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nhsuzanneMay 10, 2010

Good Monday Sunshine's,

How was your weekend? Saturday it rained all day so I did housework. I spent all day yesterday mowing the fields and it was cold, cold and really windy! Ugh.

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Hi Suzanne - it was cold, wet and windy here too, but not a total washout, the sun peaked out whenever it could.

Crazy getting last minute things together for the Girlfriends weekend - wish all my girls here were joining me. It really has consumed all my "free" time. I keep thinking that I am forgetting something big LOL.

I am off to art class in a few minutes and then running some "day off" errands.

xoxoxo to all

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Good Tuesday!

Raeanne, I really, really, really wish that I could come to your weekend. It sounds like so much fun. Are you going to be able to participate at all?

It is still cold and windy but today the wind is lighter and it's nice and sunny.

Okay, where is everybody??? I miss you all. Please check in and let us know everyone is alright!


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Good Morning!

Just a "quickie" before I head out for a very busy day, but I will check in later.

Have a great day!


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Hi all!

Raeanne--have fun! I can send you my stapler, if you need it! heehee!!

Well, I finished this semester with my 4.0 still intact. Woohoo! The summer session starts in a month, and I'm starting to study the first chapters in the books. I have to. It feels weird not to wander around with books and flashcards! LOL!!!

Hope all is well--



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Hi from a cold NJ!

Boy did our weather change - we went from AC to heat all in one week.

Maddie, congrats on that 4.0 - that is wonderful!! I am so happy for you. I know you will breeze through the summer session.

Raeanne, that Girlfriends Weekend really sounds great. I would love that too!

Suzanne, Penns Landing is a great choice to stay in Philly. It's conveniently located to lots of things.

Tikanis, hope your day was a great one.

Just got home from hairdresser and am STARVING. Will catch up later. Hugs to all.


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CONGRATULATIONS MADDIE!! I never doubted you for a minute!
I think we should all celebrate by going to Raeanne's Girlfriend's Weekend!

Raeanne, what kind of art class are you taking? Surely not painting, because I think you have THAT nailed.

Suzanne, your bike ride sounds like so much fun! I'd like to tag along on that one TOO!

Donna, how are the girls?

Well, be careful what you wish for, I guess, as my business is BOOMING! I accepted the directorship of a brand new home health agency. We are in the "test patient" phase, trying to get ready for Survey (an inspection by the licensing board) so that we can officially open our doors. And although administration is not my goal in nursing (who ME sit behind a desk all day????) this an exciting learning experience for me. Besides this, my own little biz is hopping! I have more patients then ever!

Not sure if I mentioned this here, but my DS was accepted University! A whirlwind of excitement surrounding this milestone, let me tell you!

I have the best of intentions and will try to come back here later and tell you what I got for Mother's day....

Let's knock 'em dead out there today!
Oh, wait... not the best nursing advice I ever gave... ! Ha Ha!


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Hi all!

Tikanis--major congrats to your son! How exciting! What's his major, or had he decided yet? And also congrats on your business, and becoming a director! Will you still be doing case management? I wish I lived near you; I'd love to shadow you-

Donna--how are the furbabies? Any more pics?

Thanks for the congrat on my gpa. I hope no one thinks I'm bragging; although in a way, I am b/c I've never had this for more than a week! LOL! I want to graduate with honors (h3ll, I just want to graduate period!), so this is what I'm working toward.

Hmmm...I better get off of here, it's starting to lightning/storm-



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Good Wednesday all,

Maddie dear, congrats! I knew you cinched it!

Tikanis you too! Which University? Glad your business is booming.

As an FYI, my son at the tender age of 33 decided he wants to be nurse! He just passed his tests to become a phlebotomist so he can he can make a living while continuing school at night for nursing. He is doing so well. Finally at 33 he's pulled it together. I am so proud of him.

Donna, I am getting excited about our trip. Thanks for the suggestions.

It's cold her too and it's going to rain again. Big snarl!

Jan, Milkdud, Besh and anyone else I missed please check in.

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Hi, everyone.

Sounds like a busy time for everyone! It's hot and humid here, 83 but temp "feels" like 90. So much for springtime - ha.

