How fast does Terro work?

robinwvAugust 16, 2006

Put out Terro ant traps yesterday afternoon and this morning I have yet to see an ant. Does it really work that fast?

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No, they have to find the terro and then drink it first.
They take it back to the nest and that kills the rest of them.
You'll see the ants around the terro like an African waterhole full of buffalo.

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Terro is fast and efficient for say in the house. Outdoors I much prefer Mike McGraths forumla (organic gardening) which is actually a diluted type of terro, cheap and home made. I keep my "ant feeders" filled all summer and it protects my fruit. We live on an ant hill so to speak given it is nothing but sand dune under the first few inches. Lots of real estate for ants so I just keep them in check rather than worry about eradicating them.

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