Basement flood - sump pump or French drain?

jmcnycAugust 14, 2011

I live on a sloping property. When it rains heavily a lot of water is flows to the front wall of the houses foundation. I get water in the basement.

I have had a few contractors look at it. If their specialty is basement waterproofing they recommend a sump pump. If their specialty is landscaping and French drains they recommend a French drain.

I would prefer to not cut a hole in the foundation and install a sump pump. Would like to try a French drain first and route the water to the side of the house and down the hill.

Any advice?


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Put a drain outside and try and capture and divert the water first.

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I've seen too many cases where sump pumps fail, can't keep up with the load, etc., that I will always have French drains given a choice. I don't know the cost differential, though. The F. drain might be very expensive v. a sump pump.

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