical work. Loving every minute of it. We are FINALLY in seasonal temperatures.

Did my weigh-in this morning. Dropped a good pound. Been actually eating more (I'm hungry these days). Has to be the outside exercise making a huge difference. I'm letting my body tell me what weight it wants to carry. Trying to pay attention to portions, what I eat and when I eat more to develop a lifestyle change.

So how is everyone doing? I'm sending hugs, serious hugs to those who are facing life's challenges right now. Sending positive thoughts, positive energies your way.

Going outside in a few moments to seize the day!

Are you seizing your day? Let's give today a good kick in the pants and make it your day. Pay attention to your needs, try to make some healthy choices in the kitchen and if possible - get out for a walk.

((((((((((((((((Power of Positive Energy Hug)))))))))))))))))

Let's get shaking!


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Hi Guys!

Peggy~ Thanks for getting us started! We're supposed to have a picnic today, but so far, the weather is cold and overcast, so it might be indoors...

Wodka: Sure could use that funny preschool story right now, in the wake of Marci's tragedy...

Marci: I am sorry sorry to hear of your SIL's brother's death. She will need a lot of support, especially given the fact that her son passed away recently as well. That is just overwhelming for a family - so much at one time. Thinking of you...

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Happy Memorial Day everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the day with your families. There are tons of parades in our small little towns which I really love.

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Wodka - BJ is right. We could use all the humor we can get, so post away!

They have not determined the exact circumstances surrounding SIL's brother death, but he was shot with a shotgun, so they ruled out suicide. Right now they are calling it an accidental death due to a fall and the shotgun going off. But they are not ruling out foul play at this time, because they cannot determine why he was outside, alone at night, with his shotgun.

He was single and lived alone on a large piece of property, so they may never know exactly what happened, but it is still under investigation.

DH and I did have a nice weekend though. It was great to have DS home for a few days and we finally got to meet the new DGF. I liked her immediately!

We are cooking out later today and I am busy writing thank you notes for all the wonderful gifts I received last week. DH is over at SIL's house now and I am enjoying the quiet.

Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts sent our way.

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Marci, I am sorry to hear of this news. My condolences to all of your family.

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Marci--((((hugs)))) I am so sorry to hear about your SIL's brother--you all are in my thoughts and prayers--

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Good morning my friends,

We're in for a hot humid day this afternoon. Both of us here are getting out shortly - I'm putting together raised veggie beds and DH is continuing to build our kitchen cabinets. When it starts getting to hot outside I'll come inside and do some housework that's needed.

Late afternoon yesterday our friend arrived with his small tractor - he had his lawn attachment on back and cut our walking/driving path across our properties. With all the rain period we just ended it was too much even for my heavy duty lawnmower to cut a couple of passes on our end. The best I achieved yesterday before I disturbed too many mosquitoes in the grass was a path to last years trailer garden I put in (getting full of strawberry plants now) and a path to my first garden bed not far from that. Starting to tame the overgrown grasses so I can reach the newly scraped garden area in the field in front of the house.

In the afternoon I switched to working behind our house starting to dig and flip dirt where I want my raised veggie beds to go. This morning Dave spied an adult rabbit hopping by the house - he did not hop up the side garden at all and thankfully did not feast on my transplants behind the house getting hardened off.

These days my exercise has improved considerably. It feels so good to be outdoors again. Sooooo goooooood.

I'm eating well, drinking a ton of plain water and loving every inch of dirt, frogs, spiders, ants, bird songs, the smell of cedar planks, the smell of wood being worked on in the shop, the sun, iced water, more dirt, the smell of cut grass, watering my babies and raking freshly turned soil smooth. It just can't get any better than this!

What's on your plate today?


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Good morning.

