New to Embroidery - have viking rose and tons of questions

sofie99December 7, 2004

I'm as beginner as it comes and I have a few questions that I hope someone can help with, as I'm driving my local Viking Rep insane..

How on Earth do I embroider a ready made item? For example if I wanted to embroider a t-shirt, how do you hoop it so that it doesn't hit the back of the t-shirt?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi sofie99,
Is this a new machine and did you get an instruction booklet with it? If you did it should tell you how to hoop the article and then you need to gather up the article by rolling it up and away from the hoop so as not to embroider through to the back side. Now I have a suggestion you can go to several embroidery sites and they have tips and techniques on embroidery with examples. Read back through some of the questions and answers on this site. I refer to them all the time and enjoy reading different guide lines and pick the best to suit my project. Don't give up, most of your knowledge will come from trial and error and this forum. Good luck and Happy Holidays

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Thanks Cindy! I'll try that. I appreciate the tips!
Happy Holidays to you too!!

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Sofie - didn't you get free lessons with your machine?
I have Viking machines and they offer unlimited classes and help here.

One thing that I learned when embroiderung things that you don't want the hoop outline to show or- if you want to sew in a awkard place-use the sticky back stabilizer in the hoop only and then place the garment exactly where you want your design to be-press it firmly in place-baste around if you have learned that trick, or just make sure that the fabric is stuck down and sew away. This is a great technique for putting designs on collars and cuffs too.
You can also use the water soluable stabilzer that just washes away, I find that I am using that more and more.
It comes from the Viking dealer in a large roll and is called Aqua Magic.

Good Luck and enjoy you machine.


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Can you tell me how to monogram on knit shirts. I have tried several tshirts and the fabric pulls and skips. Do I need to use a different stabilizer or a piece of fabric behind the original fabric.

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Bryanno-you need a stabilzer under the shirt and one on top also. You can use a Totally Stable underneath or a Tear Away and on top Solvy.
I have sometimes used the Sticky back stabilzer in the hoop only and 'stuck' the garment to to sticky stablizer this is good for those hard to get to areas.


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and dont forget when embroidering on knits...use a new, BALL point needle...can sometimes make all the difference

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Study your instruction book! Viking puts out a very good detailed book....I use mine lots Chris

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My Mom has a viking rose and she use to embroider but she hasn't for a long time. Now she is starting again and she is having some problems rememberig some parts, so she is trying to find someone she can talk to over the phone to help instruct her why she is doing it? we are in Springfield Mass. area. Thank You

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