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deemarie5500May 26, 2008


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Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to those who served our country & those families of those who served our country. I know the fight that continues long after the "service" is officially over. I hope everyone has a beautiful day. :-)

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Good Monday morning and Happy Memorial Day! I have several former Army soldiers alive & kicking today for whom I'm thankful. Oh, and one former Marine! We are so blessed in this country to have brave soldiers who feel the patriotic tug to serve their country.

Our company arrived in good time for us to cook the steaks after all last night. I have to admit that I ate beyond "satisfied", but no way was I going to leave any of that delicious steak for leftovers. (It never tastes as good warmed up later. Today, I'm back to my regular routine as hubby and his DD are gone for the day. Hubby had to go into work for a while, and she went with him. Then, they decided to go sightseeing and will be home in time for dinner, I'm sure. So I'm going to do a little shopping today instead of tomorrow. The shrimp kebabs are ready for the grill tonight, and I'll figure out the sides at the store.

Speaking of grocery shopping, my sweet DDIL#2 called yesterday asking what they can buy to have at their house for me to eat. I'm taking my breakfasts for every day, and lunch will be eaten out every day, and I'm taking dinner for the first night at their house, so I'll be fine. The good thing about doing WW is that you CAN dine out, even on the Core plan. I'll be cutting it close on points, I'm sure, but I don't go out to eat that often or see my family often enough to not enjoy myself.

I wish for everyone a relaxing day doing whatever you want!

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Just wanted to add how much I appreciate all the sacrifices made by those who serve my wonderful country.

God bless you all!

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Milkdud~When did you say you were going to Dallas & how long are you going to get to stay? I hope that you have a wonderful time. Remember that this is a WOL & a lifestyle change & that it is a way that we need to live with always so you should allow yourself some leeway. I know you understand I don't mean to go all out know what I'm trying to say. Life is too short not to enjoy it & you want your family to remember you as someone who had a great time & I'm sure you don't want to be remembered as too heavy but on the other hand you don't want to be remembered as the one who always said, "I can't eat that." I hope I'm making sense. It does in my mind anyway. LOL

Dave had an awful day today but he did manage to cook steaks out on the grill. I don't remember the last time that we had steak. It has been that long. Hope that everyone can check in this week. Patti :-)

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone! Hope that you had a good weekend.

QOD: Does anyone have special plans this summer for a big trip? I know that the trip to meet is supposed to be this week, right?? Yay!!

QOD: We just have a weekend planned for next month to go to Fort Lauderdale. We haven't ever been there & should have a good time. Otherwise, it looks like we'll be here until we can get the VA stuff finally straightened out. Ugh!

Check in & tell us how you are doing. Patti :-)

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Happy Tuesday all!


May is just not a good month for me and my family....we had to put Moose down on Friday afternoon. My sister is taking it very, very hard. I am very worried about Lacey, it's been a long time since she's been without the Moose keeping her company all day..she looked so sad when I left for work this morning.

This brings me to Saratoga, I really don't think I am going to be able to make it. With all that's been going on I just don't want to venture too far from home right now. This upsets me because I was so very much looking forward to going and meeting Dee, Raeanne and Suzanne but I just don't think the timing is good for me. I'm sorry everyone.

I am at work so I can't stay on..will check in later tonight.


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Good morning.

We have air conditioning again - yea! The guy came out yesterday (he was the one who came out the first time; the second one, who had an attitude, has been fired, he told me.)

He got it running again, showed us where to re-start if it happens again. He called the owner of the company while we were there, and they agreed to call Lennox this morning, since this unit apparently has some issues.

QOD: We are probably staying home this summer (unless we have to evacuate for a hurricane!) We're just so happy to be in a house again, we've become "homebodies" and would rather have people come here on vacation. Our good friends own a condo in Destin, FL, and we usually meet them there for a long weekend every once in a while, (another reason to keep working on my healthy lifestyle.)

I had two little "bumps" - Friday night after dinner I attacked a box of low fat Vanilla wafers. I tallied the points and calories, and even then, didn't go over too much. I'm not buying those anymore, because apparently I can't eat just one.

I had purchased some Blue Bunny's low fat ice cream candy bars. Boy, they taste really, really good, one of those apparently "too good to be true foods" - 210 calories; WW points - 5! Unfortunately, I didn't check the nutritional facts until I was licking that last bite of ice cream from my lips!

Donna, I'm so sorry about your Moose. I hope the rest of the week is kinder to you.

milkdud - my brother lived in Vicksburg for a while. He met and married a local girl there and coached and taught at St. Aloyisius high school. They had a beautiful daughter together, but the marriage ended and he moved to Metairie, LA where he lives today. I don't think he misses Vicksburg, either.