Marci, while I know it doesn't begin to ease the pain, I hope it was an accident, like they think. If his property is like our neighborhood, we have tons of "critters" roaming at night, and the armadillos are tearing up everyone's yards. The woman I walk with gets up at 3:30 a.m. and does armadillo patrol (no kidding!) One morning a week or so ago, I heard three shots, and sure enough, she had shot one! Your SIL's brother could have possibly been doing something similar and stumbled. God bless him.

Okay, this isn't really that funny, now that I'm writing it, but maybe it will bring a smile to your faces.

My sister was getting her class ready to go onstage for their kindergarden graduation, when all of a sudden, one of the little boys starts bawling, huge tears, red face. He's one of the good ones, never been a problem all year. She asked him what in the world was wrong? He said "Harper pinched me." Harper is this curly red headed, angelic-looking little boy, standing there, with both hands behind his back. My sister asked him, Harper is this true, did you pinch him? He calmly looked her in the eye, and said "I MIGHT have." Dou you think one of his parents might be a lawyer? ha!

I sorted my husband's clothes yesterday to donate to Goodwill. He loved his Life is Good tee shirts, so I saved all of them, plus his favorite shorts, baseball cap (all relaxing clothes), made a special drawer for them. I know they say don't get rid of clothes right away, but it makes me sadder looking at them, for some reason. I've already given his nicer things to my BIL and nephew, and Bobby's best friends. When I feel more like it, I'm going to have a get together and everyone is going to wear one of his Life is Good tee shirts. I have a picture of him, after Katrina, and we had lost everything we ever owned, and he's smiling so cute, with his Life is Good tee shirt on. Like he didn't have a care in the world. He had the best attitude and the greatest smile in the world.

Hope y'all have a great week.


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Good Tuesday afternoon,

Jan, just keep focusing on those tee shirts and Bobby's wonderful attitude towards adversity! He is proud of you. Oh, and let's not forget the smile. I would love to see a photo of him someday. xxx...ooo

My clinic went well this weekend! I only fell off Casey three times! Seriously, on the second day the entire morning session was bareback. Not just bareback mind you. I had not reins just mane to hold on to. Let me tell you that I have not had but a small handful of bareback rides...short and not so sweet! Bareback in the arena with 7 others we were led around and asked to walk and keep our eyes closed, then TROT and keep our eyes closed! The purpose was for us to really feel everything about the horse beneath us...it's breathing, heartbeat, muscles move, etc. It was really great. We were also taught to do an emergency dismount which I used two times when I lost my balance. The first time I landed on my feet, which is good. The second time I landed on my feet but immediately fell to my knees. That is when the pain began! I pulled a tendon in my knee and it hurt,but I got right back on. The third time I dumped I was sitting on Casey backwards and lying back facing the sky!!!! At one point I simply slid off. LOL I know it sounds crazy but it was all a good experience but I was so happy when the morning session ended. The whole point was for me to get a better idea of what my horse feels like and to communicate with her better. It was very effective. I accomplished things in two days that I never thought possible for example, I was able to move Casey through obstacle like a zig zag pattern backwards without touching her! Amazing. The real clincher here is that I did not know how to do it nor was I told. I had to figure it out! It was a very empowering clinic for both of us! I could go on and on but I won't.

That was my weekend and I am still reeling!

How was everyone your weekend?

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Hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend. We had beautiful weather and a great time.

BJ - thank you for sending the pictures of that sweet baby!

Marci - I am so sorry for your loss. The shock is unbelievable. My cousin was murdered last year and that is just not what you expect. This after losing her son is just too much for one family. I hope it was a tragic accident
as strange as that may sound. ((hugs))

Suzanne, I feel your pain!! Glad you enjoyed this time with Casey, lumps and bumps and everything else. I also love your picture and the sentiment is so true.

Jan, you remain in my thoughts and prayers. There is no right or wrong - there is only what is right for you. ((hugs)).

Peggy, glad you are enjoying the weather and your garden. You sound like you are on the right track and you sound happy...I'm glad.

