A new Bernina owner with questions!

maryanntxDecember 13, 2004

Hi everyone! I've been lurking here and reading posts for quite some time. I finally got my Bernina Deco 330 and I'm having fun learning how to use it. I've never owned an embroidery machine before, so I'm sure my questions will sound very elementary.

Question #1 - How do you make patches? If I wanted to make a name patch for a jacket, what type of fabric would I use and how would I get the edges trimmed so close like "store bought" patches are?

Question #2 - If the item I want to embroider is too small to hoop, what do I do? Can I use something to attach the item to some stabilizer and then put the stabilizer in the hoop?


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I don't have a Bernina lucky you but when I do my patches I use good wool felt! I also trim my patches and then zig zag or stitch a decorative stitch around the patch I made .
You can use sticky stablizer and put your patch on it to stick hoop the sticky stablizer. Hope this helps/

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Thanks redpenny! I have so much to learn, but I know it will be a fun trip!!!

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Hi MaryAnn,
I have a Brothers PV150 not as nice as yours, however I do Logo's on company shirts all the time. I put these on T-shirts and Jackets. For the shirts I use material of the same, my backing is iron on and with my machine since it has borders I am able to use them if I want. I do the logo and their name seperately, after making the logo I then do the frame around it. Now I do have a EM2 so that I can create the design and also make a frame for them. This took some time to figure out trust me. Messed up so many patches. Once I have done the patch and before I cut it out around the stitched frame I use Fray check on the frame, and let it dry.Once its dry I cut it out and machine stitch it to the garment. If you make a patch for a jacket use a heavy type of iron on backing after you have stitched the design to maintain the shape of the stitches. Now this is my way, not to say this is all correct, it just works for me.
Good Luck and Happy Holidays

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Thanks Cindy! I'm sure I'll mess up my share before I finally learn how. I can put designs together on my machine before stitching. So I guess I need to get the frame designs now.

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For patches I usually use either white denim or a heavy wooled fleece, depending on the texture you're looking for, and what you're going to be putting them on. If you sew out your design on the patch first, then sew around the outside of your "frame", then CAREFULLY trim the excess fabric as closely as you can WIHTOUT taking the fabric off the frame. Then put the hoop back on the machine and sew a nice wide satin stich around your frame. If you clipped closed enough, and your satin stitch is wide enough, the edges will look just perfectly wrapped with thread. I've got a web site here somewhere that has step by step instruction for patches, let me see if I can find it for you.

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Try reading through this site.This wasn't the one I was think of, but it might also help. I didn't read all the way through it, but you might get some basic ideas for it. Let me know if you have any questions, I make patches quite a bit and they are really fun :)

I just did a fleece blanket with a silhouette of 2 horses in the corner for my DD's "secret santa" gift for school tomorrow. The girl she got loves horses and KRisten is SO excited to give it to her. I hope she really likes it!

Here is a link that might be useful: making patches with your embroidery machine

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Thanks for the info and link, Laura. I looked over the site last night and learned quite a bit from it.

BTW, I plan to make some of that famous Laura's fudge this holiday season! Yummmm!

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