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deej64June 20, 2007

You had a productive exchange back in 2005 regarding the burned capacitor of a Phillips Magnavox. Your issue was so "spot on" to my current problem with the same set that I have to write for your assistance, and hope that you can "pay it forward".

The blue capacitors in my set are not burned that I can see, but the smell and ticking is there just the same. I've ordered replacement capacitors but I need to know which one I am looking to replace - there are 4 or 5 that look identical. Can you give me an indication from the perspective of looking at the back of the set with the panel removed?

I'm an amatuer at this but don't mind having a go.

I welcome your assistance.


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You do realize that some of the capacitors in a television set can kill you, right? Even when its been off for a long, long time.

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