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mcpegMay 25, 2009

Good morning everyone!

I've been offline a wee bit getting stuff ready for next weekend's community craft/garage sale. Also this week on W/T/F I'll be helping my gardening pal do spring planting downtown at some hotel garden beds. Looking forward to that. She's renting half the table with me at the sale next Saturday. I know darn well we'll both be knackered from made planting this week!

Question to those of you who know - this is my first time selling stuff at a community type sale. Since I'm selling new handmade stuff I want to know what you think of the pricing -

nursery/toddler quilts (fits crib) - $25 (ebay prices anywhere from $30-60)

hardened crochet hearts with ribbon and silk flowers - $7

necklace ribbon chokers with beads - $5 (plain), $10 lower priced ribbon with beads and $15-20 for more expensive material ribbons with beads. This is really cheap for my hours of work but does cover the cost of the supplies.

greeting cards - each card has envelope, individually wrapped in clear sleeve, laser printed color image and hand stamped embossed border design - $4 per card

I don't want to undersell my work but it's not Ebay - but a community sale. I want to keep it affordable.

As for the diet side - I've gained back a couple of pounds and back at 145 again. Concentrating on maintenance for the next couple of weeks and then will get back to leaner meals/6 snack schedule. I have to shake up my routine at this stage for any weight loss to continue.

So, I'm off to finish my java and get cutting fabric for kiddie quilts today.

Hugs to all of you,


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Sounds good. Do you sell regularly on Ebay? Enjoy the craft sale and I hope you do really well.

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Hi Helen,
I don't sell much on ebay anymore due to inflated listing/seller fees. I have just started on Etsy but that is a work in progress. More of a hobby thing.
I love 'window' shopping on Etsy and I love to search Ebay for vintage sewing and children's books. I collect old singer items for that 'one day' special sewing/crafting room.
Keeping my fingers busy keeps me out of the fridge if ya know what I mean!

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Hi there. Still coughing, mostly at night. Can't wait to fully shake this thing and get my lungs back to normal.

Cleaning house, and doing an inventory and Goodwill run - the pile of give-aways is getting unmanageable and I have been procrastinating getting it ready to go.

But it will feel great to get it done.

Next weekend is my girls' weekend with my old college roommate (well not old, "former" LOL). We're going to spend a weekend in Nashville, going to some clubs, hearing some good music, and just hanging out and catching up.

Had hoped to lose a little weight before the trip, but I'm sure I'm stagnant on weight loss, with the lack of exercise the past two weeks.

Ok Off to go do some more housework!

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Trekaren it will feel great to take stuff out of the house - still doing the same here. Plus hauling stuff burns calories, right? Love to be a fly-on-the-wall in Nashville! Do take care of yourself this week, I hope you are much improved by next weekend.

So, where is everybody?

Planted lots of veggies in my garden but I'm competing with the animals outside. I do plant perennial flowers in the veggie plots that aren't chicken-cooped to hide the baby plants. Some rascal ate one of my cucumber plants - just got it's first leaves and they're eating the tops of my peas - b@st@rds! Still some leaves left so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Dreaming of fresh veggies to munch on instead of bad things. Planted my lettuce seedlings in the cages areas to give them a chance. Love lettuce and tuna salads in the summer.

Seem to be struggling the last few days remembering to eat at the right time...I think today I'm going to set the kitchen time on an hour to remember to 'snack' eat at regular intervals.

W/T/F this week I'll be burning a ton of calories downtown planting hotel garden beds. Can't wait! Already have my heating rubs and bubble bath ready for the end of the day (hahahahahahahaaaa). Instead of a cold beer at the end of the day I have lots of lemonade and ice cubes in the fridge, sugar free flavored waters too. I'm focusing on the end of the day goal to be a soak in the tub with face goop, herbal soak stuff and lots of intense hand cream.

Even with the weight I've lost over the last 3 years I still seem to get a very tired back. Trekaren I wish I had your drive to exercise more - I tend to be a walker.

Take care today everyone - do post!

Let's give'er!

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Good news! Slept thru the night last night with no coughing at all!!!! I think I'm on my way to being whole again.

Wow, two weeks down...no fun at all.

I feel so organized, having tackled the give-way clothes pile. Now I can tackle other neglected areas of the house where things tend to pile up unnoticed.

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Good Tuesday all,

I hope you had a great weekend! Check in.

