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helpseekerJune 10, 2009

I am hoping to get some outdoor speakers for my husband for Father's Day. I am looking for specific brands/models, since I have no idea how to compare speakers. They will eventually be mounted on porch posts, but for now would be set on something not so permanent. I am looking for something to play outside for an area of about 30'-40'. We will play from our iTunes. We will either run wires from our current Airport Express in our family room, or get a new receiver and AE to run out of our basement. I have know idea what sort of budget I should allow, but I am hoping to keep it to a few hundred. Is this enough? We do prefer quality to cheap, so if a few hundred isn't enough, I will wait to let my husband decide. I am hoping to surprise him and actually set it up myself-now that would be a gift!


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1200 sq ft outdoors is a lot of space to try and fill. You'll need speakers that are efficient and that means Klipsch.

Here are some model numbers to check out with the MSRP pricing. They are available from Amazon and may be available from a local-to-you dealer.

AW400 - $249 pair
AW500 - $349 pair
AW525 - $449 pair
AW650 - $549 pair

All of these are good speakers. The higher the model number, the more efficient they are, the larger the cabinet will be, and the fuller the bass will be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Klipsch outdoor speakers

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Thank you, I will look into these.

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