Making ones own electric welder

albert_135June 5, 2010

Back toward the end of WWII when everything was in short supply I remember my old man made a welder with some ceramic jars, electrodes, chemicals and the like. He could buy some tiny welding rods from some place. We did not have electric power that far out in the swamps until after the war. If I remember clearly it wouldn't do much expect produce sparks but in my dotage I might like to try that. Any suggestions as to what to look for? Some online kits or instructions?

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Here is a DIY webiste with how to make a home made welder out of two microwave ovens.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Pooh Bear

Probably he made what is known as a carbon arc welder.
Google carbon arc welder and you should find plenty of info.

Pooh Bear

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