Brother 270D

w_stephDecember 14, 2006

I purchased the Brother 270D and am having a terrible time embroidering on shirts. On fabric it is great. Any suggestions. Do you have to hoop the shirt or just the stablizer? I am sorry but I am very new to embroidering and sewing. Thanks for any input. Any tricks would be very helpful.

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I have a Brother 270D. I have done my hubby shirts. I put his truckers handle name on it. U need to do both. Thats the way I do it. What r u putting on it. Are u using the patterns that came with your machine or are using something else.


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I just wanted to clarify that I use the plastic disc to avoid overtightening...which can strip out the needle shaft and be costly to repair. Just a side note!

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sorry, wrong message!

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Can you explain exactly what's going wrong? I only hoop the stabiliser as it's hard to get the placement exact hooping the shirts.
What are the shirts made of and what stabiliser are you using?

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I use a heavy cut away stabilizer on the back (2 sheets of heavy tear away if you like that kind) and then on the top you use Water Soluble. Hoop it ALL. DO NOT stretch it.. jsut push it all together. Works perfect.

Another option you can have if you tent to stretch it is to use a spray adhesive to stick the back stabilizer to the shirt material.

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hello fellow ebroidery lovers, i just got my 270d for chirstmas and have a couple of questions, what kind of reader writers can i use with it other than the ped i think it was called, can i use the magic reader writer with it, how do i know if i can use a design with my machine or if it is to large etc., what is a water soluble where do i get it, and also the spray adhesive, dont u just hate people that think they can just come in and try to use something like an embroiery machine and not have a clue as to what they are doing, signed meme to 4 beautiful healthy grandchildren and one on the way, prissywills

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I just got a Brother270d. I have no problem with embroidering pre-setdesigns. I bout a PED-Basic to transfer designs to a brother disk and put in my machine. I bout a CD of dakota collectibles and found several designs i wanted to write to the Brother disk. The program works just fine and states that the writing was successful. When I put the disk in my 270d machine, I get the error" This embroidery card cannot be used on this machine." Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

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