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audrey_gaDecember 7, 2004

I bought this machine used. I have been practicing and I thought I was doing well. Yesterday I broke two needles while trying to embroid block letters. I put everything away until today. I tried a different fabic and broke two more needles. The machine will sew, I seem to be having trouble with the embroidering. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Try changing the bobbin. I have found that most times when I break a needle while embroidering, either the thread gets caught on something or my bobbin is bad (wound too tight, knotted). I normally use prewound bobbins on my 8500. I use the L cardboard sided, and remove the top cardboard before using. Have had my machine for about 6 years and rarely do I have a problem.

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Hi, Audrey - I have a PC8500. Make sure the needle is not too large (I usually use an 11 for embroidery). Also, take it all apart in the bobbin area and clean it, and take the cover off the left side where the thread tension is and clean there - even tiny little bits of thread or fuzz can mess it up.

I also tend to have trouble with designs where part stitches on top of something already stitched. It makes a lot of noise and tends to break the thread when it's punching through the first embroidery. Usually fine thread and a fine needle help.

Also, make sure you don't have your design "over-stabilized". I was doing some free standing lace ornament covers and using the 2 layers of WSS they recommended in the instructions, and discovered that one layer is plenty and the machine didn't have to work nearly so hard.

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Also check to make sure that your thread is coming off the spool freely. I had a needle break tonight because the thread had gotten caught on the little topper thingy (technical term) that goes on the thread spool.

Also, some designs are just too dense, and unless you can slow your machine WAY down, you'll have a problem with some designs being too densely digitized. Hope this helps!

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Good point about the spool thread hanging up. I've had that happen too. The PC8500 does not allow you to change the speed when it's embroidering (a serious oversight, IMHO!)

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I also have a 8500 and I found my trouble was that when I switched from regular sewing to embroidery, I was not changing to a embroidery needle. When I finally got tired of the thread or needle breaking and got out my embroidery needles I had no more problems. Hope this helps. I love my machine, I do a lot of embroidery for baby blankets and also for my 10 grandchildren, they have to have the latest super heroes. If I can be of help, email me.

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I just got mine used it will work 30 min say top thread broken and its not!!!!! Help I have so many ideas I really want to get this running...

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Can anyone tell me where I can get someone to repair my PC8500 Emb. machine. I live in the Tampa St. Pete area. I cannot get my emb. arm to move out of storage position. i've tried needle up and it still does not work I need help. Thanks

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Not about broken needles, but could anyone tell me how to widen the stitches for borders ? Squares, circles...?? I cannot find anything in the book, and just want a heavier and wider border.
Thanks so much.

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Your designs were created that must have digitizing software in your computer to change the stitches....the machine cannot do it. Look around for new shapes that have wider borders.

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