Patti - I hope you and Dave have another good day and glad you were able to enjoy your steaks!

Hope it's a great week for everyone.

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Donna, you have e:mails. We have already decided to reschedule Saratoga. It's been rough for quite a few of us here.

QOD: We have booked Royal Carib. Explorer of the Seas in July for a trip up to New England and Canada. DH and I loved this ship so much last August to the Islands, that we immediately called our guy when we came home and booked our same cabin for this trip north. DH hates the cruise experience in the summer with so many kids and the heat of the south. We vowed that we cruise in spring, fall, or winter, or go north in summer where they will not be so many kids! hehe

Suzanne, I thought of you last night during dinner. DH and I grilled and sat out on our deck...just the two of us. I was, as usual, shooing the squirrels and assorted non-humans (bees, birds, etc), when I told DH "I want to live somewhere where there are only humans; no bugs or animals"! (He suggested Mars!) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti, hope that Dave is feeling better.

Marci, looking here and there for you. Guess it's the beginning of the end of this school year for you.

Besh, hope your job is still a good experience.

John, anything special happen over the long weekend? ;-)

BJ, have you slowed down long enough to read our posts?

Wodka, hang in there with us!

Milkdud, sounds like you have things in order. I need to take notes.

Raeanne, did you get some time out on the boat? My sister and DBIL spent the weekend with us but left early evening Sunday so that they could spend yesterday on their boat. Even the girls went with them (aged 21 and 18!) whod'a thunk, huh?

MIAs: Maddie, Jen, Amy, Joanne, Gretchen, MagicKitty - please check in.

That about does it. I'm working from home today; got up with another whopping headache. It's been 4 weeks of tension headaches...thinking it's TMJ, sinus, sleep apnea, or something I don't want to think about!

Make today count.


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QOD - We don't do summer vacations, as we love where we live especially this time of year. However, a tropical winter vacation is mandatory LOL.

(((((Donna, Suzanne, Dee))))) Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. We will do something come fall.

Dee - yes I got out on the lake and it was gorgeous. Both my DD's love being out on the lake and don't get enough of the boat when they are home. I think you need another massage! I am glad you aren't driving up to Saratoga with a headache.

Wodka - congrats on the a/c. It doesn't sound like you did much damage with your eating.

Milkdud - the shrimp kebabs sound really good to me, hope you enjoyed them. You have a wonderful DIL to think of your eating needs. I swear my MIL used to make meals she knew I wouldn't eat.

(((((Donna))))) I feel so badly for you and yes you need to be near your sister.

Marci - Are you a free woman these days???

Patti - sending hugs to Dave.

I am surrounded by people needing surgery these days. My art teacher had a cancerous tumor removed from his throat, the gallery owner is scheduled for back surgery Monday, one of my closest friends is having shoulder surgery on Thursday and another friend just called me to tell me she broke her wrist and has to go in for surgery on Friday - I may have to drive her as she lives alone.

BJ - are you lurking or still in the garage?

Maddie - I keep thinking of you and your situation, hope all is well.

Enjoy what is left of your day.

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Good evening, y'all!

I'm just about packed and ready to hit the road first thing tomorrow morning. I've packed my food for the road - Canadian bacon slices, FF cheese slices, carrot sticks, apple, nectarine, 2 boiled (and peeled!) eggs, and 2 wetnaps! I'm even taking dinner for tomorrow night. My DDIL#2 loves the crawfish etoufee she had at a place here, so I stopped off and bought enough for even leftovers, plus I'm taking brown rice to cook to go along with it.

QOD: With gas prices so outrageous, my hubby decides he wants to take a driving-around vacation. UGH! I don't see that happening actually, but he can dream. I'm already dreading paying high prices on the way to and from Dallas this week. So, to answer the question, I doubt we'll go anywhere other than to Beaumont to see the grandkids occasionally.

Patti, I'll leave tomorrow, stay with #1 son and DDIL for 2 nights, then move up to my sister's house for 2 nights, and return home on Sunday. I'll see my dentist and orthopedic surgeon (just for my yearly x-ray) on Thursday, meet my cousins for lunch in between appointments, and see my sister and her family Friday through Sunday morning for way too many delicious-sounding meals! It's going to be difficult handling so many different kinds of food, but I'll do the best I can and start over when I get home.

Donna, I'm so sorry that things are so rough in your life lately. Maybe now that the get-together is being rescheduled, you can still make it!

Raeanne, the shrimp kebabs were really good! Definitely a keeper recipe. I fixed a basket full of thick-sliced veggies that we grilled, and had brown rice for hubby and his DD. I really ate WW-legal yesterday!

