Westinghouse LCD Monitor

lititiaJune 4, 2006

I have a Westinghouse LCM17v2 computer monitor that I have had now for 15 months. It won't turn on. I have checked all of the cable connections, I have disconnected and re-connected everything, I have even moved the computer to the other side of the room where it worked before to see if it is the power supply. The light will turn green and the screen says, NO SIGNAL INPUT. Then it just goes black, with the power light turning to orange. I have called Westinghouse but they had no solutions, except to say "call the geek squad." Of course, the one year warranty ran out in March :o(

Can anyone please give me some tips? (I don't have another computer to test it on...I only have a laptop).

Please advise.

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Did you buy the monitor with a credit card that extends the original warrenty (like American Express)?

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You can look at the cable that connects to your laptop and make sure none of the pins inside are bent or askew. If they are, use a very small screwdriver carefully to straighten them out. Then try reconnecting.

Do you have a friend or neighbor with a computer to which you could bring your monitor? That would be one way to test it. Another option would be to bring it in to some place that offers computer repair and see if they can get a signal into it. Right now you don't know if the problem is with the monitor or your laptop.

If that's not possible, one thing you can do is use your laptop screen to start your computer (I'm guessing Windows) and go into the Displays Control Panel to set the computer to its lowest resolution. Then connect the Westinghouse and see if it works. If it does, the problem was with a video setting on your laptop and you can figure out the best settings for your own use. If it doesn't, it's still unknown whether it's the laptop or the display, but you know there's a hardware repair in there somewhere. You'll have to take it to a computer-repair place.

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