How do you use PE Design 6??

org1December 20, 2006

I need MAJOR help!! I dont understand how to use it. I want to be able to change this clipart into a design to put on a shirt for my daughter who LOVES minnie!

Can someone help me?? I followed the little insturctions that comes with it. But im SO lost.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is way more involved than just 'converting' that picture into an embroidery design. First of all, the Disney characters are licensed and it is not legal for you to take that design and digitize it for embroidery. If you happen to own a Brother embroidery machine whose model number ends in D, then you may purchase cards with designs of Disney characters, but I don't believe I've seen that particular design on any of their cards.

Secondly, digitizing is pretty involved and has a huge laerning curve. It really irks me how much people pay for these software packages that claim to be 'easy'. I work in IT, I own PE Design and I'll be the first one to admit to you that even after years of trying, I'm still less than satisfied with 75% of the designs I digitize. I finally gave up on PE Design and purchased Embird Studio, which I think is much easier, but even now it sometimes takes me hours and hours of tweeking before I'm happy with the result.

Unfortunately, this is something that is not going to be able to be done anytime soon. If PE Design's instructions are confusing to you, find a good tutorial (more $), and devote several hours at a time for several sessions to working the tutorial step by step. This is absolutely one of those times where there is no shortcut, or at least not one that will give you the result I think you'll be happy with.

Again, sorry to rain on your parade. I've been there and it isn't any fun :(

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If you want ill dig the pattern for you and send it to you if you want. I just need to know what size you want and your email addy.
Can't let the kids down for xmas can we

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There is an excellent group on yahoo. Memories in thread. You can learn from the best. Lesons are 5.oo each now but use to be free.

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Can you help me????.....I have lost my software CD for PEDESIGN ver 6........I have my card, card reader & manual and I need to reinstall the software.....can you email a copy of your software????.......Thanks ^ God Bless

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As Laura IA said, the Disney designs are licensed, and if any of these people digitize the design for you they are doing it illegally.


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