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ivamaeMay 26, 2010

I weighed in this morning and really thoughtthat I had lost a bit, but the scales say I gained 1 pound. - 154. So that is a total lost of 38.

I know the Dr. says that is enugh but I really want to get to 145. That is 9 pounds more. I'm bound I will make it sometime in the future.


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I'm up, not by much, but weighed 159. Honestly, I'm okay with that, but disappointed a bit in myself for not paying closer attention. I have been eating too much, even drank wine over the weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights! Plus, my walking buddy has been out of commission so I have not been accountable and walked as much as I should have this week. Excuses, excuses......

Ivamae, I know how you feel about reaching your goal (mine is 150 - if I would quit lollygagging (is that the word?) and just really buckle down and go for it, I know it can be reached. Time to get serious!

In a few weeks we are going on vacation to Chicago. Last year when we went, I was weighing 180 (and felt good about it, believe it or not!) So this year, it should be even more enjoyable! Unless I eat myself back up to 180 before we leave (NOT HAPPENING!)

BUT, got a great walk in this a.m. and am headed to the grocery store to buy cantaloupe, strawberries, and whatever else looks good. Today my husband turns 60, so will fix a nice meal and buy him an individual sized piece of pie or cake (not that he needs it, either, but 60 is a big one, or at least feels like it to us!) I'll be turning it in August, God willing!

Enjoy this day!

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