SS Daily -- Monday May 22 to Memorial Day

deemarie5500May 22, 2006

LET'S GET IT STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Miorning!

Another week already! It is raining cats and dogs here and I love it.

Well ladies and John, I have HAD IT! I have been 4 months with no prednisone and nothing is happening. What with the knee injury and all, I am thoroughly disgusted. I have permission to re start the walking program and am doing just that this morning before work. I continue with the physical therapy too and will try to be ready for Curves again in 2 weeks. I started WW Flex too and am tracking EVERYTHING.

Just checking in to be held accountable. Anybody else?

Have a great day everyone!

Tikanas (who needs a good swift kick!)

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[[[Tikanas]]], I have not done a thing since my knee injury over a week ago, and I miss it. I totally understand your frustration with the scale. Hang in there; you will achieve it.

[[[Gretchen]]], it was great to see you here. Glad you found a dress and hope that your schedule improves. If you have even a half hour, may I suggest "bubble bath"? It always works for me; even 20 minutes reading 1 article in a favorite magazine. Try it!

QOD: What are you doing this week to keep yourself healthy? I bought a boatload of fresh veggies and plan to have huge salads this week with my dinner (which will be as portion-controlled as I can make them). Also, I'm getting back to at least 1 cup of yogurt per I take a few sugar-free TUMS to get all that calcium in! Did anyone try the vanilla creme and choclate TUMS? OMG, they are great (not sugar-free, but a great way to get calcium)! Also, I'm going to try to call a local "Y" to see if I can join their pool for some low impact exercise, without stressing about who sees me in a bathing suit.

I'll be back later.

Make this week count!

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WAKE UP!!!! : )

How is everyone today?

Week #2 of my "new plan." So far so good! Staff mtg this AM so I have to hurry.....

QOD: I too, bought a slew of fresh vegies and fruits. I have been packing my lunch and eating at various parks on my travels during the workday. Eating foods low on the glycemic index (ala south beach) but measuring and tracking EVERYTHING (a la WW). Drinking lots of water too.

Back later.


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Hi Tikanas! Looks like it's you and me this week. Hope all is well. I love your idea about lunch in the park. Wish I had time to run away from this office at lunchtime; however, the time I put in during the week makes it easier to leave at 2pm each Friday!

Everyone else, just check in with a howdy, please.

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Hey Dee and Tikanis - thought I would join you two. It has been quiet around here - looks like everyone is very busy these days.

Tikanis - You sound so determined - GOOD FOR YOU. I got a cup of soup for lunch yesterday and ate in in the park - it was pretty cold out, so I ate it in my car, but I enjoyed looking out on the lake.

Dee - I think you sounded too perky yesterday morning and scared everyone away LOL. I hope your knee is improving.

QOD - I just went from 2 times a week with the trainer to 3 times, I will continue doing at least 1/2 hour of cardio every day that I'm not with the trainer, I also take daily supplements and vitamins (mostly anti-oxidants) and Somerizing.

I hope more people check in soon.

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Hi everyone,

I took the afternoon off to try and hook up with Maddie. She said she would call when they got on this side of the bridge and I haven't heard from her yet. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive and I have to leave for a meeting by
6:00ish so I'm not sure we will be able to get together after all :-(

Dee ~ guess I missed something. What did you do to your knee?

Tikanas ~ Glad your knee is well enough to start exercising again

Raeanne ~ You are going great with your exercise commitment. How long do you workout with your trainer each day?

QOD ~ I'm still SSing but after a bad food weekend I am really ready for a long stretch of healthy eating and exercise.

Hope everyone has a chance to check in this week

Will check in later to let you know what happens


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Hello everyone,

I will join the group! My schedule is so different these days that I can't check in all the time. I will try to be more faithful.

Dee, I took some water aerobics classes and they were great after I got over being in a bathing suit!! LOL It's awful feeling this way. I hope your knee is coming along well.

Raeanne, good for you being so dedicated to the gym. I must get myself back on a schedule but the rain always puts a damper on it. I even have two personal training sessions that I won and haven't used!

Zig, I hope you and Maddie have a wonderful visit. I would love to be there with you! Then I could meet two good friends.

Tikanis, I love that you are taking the time to enjoy your lunches even though you are on the road. Good for you for packing healthy instead of the old standby, fast food.

The weather has dried out a little but now it's cold and needs to be nice and promises to be for the weekend. The pine pollen is so heavy here right now I am dying. My horses hoofs are yellow and thier faces are covered with so much pollen that I can draw lines in it. I wonder if it affects them the way it does me.