I am getting another rescue dog, another Bichon. She is also a mill survivor and her name is Shelby. We were supposed to get her this past Saturday but she was attacked by a new dog in her foster home and has been hospitalized since Friday night. Her foster home was great and this is a rarity but very upsetting. She was hurt badly and was just released today to a foster in NJ. She needs lots of attention while healing and we are not home enough to give it to her. She joins our family July 4th weekend.

I will try not to be such a stranger.

Take care and enjoy the start of summer :-)

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Rabbit Rabbit!!!

A summer month - yaaaaaay! It's feast or famine - another hot one. Do what I can today. It feels clammy in the house. The windows are open for now. When it starts getting warmer I'll be shutting things down to keep the heat out. Last night we slept with a fan. Freezing cold spring to heat wave overnight. Gardeners nightmare. Environment Canada says today that it will be a hotter and dryer summer for Ontario. Great. Glad I'm making raised veggie beds around the house.

Donna - that poor dog. It's great that you will be taking on a rescue dog. She will be in a loving home at last. Congratulations on your new family member.

Today's focus for me is more fruit and veggies...my body has been telling me off big time. And of course tons of water.

June - yaaaaay!

Today is a new day - make the most of it. It's only here once.


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Hi Guys!

It's cloudy again here. Kinda cool. Threats of rain...

Peg: Our house has been feeling stuffy too - guess the Springtime weather brings the feeling of cabin fever and WE NEED TO OPEN THE WINDOWS! Hey, glad the bunny passed your garden by - THIS TIME - lol.

I have been moving beds around in my house for 2 days! I have my DD and her BF sleeping in one guest room, foster kids room is ready again! - 2 twin beds and a comfy crib - since my little Princess Baby went to a foster home closer to her parents. Sad, but glad she can be by her Mamma and Daddy... Moved 2 beds into my 'tween's room, as we are having a 'tween from Israel live with us in July for 2 weeks - so exciting! I love having a FULL HOUSE - except for the dishes - lol.

NHSuzanne: Beautiful picture! Hey, how do you execute an emergency dismount without anything to hold onto? I am really curious! The horse clinic sounds SO fun! -- and I need a seatbelt toride a horse!

Marci : (((((HUGS))) Hope it was an accident. Still, that does not take away the pain. When do you leave for Florida?

Maddie: REPORT! regrading your Memorial Day at MIL's.

Jan: Loved the preschool story - ask him if he wants an internship withus for the summer! And your story about the LIFE IS GOOD shirts is such a special ray of sunshine to remember! My Dad passed away in December and my Mom and sister cleaned out all of Dad's clothes and boxed up his belongings. Mom and Dad were together for so long; it was very theraputic for her to go through the stuff and give it to people who could USE IT!

Donna - Another dog? Good for you!!!! I was just at the shelter this weekend, walking dogs, and they had the CUTEST Lab & Sharpei mix golden puppy! So much extra skin and the most loveable wrinkley forehead!... But I just love 'em and leave 'em!

Okay, I'd better get back to work!


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Hi All,

Marci, I can't even imagine. I am so sorry.

Jan, I love Life is Good t-shirts. I am glad they bring a smile to your face. There is no right or wrong way to deal with Bobby's belongings. Just do what feels right.

My sister had her breast cancer surgery today. It went very well. The lump was microscopic and some lymph nodes were removed. Now we need to wait for the pathology report on Friday.

BJ, sorry your little princess has gone with another family. She was very lucky to have you for the time that she did. It is nice to have a full house though!

Suzanne, oooouuuuuch! Hope you are healing!

Peg, it is pretty hot and humid here today too. I am not complaining though. I got a lot of planting done over the weekend and I am off to do some more before the thunder storms roll in.

Donna, congrats on the new baby! My hubby told me over the weekend that he wants a new one. I am still not quite ready to take on another dog, plus we have all of these cats at the moment. Maybe in the fall, we'll see. Enjoy!

