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hhirenoMarch 27, 2012

Absolutely Brilliant Household Tip

Always keep several "Get well" cards on the mantle. So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean.

(I think this is making the email rounds so maybe you've already seen it.)

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LOL!!! I always heard that if the doorbell rings, run to the kitchen and grab a dishtowel to show you're in the process of cleaning!

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I have found that if you get your house clutter free and in order, people assume it is also clean.

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hahaha, never heard that one !! it's good.......

As for clutter free, I agree, that should always be the main objective,
except for bathrooms where sinks and mirrors can't be hidden......

I can do a pretty quick cleanup ( 4 minutes) of a bathroom with a few microfiber cloths and water, and everything will sparkle..... more thorough and smells nicer if I use products.

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I have sprayed pledge around in the air to make it smell like I just cleaned.

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The prop comic Carrot Top has a rake-kind-of-thing on a rope to pull around the carpet & leave tracks to make it look like you've vacuumed.

I think just before my husband gets home from work I'll put a dust rag in my hand and spray some Pledge. He can deduce whatever he wants from that scenario.

Instead of working on what I'm suppose to do be doing, I'm checking in here.

I'm trying to get my husband's office put back together after painting. He has so much stuff it overwhelms me. Since it was my idea to paint and reorganize, it's my issue to deal with the fallout. He was content with the yucky old office.

I decided to first put things in labeled piles - church stuff, sports stuff, business stuff, etc - so I can determine what I have to store. Then I'll figure out the best use of the existing storage space and decide what might need to be purchased to contain the rest of the stuff.

I have a fantasy that once he sees how much neater it is, he'll be willing to part with a few things.

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Wrap yourself in saran wrap and greet him at the door with his favorite refreshment...he won't care what you have been or not been doing the rest of the day :) Fantasy at its best !! c

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Trailrunner, I think I heard something like that a long time ago, maybe from Joan Rivers. Whoever it was said after wrapping up in saran wrap only and meeting her husband at the door, his reponse was "What, leftovers again?"

I also use the Pledge, fools them every time.

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Good trick when you get a last minute call for showing your home before prospective buyers come, or anytime you have unexpected company and haven't dusted--run a quick vacuum through the main areas, swish lavender or lemon Pinesol products in the toilet, always keep fresh flowers out and spray a high end home fragrance.

They'll "assume" you dusted and cleaned everything else.

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I just write "I'm getting to it" in the dust.

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haha...and my response would be....may be leftovers but....they are HOT !!! c

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Oh MY.......

All this "cleaning" advice is sounding kinda "trashy" now....


(strange...I'm feeling a little "flushed" now....)

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Lol, Faron!

Do people expect your homes to be clean? The only one who seems to care about mine is ME. I just hold the baby up if anyone else starts to care, ha, ha!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

May I borrow the baby, anele? ;)

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Trailrunner--too funny!

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