Help with Brother PE150

emerson4December 2, 2007

Help! Just aquired a Brother PE150 given to me by a friend who's mother-n-law no longer uses. My main goal is to use it for monograming. It says it has 3 fonts installed that go up to 1 1/2 inch. Can I purchase a card or disk that will allow me to monogram with other fonts and sizes? What is the best way to find out what is compatible? I have NEVER done this before and need any guidance that I can get.


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As long as it has a place to insert a card or has a USB port, you can use designs outside the ones programmed in the machine. Brother uses PES format, so you will want to use that. If you are going to use designs from the Internet, you'll need some kind of software to transfer the designs from the computer to the machine. Did you get a manual with it? Do you have a sewing store nearby that offers basic embroidery classes? If so, that will probably be your best resource.


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i have a pe150 and the thread from the bobbin keeps shredding can any body help me ive tried to find a book on repairs for embroidery machines and cant find one repairs are so costly ndifi can do it my self im saving a lot of money. we have only one place to repair machines where i live and his price is very expensive as he is the only one in my area. thank you for all the help you can give me

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dammaskids, try feeling the throat plate where the thread comes up from the bobin. Is there maybe a tiny burr there that is shredding the thread? If so, try sanding it with some emery paper. You can find it at a hardware store.


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Change the needle. The needle might have a burr that is causing the thread to shred.

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