TV screen has green tint when connected to laptop

bedeliaJune 1, 2012

We use an HDMI cable to connect our laptop to our plasma TV. We have streamed movies(from netflix and websites) and use the TV as a monitor for our laptop occasionally. Everything worked good.

Now when we connect the TV and laptop, the TV screen has a mostly green tint. The picture on the TV when not connected to the laptop is fine and so is the laptop monitor when used alone.

I know my husband did adjust the TV picture settings recently and I wonder if that did it. But again the picture itself on our plasma is fine when viewing cable TV.

I've tried adjusting the TV tint to no avail. Or do I need to play around more with the laptop settings? Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for any info.

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Since HDMI uses digital RGB or YUV signals over three separate conductors to carry the video information, a break in one of those conductors within the HDMI cable can cause problems like you describe.

First thing is to try another HDMI cable.

If the problem is still there, do you have another laptop, or another HDMI source, to try on your display using the original cable?

Do you have another display with HDMI input that your can connect your laptop to, again using the original cable?

The picture settings menus usually only affect the individual input that you have set them to.

I'd say chances are the cable since it sounds like it gets a little more flexing from connecting/disconnecting to your laptop.

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Thanks for your input. I did check the cable connection, and a pin was bent. I straightened it and everything looks good now.

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