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angela_growerDecember 12, 2008

please can anyone here help me?

i have a Husqvarnia orchidea viking embriodery sewing machine, and since replacing my old pc to a laptop about 4 years ago i have never been able to get the reader writer to write to a card or read a card its comes up everytime on screen with the words - no LPT Port available my dad and me have been trying on and off to sort it out but not done it, and i so badly want to use the machine again to do my own designs i thought about a new machine but i just can,t do please if there is anyone out ther who knows how to get the reader writer to read and write to and from cards i really would be very very gratefull.

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Have you contacted Viking? You probably need an upgrade to the software so that it can talk to your new computer. I'm guessing you went from an earlier version of Windows to Windows XP or Vista?

I had the same problem with my Amazing Box and just last week downloaded the software upgrade (it was free) and now it works great! (Better than before, actually.)


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LPT is a printer port, the really long, wide ones. It sounds like the software is looking for old computer parts that don't exist! (My old Singer EU won't run without a COM port, which most new computers don't even have!) If you have a friend with an old PC in their basement you could ask to use it and run the software on a machine that's old enough to be compatible with it. That's what I did with my Singer until I got my Viking machine. You'd have a dedicated "sewing design" computer.

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I have the same problem! Were you able to resolve this issue? Trying to run Customizing 1.2 on windows xp...I can design the monogram but can't get it from the computer to the programmable card due to the error msg 'no lpt port available'. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars to monogram a dozen towels so new software is out of the question. Thanks!

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