Canon camera not working

angel123June 21, 2008

I have a Canon power shot sd630 digital camera. I keep getting an error message saying lens error restart camera. I try to open the lens the front one but it gets stuck. Any advice to fix this camera.

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Go to this link then type "lens error" in the search knowledge database box. when the page refreshes, select number two.

Is the battery fully charged?


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Hi angel123. I am guessing your camera is about three years old. I have a canon sd400 that was new in 2005. Now they are higher than sd900, they keep upgrading the model. Anyhow I just wanted to tell you that shortly after I bought my camera my teenage son borowed it and cracked the LCD screen. I was devestated! I wrote a nice letter to Canon and admitted freely that my son broke the camera, but I loved it and wanted it fixed. They contacted me and had me return the camera to their facility in Illinois and fixed it for FREE.

As a happy customer I try to tell other Canon owners about their good customer service. Have you tried looking at their website? Remember if you contact them that you catch more fliew with honey than vinegar. Good luck!

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I was Searching for info on the same problem. My little Nikon digital won't open the lens COVER all the way. So it shuts down in a few seconds. Did not drop it, but the one year warranty expired almost a year ago. Had a similar problem with a older Nikon I did drop a few feet (not on the lens) and the lens cover did not always open up, but this newer Nikon (6100?) displays lens error 100% of the time.

I tried charging the battery all the way, spraying compressed air gently into the area, and using a vacuum for suction. Nothing improved it.

My opinion of extended warranties is that they are a money maker for the vendor, and often not a good buy. But in small cameras with a longer lens (7x digital on up, maybe) they might be worth the money.

Not sure that sending it off for repair would be worth the money. Camera was only $170 back then, maybe $100 today with the same features.

Open to suggestions

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