Mice in barn

indianabenAugust 2, 2006

It appears, judging by the droppings, that mice have been visiting my barn. Currently there is not much in the barn and definitely no food. But this barn is in the woods so I was expecting that I'd find some critters in there eventually.

I'd like to keep the mice out of the barn if possible. Any ideas on how to do this? I have a large sliding door that leaves a small gap for mouse access. Has anyone had any luck sealing a large sliding barn door?

Eventually I am going to finish part of the barn, but until then I'd like to be able to put things in there and not worry about mice making their homes in it (like a couch).

For now I'm going to go with traps. I also may try planting mint, I've heard mice don't like it. And I will build a barn owl nesting box in hopes of luring owls to do my dirty work.

Any other ideas???

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Get a cat....

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Not sure if that is an option. This barn is 30 minutes from my house so I don't make it there frequently enough to feed the cat. Perhaps he could survive on mice alone...

Oddly enough I just read that dogs are actually better mouse hunters than cats, and dogs don't leave bring the dead animals into the house to show off to you.

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Get a snake. Rat snakes will take care of themselves and keep the rodent population under control. When we built our barn, I stole a rat snake out of a friends (there was a "litter" of snakes living in her tack room) and released it in our new barn.

Problem is in a rural area any building that is not used regularly by humans (and a lot that are) will have rodents and other visitors.

Even with barn cats, we get the odd mouse or two - more in the outbuildings that are not used regularly. All you can do without poisoning your world is to reach a balance that keeps them out of your way.


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Don't put any upholstered furniture in an unoccupied barn. I would suggest trying cast iron, aluminum glass and steel for furnishings. If you are going to want upholstery, make a tin box or use a heavy plastic storage drum to seal pillows and such in when you are not there.

You won't keep out all critters unless you completely seal up the place. That mean no edible parts to your structure. In other words, it is going to be impossible to ensure it is sealed.

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