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urleeMay 17, 2004

I peeped in a year ago asking about the grapefruit diet which I decided not to do and until January of this year, I didn't get the power I needed to finally start and stick with a diet that would work for me.

I chose kinda Adkins. The reason I say kinda is because I didn't realize there was an induction period. I just started off with very LOW carbs. Good news is, it took off ok and I did and am losing weight. Such a wonderful feeling when the once "tight" pants are now looser.

I am one who can NOT use the scale to keep track of my weight because I get disappointed if it moves too slow!

I judge by my clothes.

I can not describe the wonderful feeling I have about myself now and the fun it is to actually be able to find clothes that fit ok on the not so large rack.

My biggest interest is is trying to find out what foods to eat without getting bored with the same ole same ole, if you get what I mean?

I desparately search and read this forum for ideas.

If any of you are in the same boat as I am, in that regard, I would like to share with what I come upon.

I heard that Aspertame is a NO NO in the diet drinks. I sure hope that Splenda is ok because, altho water is better for you, I like a drink once in awhile with a little taste & zap to it. I also like to eat something moist & cold for a snack so I found something that I LOVE and will share here. Also for some of you who were snacking on potato chips or corn chips etc. I have a treat here with 0 carbs to share.

If you have reached this far, reading this, I want to thank you for taking the time and hope I could help in any way.

Here are the items I found and like:

Yogurt: (calcium)

Soft drink:

Snack to replace chips:

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I forgot to mention for those of you who are calorie wise----
The yogurt is 60 (one 4oz container)
The beverage is 0 in everything.
The Pork is 80 in ½ oz. (8 per bag)

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Hi there! That is "cool" (showing my age here) how you posted those labels. That calorie free drink makes some people (including me) itchy when they drink a lot of it so you might notice that if you are drinking a lot of it. There's citric acid in there and some people can't handle that. I drink it until my eyes itch and then quit for a while. I saw a show on how they make pork rinds and you can keep those - lol! Good luck on your diet! Kathy

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I'm with Kathy on the pork rinds!! I've just never cared for them -- might be something about the name that turns me off.

I'm thrilled to see they're coming out with some low carb yogurts. I love smoothies and am looking for the right recipe. I might need to just play around with it and develop my own -- I'm thinking low carb yogurt, ice, a few strawberries and maybe a splash of soy milk or cream and a little vanilla or splenda.

I'm on week three and doing pretty well. Still haven't had that burst of energy everyone talks about, but I'm down about 10 pounds. Can't really tell any difference in my clothes yet, but compared to the total I need to lose, 10 pounds really isn't that much -- hopefully, I'll start noticing after another 10 comes off. The best part is that I've actually stuck with it this long (usually I don't last a week!!), I'm not hungry and don't feel like I'm suffering.


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