hoop- it- all does anyone have it and like it?

serenity7artDecember 27, 2004

Hi I am thinking about buying the deluxe double wide hoop it all for my bernina. Have anyone used them and if so do you like them? thanks charlene

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I have a Brother ULT & bought one. Mine is not any wider than my biggest hoop but is 22-23 inches long. I have only used it with smocking designs. I don't think I would ever be able to line things back up w/o it. Mine only works with Sticky stabilizer & that is expensive. As long as I hit 50% off sales, it helps. Mine is called the giant hoop it all.

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Hi Joan, That is what I thought I was wondering if you could use 505 spray and a stabilizer or does it have to be there sticky stabilzer? That is why I want to get it. I am not that good to try to match things up and I really wanted to do the latte quilt without having to by another machine just to get a bigger hoop. thanks again for your answer.

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serenity7art, what kind of machine do you have now?

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Redpenny I have a bernina 180 2000 and have kept up with all the updates so it embroiders fine. I do like this machine, but it sure is finicky at times. I want to take a latte quilt class and you have to have the mega hoop and I really don't want to come up with 4000 to buy the bernina 200. So that's why I am looking into the HIA besides I would love to do a border on my granddaughters duvette I'm making her. I just don't know enough about the hoop it all system.

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On the GHIA I bought, you have to use the sticky. Spray would not be strong enough. It does not have a 2 piece hoop. It is one piece with a movable bracket. You put that sticky on the bottom of the hoop. You have to cover the whole hoop even if you do not plan to sew the whole length of it. The stabilizer is what is taut & your item attaches to it.

Your machine can only sew what it's sewing field is. You sew that & slide the hoop to the next section, lock in place & sew another section...just keep repeating till you fill the hoop.

I have seen one advertised called a "continous hoop". I haven't looked into it. Don't know if you can go on & on or if it has stopping point too. I think I saw it along with a program on borders so it may work in longer sections than the 22-23" mine does.

I have to play with mine setting it up for the next sewout. I have found it works best starting the fartherest away from you. That probably depends upon where the design starts stitching though. If the start point is at the top of the screen, then start at the top of the hoop. I find out where my needle will go first, then line the hoop up & lock it in to sew each additional design. It is much easier than rehooping.

The only thing I have used mine for is the smocking designs
which are just rectangular sections 5-6 inches long. I have to put enough together fit the bodice of my little dresses.

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Thank you for all of your advice. I can learn so much from others. I guess I will have to get one of the double wide HIA's because they don't make the R8 for my machine. The frame is so large that It will take a lot of SIA to complete the latte quilt, but I guess it is worth it.

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Before buying SIA, check your hoop & compare to sizes available. I bought some at Joann's on their 50% off sale. All they had were pkgs & no rolls. As far as using it just on my GHIA, I messed up. To get pieces cut to fit it, I had lots of waste. Of course, I can use it on other hoops but I don't use as much there so I have a stash of pieces just an inch or two too short to use on the GHIA.

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I have not yet used the sticky stabaliser, but my dealer told me that small pieces can be used to patch up the holes left by your design and the whole thing re-used again. this may be a more economical way to use your peices Joansews4u

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I have tried small pieces & unless it goes from one side of the hoop to the other, it doesn't work well. I am saying, add sections, not pieces. It takes a long time for me to pleat & block fabric for smocking. I would hate for it to come unstuck, jump out of the hoop & etc. like I have had pieces do. I would be sacrificing hours for the price of stabilizer. I'll just go the 50% off route.

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I have one for my 180 and I really like it. Now that I bought a new machine, I need to sell it and get one for my new 730.

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I have one I use for my husq SE I cut 2" strips off the sticky back and put it al the way around the outside and then one across the middle then I just stick regular stailizer to that then spray baste or use wash away glue stick to stick my fabric down. I use it alot to make FSL angels or multiple Quilt squares. I have never tried to make a big design though I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to line it up. Has anyone got the instruction video. I didn't buy it because it made me angry that I paid so much for the whole set and the video didn't come with it.

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there is com in blackwell ok that sells all of the stuff you need it is called world weidner com it sell 10 yard x20 in rolls of the sticky backing for 30 dollars;if that is not close go on ebay that is where I found it hope this helps

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