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I've had two weeks at WW with good weight loss. Feels SOOOO good. Even with a bit of cheating over the weekend, I was down 2 more pounds at weigh-in this morning. One of the gals at class told me today she could really see a difference. She's the first one that's said anything. I'm definitely smiling today.

Busy weekend. DH is retired military, so spent most of the time at parades and cemeteries. Went to friends yesterday for a picnic (brats, tater salad, beans, etc). I ate small portions of everything. There was not one diet friendly thing to eat.

Our house sits in the middle of an entire city block, so I always have tons of planting to do. I got 8 flats of annuals, and probably a dozen or more larger pots planted this weekend. Still have a bunch more to do. Got all the perennials tended to, cleaned out, fertilized....looks so nice when it's all done. Today hope to get the 8 large flower boxes on the deck planted. I'm using the Wave Petunias as they bloom like crazy and cascade down nicely. Tulips are done now, and lilacs are about ready to pop. We also have three lilac trees in our yard (100 yrs old), and when they bloom, you can smell them all over the yard, and into the house, too. Wonderful!

Trekaren, glad you're on the road to recovery. What an awful time of the year to get ill. Many in our area have had simliar colds/flu. Seems to hang on for 2 or 3 weeks.

Peggy, your prices sound OK to me, although I'm not a big crafter myself.

A dear friend and I are headed to Door County in a couple weeks for a girls get-away. I've lived all over the US, and Door County is still one of my favorite places. We are staying at a Victorian B&B (White Lace Inn in Sturgeon Bay). Can't wait.

Hope everyone has a great week.


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I've gone almost 2 hours without coughing! Getting a bit better each day, so I'm grateful for a body that's on the mend.

Don't ask about the holiday weekend BBQ binge. I did, however, help my DB and DH a bit in their efforts to build a koi pond in our yard. I also planted 4 flats of flowers, clean the deck and my deck furniture (yet again!). It will filled with a ton of nasty pollen. Yuck! We had a lovely dinner on the deck last evening. I hated to get up for the office this morning.

I cannot even imagine the joy of not having to get up for work in the morning...not sure I'll ever experience that lifestyle. So so tired of working....since I was 16.

Blah, blah, blah....I'll stop whining now!!!

Make today count!

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QOD: What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow at the exact weight/figure that you've been working so hard to accomplish? (I would go and get my bloodwork done and get my blood pressure taken...then go shopping!)

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Happy Hump Day!

Dee, so happy to read that your cough is better!

TreKaren, your cough disappeared for good now?

WTG, on the weight loss, Joyce! Nothing like a little success to pump you up.

Peggy must be downtown about now toiling in the soil and having the time of her life. Hope the weather was lovely for you today.

QOD: I'd be like Dee and go have all my lab work done, then do the happy dance! Next, I'd just sit quietly somewhere for a while and hug the sheer joy of having achieved such a lofty goal to myself before heading out and doing something worthwhile.

It's a beautiful day here in SE Texas. Got to head out to my TOPS meeting, then to Curves to workout. After that, I need to drive to the next town and buy red and purple ribbon to decorate 2 Silent Auction baskets from my Red Hat group for our community center fundraiser this Saturday.

Hubby's daughter is sick, so we won't be having company this week after all. But he decided to go ahead and take off today and tomorrow anyway. Friday he has a big meeting to begin a $30 million project, but that may just be a half-day meeting.

Wishing everyone a day full of lovely surprises!

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QOD: What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow at the exact weight/figure that you've been working so hard to accomplish?

Dump all my size 14 and up clothes at Goodwill, and go shopping!

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Good morning.

Finally getting back on schedule after spending Friday through Tuesday with our good friends at their condo in Destin, Florida. We had the best time,even though it started off with a lot of rain. We did everything - ate some great meals, walked, sat on the beach at sunset, and shopped, shopped, shopped. Even though I'm not at goal weight, it's so much more fun shopping and finding cute things. Also, this is the first time I've walked with my friend in Destin and it was a great workout, and I was able to keep up with her. Little changes, but nice ones.

QOD: what a lovely thought - to wake up at goal weight. First, I would say a prayer of thanks for arriving at such an accomplishment, reflect on how much work it took to get there, vow, and this time mean it, to never allow myself to go back to that dreadful weight again. Life is too short and so much more fun when you feel good about yourself and are not "sitting on the sidelines."

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Great words, Jan.

OK, was up most of the night with pain in the bottom right portion of my face. This morning, it's swollen. Will be calling my dentist asap and working from home (yet again!) Boy, I am looking forward to leaving May behind me.