QOD: I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies and I think I will take Dee's suggestion at taking the TUMS for a calcium supplement.

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Hi everyone,

I guess everyone has been busy! I have been working lots lately so my time has been pretty full.

Dee - if June doesn't work out for us to meet then July or August - just let me know!

Suzanne - I am with you on the pollen - yuck - it's messy and it's hard on the allergies.

Tikanas - I do so much better when I pack my lunch.

Zig - I hope you and Maddie can get together - you will have a great time! Too bad there won't be time for shoe shopping :-)

Raeanne - You are doing great with your exercise commitment! That's great that you are increasing your time with the trainer.

Gretchen - glad to see you again! I hope you get some time and come back again soon.

QOD: I am trying to be selective in what I am eating. I have to get some fruits and veggies in the house. I do take a calcium supplement because I have osteopenia but I also have acid reflux so I also takes TUMS - calcium both ways!

I promise to catch up and post more later. Have a wonderful evening!!


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I was SO glad to "see" you guys here! I miss the encouragement and your "smiling faces" (picture me squeezing your cheeks here!)

Raeanne, I really enjoy finding new places to stop for a break during my travels; a park, a nature center. I live up against the foothills so the possibilities abound! Tomorrow I plan on lunching on the wooded grounds of a local convent. Hoppy the one legged crow hangs out there.

Zig, I hope you got a chance to meet up with Maddie.

NH Suzanne, my nose knows that it is Spring : ) How are your little feathered peeps?

Hi Donna! How are you doing on WW? Are you going to meetings?

QOD cont: I bought Smuckers new sugar free jam. Oh boy, is that stuff good! I wanted an alternative to sugar or butter in a bowl of oatmeal on cold mornings. 10 cals, no fat per tbs. I take a glyconutritional supplement 3 times a day, plus extra calcium. Water, water, water....!


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Morning everyone

I came home from my meeting last night about 9:30 to find Maddie and her husband sitting in our family room visiting with my husband. She is a beautiful,firecracker redhead with the energy of at least two people even that late at night. Maddie has such a way with words I will let her tell you the details.

Maddie~ Hope you had a safe trip home. I am so glad we were able to get together. Thanks for an evening of fun and laughter. DH thinks you should bottle all that energy and sell it.....LOL

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning!

Zig & Maddie---I am sooooo jealous that you got to have a chat together. Glad it went well.

Zig, I suffered a bad sprain in my left knee when I returned from my vacation. It's taken quite a long time to heal, but I'll be OK. The only thing I lack is patience with this type of stuff. Actually, I'm very fortunate that it wasn't worse.

Tikanas, picture me squeezing your cheeks too! I love the Smuckers jam also. I used the apricot version during Christmas in oatmeal bar cookies. Delish and very low cal!

Donna, I would love to meet when my knee feels better and we can go shopping or walk around. I may spend some time down at my sister's this summer so will be sure to catch up with you then.

Suzanne, can you please send me your addy? Thx

Marci, Besh, Gretchen, BJ, Amy, Patti & Dave, Jen, John, et al.....let's hear from you this week.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Yeah! It's Wednesday!

Walking is done, lunch is packed and I am getting an early start this AM. Life is good!

QOD: What goal(s) have you set for yourself?
I want to do an extended kayak event at the end of summer. I want more stamina and endurance. I want exercise to be INGRAINED in me by fall.

Have a great day!

Tikanas ( NOT giving up!!!!!!!!)

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Good Morning All,

Zig, I am glad you got to meet with Maddie and Roger. I will be anxious for her notes!!

Tikanis, my chicks aren't due here until next week sometime. I am as anxious as an expectant mother. In the meantime, DH and I are making the chicken coops of chicken coops. We have it insulated, and DH installed, are you ready for this, recessed lighting! The nesting boxes are in place and we have to make a roost. I have painted the outside, red of course, and when time allows I will be able to do some whimisical painting. The electricians are scheduled to hook up the power and we have to make a fence. The chicks of course will have to be inside for a month or so!! I can't wait thanks for asking.

What is glyconutrional supplements?

Dee, glad your knee is getting better.

Donna, I am glad you could let us know you are with us still. It's quiet here lately, way too quiet for my taste!

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time last evening and got my self kicked good right in my butt by one of my mares! I am certain it was an accident. I am sore but not injured. Good thing I have lots of padding there!! I can't wait to see the bruise later! Good thing my horses don't wear shoes.

Everyone who is mia, check in!!

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[[[[[[[[Suzanne's Butt]]]]]]]]] LOL!!

