tv is struck by lightning can you help? thanks

christi_2008June 29, 2008

my tv got struck by lightning last night.. now the power will not turn on.. it is a magnavox flat screen.. #32MF605W/17 CAN I BY A PART FOR IT AND FIX IT? PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN ... THANKS

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Most often if a TV gets a direct lightning strike there are many, many parts that need replacing.

But, you may have got lucky. First, check for an in-line power fuse. If blown, change it with EXACTLY the same spec fuse. If that one blows too, take the TV to the shop.

Often, homeowner's insurance will cover a lightning struck tv for repair or replacement.

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The TV was struck or it was damaged by a surge through the power line?

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The odds are that repairing a tv hit by lightning is more expensive than buying a new tv. Most of the electrical parts are probably fried.

It really depends on how expensive the tv is--whether or not it is worht reporting to your insurance company. But if it is a fairly inexpensive ($under $1,000)tv, odds are that your insurance deductible is higher than the tv's original cost.

It is odd that your tv was the only electrical component that was damaged.


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I'd like to know how it was struck by lightning. Was it outside? Did a bolt come through an open window and strike your TV. Are you sure it was not a power surge?

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klaa2, lightning can enter a home via any number of paths. i have seen lightning do very strange things before, actually pass thru a device and get another device hooked up to it with no harm to the first one. i have seen it literally blow receptacles out of the wall and across the room. anyway, it can come in on power lines, cable lines, phone lines, any metallic path to your house. once there, it seeks out the best ground. this is why it may pass thru an ungrounded device with no damage, but destroy completely a grounded device.

we install communications systems and learned long ago that you ground everything, and make sure they all go to the SAME ground. in homes many times the telco, electric, and tv cable/satellite have different ground rods and this causes different potentials to ground. lightning loves this situation, it will zap you every time.

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Lightning struck in our area during a storm. My one year old tv our modem and router and the cable box got fried. The tv was plugged into a power surge protector along with one laptop and a lamp, just the tv was fried in that room. The motem and router were in the same room in the opposite side of the house close to the outside splitter for our cable service. It does not look like the splitter is grounded. What action can I take to get my equipment replaced?

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"It does not look like the splitter is grounded."

The splitter is grounded through the coaxial connectors attached to the cables.

They normally do NOT require anything else.

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Actually, combination splitters with coax grounding blocks are quite common. Unfortunately, installers that actually ground the splitters or grounding blocks, are not as common.

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"combination splitters with coax grounding blocks"

No one said it was a combination block.

Plain splitters do not require grounding.
EVERY grounding block requires grounding to be effective, and the more direct and straight the ground conductor is to the electrode the better.

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