Congratulations to Maddie for her excellent grades, to Donna, for her precious puppies, to suzanne for her son becoming a nurse. (I have a cousin, who, at about the same age, changed careers from CPA to nursing. He was a tremendous comfort to my entire family when my dad was dying.) Also, Tikanis, way to go on your booming business AND your new directorship!

Not much happening here. Real involved with family stuff, but nothing exciting. Except for the pending oil spill. Yesterday the odor was very strong, even though it hasn't hit our beaches yet. Very difficult on whose reporting to believe - time will tell.

Hope everyone's week is going well.


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Good morning all,

Where are you????? It's a lovely day here even though it was 30 this morning!

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Good Morning NH Suzanne,

How are you today? I am fine - wondering where everyone is.


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It's Friday, YAHOO!!

I'm here, Suzanne! No fun talkin' to yourself all day!! I think it's great that your son chose nursing! The opportunities for men in the field are amazing today. If he truly has a heart for it, he will never regret it. My DS has an ethno musicology major(cultural anthropology of music) and has been accepted to UCLA. GO BRUINS! LoL! This is the program that movie studios and theaters glean from to write, produce, perform musical scores for their major productions.One of the department heads just won a grammy, another is a renown jazz musician. This is quite an opportunity for him and we are very excited!

Maddie, I think you should tell your DH that you have to take a field trip to California and come work with me for a few days : ) Wouldn't THAT be a hoot??!!

Jan, the whole oil spill ordeal is horrible! I agree; it's so hard to know WHO you can trust to report accurately these days.

Raeanne, I will be thinking of you this weekend. I hope you girlfriend's have a BLAST! DO take pics, please!

It has been such a busy week. I cannot make any plans beyond a long bath and some mindless TV right now...


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MIA here......work was a series of in-house and off-site meetings last week.

CONGRATULATIONS to Maddie, Donna, Suzanne, and Raeanne (enjoy the weekend)!!

Tonight is our DSD's bachlorette party. Her mom and I will be joining them for dinner across the river from Manhattan. Then DH will pick us up so that the youngsters can move on to the REAL partying. I spoke yesterday to DH's ex to see if she was interested in staying after dinner (they don't have reservations for dinner until 9:30!); she agreed that we are too old to start the drinking after midnight. LOL!!!

We are all so busy with the wedding plans; trying to figure out how to get my gown on board the plane without problems. I refuse to pack it and check it with luggage on the way to the Dominican Republic! No way!

OK, gotta run to the grocery store. I was out with old friends last night and only had 4 1/2 hours sleep. I need a nap before tongiht.


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Happy Saturday! I love me some good weekend!!

Dee, your weekend sounds exciting. The wedding is in the Dominican? Wow! I wouldn't pack that gown either. Have fun tonight!

Well, I WAS going to get up at the crack of dawn and head for the bay to kayak, but "Jammie fest" won out and I am sipping my 2nd cup of coffee at the computer instead. Ha Ha!

I wanted to mention the GREAT gift I got for Mother's Day.
Tickets to a Crosby, Still & Nash concert-by-kayak on Mission Bay with my 2 kids and nephew! Is that a unique gift, or WHAT??

Well, off to freshen up this coffee, sort thru the junk mail, plant the pumpkins, run to the garden store, start painting porch furniture, change a bike tire, wash the car, go grocery shopping.....


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Good evening.

Lots of rain and thunder in the background. Getting ready to watch "The Hangover." Spent the last couple of days with my mom. So much fun. We bought and I planted flowers for her, weeded, etc. She was so happy. We went to see "Letters from Juliette." Wonderful movie! We all wanted to go to Italy after seeing it. So romantic. Franco Nero is still sexy, at 68 years old! Is anyone here old enough to remember "Camelot" (I think the year was 1969?) when he played Sir Lancelot? Oh, gosh, he was handsome. And Vanessa Redgrave was quite a beauty, too.

Tikanis - I LOVED Crosby, Still, Nash & Young (tells you how old I was, when Neill Young was still in the group!) Such beautiful music.

Better get ready for the movie. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


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