Curious Digital Convergence question

criticalmass048June 13, 2009

My question has nothing to do with hookups. It's actually simpler than that. Perhaps I need to turn somewhere else for an answer, but right now is certainly not the time.

I keep hearing about how the "digital conversion" will allow additional channels to be received. That's great, but what is on these channels, and how does a cable subscriber get them? It feels strange to see Antenna people talking about getting not only Channel 6, but 6.1, 6.2, & 6.3, and I have no idea what they mean!

As I said, I probably need to talk to my local cable provider, but I was just wondering if anyone else has this same issue.

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Digital stations can now send multiple "channels" on the same "frequency"

The extra channels may be 24hr weather, cooking, travel, arts, classic movies, etc ..

If you have an antenna TV with a converter box (or a digital TV), you'll see them.

If you have cable TV, you'll also see them, but the channel numbers could be anywhere 506, 507, etc ......

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