transfer for hand embroidery

ohiojudyDecember 5, 2004

Ok, I'm feeling very stupid. Transfers for hand embroidery used to be "iron on". Now I bought a Santa and I need a light box or window, but what do I trace it with?? I tried a colored pencil and it didn't trace dark enough. I don't want my lines to show when I finish. Back in the "olden days" you used to just iron it on, grumble grumble. Help

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Seems to me I'd try tracing paper (such as you would for sewing darts on clothes)and a stylist or a pencil. The tracing paper does wash out. Give it a try.
Happy Holidays

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I love to embroider the "old fashioned way" by hand instead of by machine. Actually my machine is old fashioned too and only does limited embroidery. I am trying to find a celestial or metaphysical set of transfers that can be put on velvet so they can't be iron on transfers, but after searching for over 18 months and being artistically challenged myself (so I can't draw them) I have been unable to find anything. Does someone have a suggestion as to where they can be found? This is to be a centerpiece for a comforter so it needs to be a fairly large design.

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I don't know a lot about hand emroidery but have you tried finding something close to what you want. Printing it out(or copying it). You could even take it to a print shop and have it blown up. Then just trace it on to tracing paper.

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There are water soluable pens you can buy, they are in the embroidery dept or more likely the quilting area, they are fine tipped and come in aqua or purple, trace your patter with the lightbox or window method onto your fabric, then when you finish your project the lines wipe away with a damp cloth...I think that is what you were asking about? hope so. Janet

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In the embroidery dept like Walmart, they have special pencils for this. You trace over the pattern with the pencil and tissue paper, then you can iron it on. I believe it is even called a transfer pencil. I have often used them. Good luck.

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