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QOD - I don't have any weight goals set - Yes I would love to lose weight, but I am releasing all expectations. Exercise is my main goal right now. My goal is to do 3 hours a week with the trainer and at least 1/2 hour every day that I'm not with the trainer doing some cardio workout. That includes kayaking. Another goal is to make sure I do something fun when I get overstressed - as it is that season again around here, where I am overworked and feel pulled in many directions.

Suzanne - I am sure the butt kicking was an accident too LOL. Do you think the chicks would mind sharing their coop if I ever need to runaway - sounds like they have some luxurious digs.

Dee - I am glad the sprain didn't happen on vacation. I have a friend that went on vacation and as soon as she arrived she tripped over her luggage and broke her leg.

Donna - glad you were able to check in.

Zig/Maddie - I can't wait to hear about your meeting.

I'm getting ready to go to art class, we are setting up for a studio art show for this weekend, so I have to pack up my car with all 4 of my paintings. Yes, I have been taking lessons a long time and have only 4 paintings to show for it LOL. I told my husband we could've bought a true masterpiece with all the money this has cost so far LOL.

The weather has finally turned beautiful around here and you can tell everyone is in a much better mood LOL.

Enjoy what is left of your day.

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How is everybody doing? I am waiting to hear more about Zig's meet up with Maddie. Inquiring minds, you know....

Raeanne, have you been kayaking yet? My DS turns 18 at the end of August and I do believe that I'll buy myself a kayak. Kind of a thank you present TO MYSELF!!! for having raised 2 decent kids lol!

DeeMarie, how is the knee holding up? Swimming sounds like an excellent idea.

NH Suzanne, I am sure that you did not deserve to have your butt kicked. The visual on that has me ROFL!

This has been a very good week for me all the way around. The weather is very warm (too warm!) but the days are just beautiful with clear blue skies and a light breeze. I am right on track with diet and ALMOST there with the exercise.

Back later, I hope everyone has a very nice day.


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Tikanis - I have kayaked only 2 times so far - due mostly to weather. I missed a little expedition this morning with a group - but I am committed to working out with my trainer and didn't want to cancel. I love your idea of buying yourself a gift - you do deserve it!

Come on Maddie/Zig let's hear about it.

I am getting ready to spend the afternoon on the lake, I am packing up a lunch for DH and myself and then later we are picking up a couple of friends to join us.

Make the most of today.

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TIP FOR TODAY: Just read on a website that you should count to 50 before eating anything. Tried that at 1pm when I ate my lunch but I only made it to 17...haha! Well, to be fair to myself, it was about half an hour past my lunchtime. I really WAS hungry. Let's see if I can make that work at about 9pm this evening when I'm craving a snack!

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Last day of school!!!

Take care!

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Whoo-hoo! Milkdud! Have a great last day of school.

Raeanne, how was your afternoon on the lake? I'll bet your strength and endurance have sky rocketed working with a personal trainer?

How are all those sore knees out there?? : (

Back later!


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Tikanis - I feel extremely strong and my endurance has improved, but not as much as I thought it should. I bet if I dropped some pounds I would see a quick improvement.

QOD - any celebration plans?

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Tonight we are visiting friends for dinner and then we'll all put our mailing packages together for our next group cruise (August 2007) with friends and family. Anyone here interested in getting onboard (pun intended!), let me know.

Tomorrow I will try to get my knee to cooperate and spent some time in the front and back yards to plant all the herbs and flowers we bought the other night.

Sunday I'm planning a small BBQ (8-10 adults) with lots of help from those attending. The weather is supposed to be nice up here.

Monday Ed and I will be going to our home town to catch a glimpse of the parade and look for the flag with my late DFIL's name on it.

Make today and every day count!

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I am happy with my week. How about you all? I like being busy and got my wish this week! I passed up a big hi cal buffet at the office and once again said a little prayer of thanks that I am not cooped up all day there. (Why must some women be so AWFUL to eachother???)

Raeanne, you are probably building muscle and weight loss doesn't show yet? I admire your perserverance.

DeeMarie, have fun this weekend!

QOD:I am having a few friends over for dinner Saturday night. Sunday we celebrate a belated Mother's day.

Off to watch this community event early tomorrow morning! Check out my little town...


Here is a link that might be useful: Mt Wilson Trail Race

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Tikanas - I agree with you about some women in an office! Fortunately the 2 ladies I work with are nice.

QOD: Probably the beach in the day time and dinner and a movie tonight. I recently met a guy and we just began dating. We will see how things go.

Have a safe weekend!


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Anyone out there? :)

Hope everyone has been having a TERRIFIC weekend!
See Ya'll tomorrow!


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