Down another 2.2# at WW this morning. I hit my 10% goal and got a key chain. I felt like I hit the lottery!

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Thursday check-in! Helllllloooooooooooooo?

My GF's last appt afer her breast cancer lumpectomy was today. She's DONE. Her doc is putting her on Tamoxifen for 5 years. No radiation. This is such good news! But she found out she has Osteoporosis. So she's going on a drug to help slow down the bone-loss progress. All in all, though, more plusses than minuses.

BESH!!!!!! CONGRATS on the key chain and reaching a goal point! YAY! :-) and BIG HUGS!!!!!

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Good Friday all,

I posted yesterday but it's not here! I always wonder what happens to these things...

Besh, how is your sister doing? Thinking of you both.

This week I have been a working fool. I got ALL of the mowing done and that's saying alot! I got all my flowers planted, and most of my vegetable garden planted.

This weekend is annual planting at my dear FIL's farm in the next town over. The whole family will be here and there will be no time to do much here!

Today I will just enjoy the day. I still can't ride so will putter around. With any luck DH will be home this weekend. I've only seen him once in the last six weeks and I miss him.

What is everyone else doing?

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Checking in from NC this week.


Maddie,looking forward to your report on the party, if you decided to attend.

Weather has been close to 100 here, so we have beenspending lots of time swimming. Very relaxing week...I didn't need my relaxation rituals cars, which I forgot to pack!

We fly home late tomorrow night and then it's back to work on Monday.

Wishing you all the very best this weekend has to offer.


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The funeral was Wednesday and it was sad to say the least. There are still so many unanswered questions and I can only hope they are able to find something out to help give the family some closure.

I am leaving next Thursday for Florida and I got out all my summer clothes this morning. I tried them on with fingers crossed, but they all fit! I am sure they wouldn't have fit six weeks ago, but I have really cut back on my late night snacking and tried to focus on healthier snacking during the day.

NHSuzanne - How is Sweet Pea doing? Will you be able to ride her when you are healed?

BJ - You are always such a whirlwind of activity. Sometimes I need a push to get moving and stay motivated. Wish you lived closer and I could feed off your energy! LOL

Dee - It finally cooled off here and the last two days have been gorgeous! 100 degrees is too hot!

Raeanne - What is your next project now that the Girls Getaway is done? That did sound like so much fun.

Patti - Are you settled in your new house? How are the new dogs? Are you still scrapbooking? I hope to get out DS's pictures from his childhood and start his scrapbooks when I get back from FL.

Besh - Congrats on hitting that WW milestone!

Wodka - I could just picture that little boy saying, "I might have." So cute. Most of my stories always lost something in the telling, as it was a "you had to be there kind of thing".

CarolynTX - How are you?

Maddie - Are you taking summer classes?

Hi to anyone I missed. I'm off to finish another load of laundry and then I'm going to sit outside and enjoy this day.

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Sunday - a day of rest. Not here - finally motivated to clear some more stuff about this place. It's hard when you don't have places to store stuff (work in progress). Dave has build a huge bookcase (actually the first unit for my walk in closet in the craft room). It's presently being employed in the pantry area. I was able to sort all that stuff out. Had a box full of my plastic containers. Half of it was tops and bottoms with no partners - all in the recycle box now. Neatly stacked matching items on the shelves. Clutter grows quickly sometimes. I'm sick of it.

In the shop Dave has started the first unit for the kitchen cabinets - the sink unit. Going to be long - 3 drawers on one side (closest to the stove) and good space left to put in my garbage can, recycle garden scraps can and cleaners, rags etc. On the other side of the stove he's reversing the unit for 3 drawers next to the stove and then regular shelf cabinets on that unit. It will be heaven to finally start having kitchen cabinets. Clutter be gone!

Been digging a fair bit in the garden when I can. Sure helps keep the body toned. And I'm hungry more for protein being physically active. Working on trying to get more fruit and veggies into my diet - still.

How is your weekend turning out?


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