Hope everyone is planning some fun and healthy activities this weekend.

Make today count!

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Good Friday morning! If you're working, TGIF!

I'm actually baking chocolate chip cookies right now (painful!) for our fundraiser at the community center tomorrow. Once everything is ready to go, I'll go for a quick workout, then to the center to help where I can to get things ready for tomorrow. I still find it hard to believe that this time last year I had never stepped foot in that door, and now I'm serving on the board and know almost everybody who goes there. The thrill hasn't worn off yet, TG, and I'm loving it. I also spent 1-1/2 hours yesterday afternoon hanging flyers on doors and windows of all the little businesses around town. This is a good cause because it keeps lots of senior citizens off the streets! LOL It also provides a terrific summer program for kids ages 4 through 12.

Jan, what a lovely comment you made above! On the days when I'm really good, it's like a spiritual experience to me.

Suzanne, I hope you're still getting to enjoy those early morning rides!

The cookies are done, so I need to shower and get ready to go. Wishing everyone a fantastic Friday!

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McPeg~ Your prices sound very reasonable.

Dee--Wowie! Hope you get that taken care of! June is coming!

QOD: If I was at my goal weight when I woke up, I'd open up the front door and see if he!! froze over while I was sleeping. Then I'd quickly take 100 pictures of myself in all my skinny clothes and post them all over the web and send them to my friends. Then I'd figure out how to STAY at my goal weight forever. I'd be thrilled.

Well, I've moved--finally. That was a HUGE move from my "sold" house to my "new garage." The house isn't done for another 3 weeks. Now I am packing up my rental house this weekend in preparation for another move to my FINAL DESTINATION---haha.

One DD is home from college and I'm lovin' every minute of it. The other DH will be home for college on the 11th or 12th. I can't wait. This will be the BEST SUMMER ever: all the kids home and Baby V will be here too for a while, it looks like---his next court date is in September. Who knows though, really.

Where is everyone? For 2 or 3 days, I couldn't log on here for some reason. Today was the first time I could. Something must be messed up again...SURPRISE!

Okay, gotta fly! Packing this weekend and cleaning out and packing the garage---it never ends---but hey, we're alive, right?

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Beautiful day here.

School carival was this morning....very small town and cute.

Then a friend of ours from the city boated 3-1/2 hours up here to have lunch and see our new biz and house....and turn around and go back. SO NICE! It was really a good day.

Now I'm going to clean and pack up some of our rental. I've gotta go over to the new house and measure for bathroom lights and mirrors later. I can't wait to move in and get my eliptical set up and start exercising again.

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Beautiful day here, too, BJ! Glad you had such a nice day.

Dee, I missed your Friday post about your pain. Hope you've achieved a high degree of relief by now!

Today was the fundraiser at our community center. Hubby and I were there bright and early so I could shop at the craft sale. I shopped very well, TYVM! LOL

We both volunteered today. Hubby worked the Moonwalk for about 3 hours, and I manned the raffle ticket sales for the whole day. It was a lot of fun, with frequent breaks so that I could snack with friends who came at my request. I'd love to say that I ate sanely and healthy, but I didn't. My table was right beside the Sweet Shoppe, and those dark chocolate iced brownies called my name. I finally caved in about 3:30 this afternoon and ate 2 small ones.

Today is our 11th anniversary, so we went out for dinner at Applebee's afterwards. At least I didn't have dessert tonight. I did eat a healthy chicken dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm riding with my friend Susanne over to Beaumont. She's going to a special presentation at her old church, and she's dropping me off at my son's house for a nice 2-hour visit with them.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend if I don't check in tomorrow!

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milkdud- Your days sound so nice!

Well, tonight I went out in my detached rental garage to get something, turned on the light and saw a mouse---or some kind of pest with a tail. YUCK! Just when I think I can't handle another thing---THIS. I found it's nest in a foam sleeping bag pad in the rafters, so I tore that apart and tossed it outside until I can take it to the dump Tuesday on my lunch break. (The dump's not open on Monday.) Do you think that'll get rid of it?

In other news, my DD is home from college and is going to make an eating plan and monitor my food for me. SHe is very fit and frankly, I think she is surprised at the size I've grown into in my short time here on the rock. So, here's to Monday and a new outlook on eating. If I gain just 3 more pounds, I'll be at my true HORROR weight, so I can't go THERE!

See you on the new thread!

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