Dee, wait until my return to take notes because it ain't gonna be purty this week, I'm sure! LOL

I'm taking my computer with me so that I can share recipes with my son and my sister, so I'll be peeking in here regularly! I hope everyone is having a successful week. And, keep in mind that it's a shorter one than usual, so you can do it!

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It took me just 3 hours to get on the computer to post today. LOL I don't know what the problem is but Calgon...

Milkdud~Have a great time! I talked to DGD last night. Man do I miss her!! Have you posted the shrimp recipe? It sounds really good.

Donna, Raeanne, Dee, & Suzanne~I'm terribly sorry that you aren't getting together this week. I thought at first with everything going on that it would be a good diversion for you to get together but I guess that it just wasn't meant to be this time. :-(

BJ~Are we going to have to send the posse out after ya?

Marci~The posse will come your way too!

John~When they head for Marci's they will keep going until they get there!

Jen~We can get them to check on you too. How are the girls & Galen?

McPeg~I know you are busy with gardening but can you check in?

Besh~How about just a word or two?

Gretchen~That posse is making the rounds! LOL

Joanne & Zig~We can get them out after you too!!

Maddie~We will just send help out to you & lots of hugs & prayers.

Now, Magic Kitty, I am close enough to come there myself! If I can afford the gas. That's a big IF! ROFL

Wodka~Let me know you are doing all right too.

Come on, it is almost June 1st & we need a note saying that you are doing so-so or great or whatever.

Amy~We haven't heard from you since BJ's birthday.

All right, I've been a rat now. Have a good day & please check in??? Patti ;-)

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Okay, I'll jump in. My excitement for the day will be meeting with a new gastroenterologist and scheduling a colonscopy. How fun does that sound? I imagine they will weigh me, so it will be interesting to see if my 22 days (today is my 23rd) healthier lifestyle is paying off. I know it is, but it sure would be nice to see the numbers go down, even if it's just a little bit. I'll let you know. This will be the first time I've weighed since starting this journey.

I read something interesting that Oprah's Dr. Oz recommended and wondered if any of you were doing it, and does it help? He suggested for 14 days try lightly dipping a slice of 100% whole grain bread in non-chemically processed extra virgin olive oil. The benefits include B vitamins and fiber from the bread, which slows the movement of food through the stomach; olive oil (healthy fat) has vitamin E, works as antioxidant. The combination, according to Oz, gives wonderful nutrition to feed the liver and also reduces amount of food eaten at dinner, keeps us fuller longer, and can reduce the risks of heart attack or diabetes.

We tried it last night for the first time. It tasted good, so figured, what the heck. My olive oil wasn't a virgin, though, so need to pick some up.

Hope everyone is having a good day.....

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Hi Guys!

Haven't had a chance to read this week's thread yet, but thought I'd better check in!

I am entering my 3rd week of WW today and weighed in...haven't lost anything yet. I'm doing the points system, tracking online w/ the WW tracking tool. Even though I haven't lost any weight (yet), it's somehow a good feeling to just, at least, stay the same and not gain! I figure my thyroid disease has a little to do with it, so I started walking last night to try and get moving. I put "V" in a backpack carrier and my youngest DD and I went on an hour-long trek to a playground---there had to be an incentive for her! It was so nice outside and lots of people were taking a stroll, so it was very great. We agreed we'd do it again on all the nights that it wasn't raining.

I'm still packing, if you can believe it. How the heck did we accumulate all this "stuff?" When we moved in here, the house was EMPTY and we thought we'd NEVER fill it up! Well, we managed to, I guess.

Anyway, I have another real estate agent coming to look at the place tomorrow at 11. She wants to see it before it is on the market. I am interested to hear what she says. The market here is steady, so I am very thankful for that!

(((((((HUGGLES))))) and SMOOCHIES to all!

I'll read, catch up,and post later tonight!

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Wodka~I might have had it at a restaurant--it seems like I have & liked it. It sounds good. Olives & olive oil are so good for you. I'm thinking that in my research lately I came across something that said they help prevent cancer but don't quote me b/c I'm not quite certain. ;-)

Ever have one of those days when you would lose your head if...well, this has been one of those for me. I have meant to ask a QOD a couple of times now for today so now I'm finally getting it. It comes from something I saw on tv about the tornadoes. They were only letting them get ONE thing & asked:

QOD: If you could only get one of your belongings, what would it be?

QOD: For me that would be hard b/c if my wedding rings aren't on my hands...why wouldn't they be? I'd want to get them. (Some people were looking for theirs.) I think that I would go for a picture of someone but if I were really in the situation, would I look for something like important papers? I'm interested to see your answers! You always have such insight! Patti

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When I posted, I noticed Patti posted at the same time, so I'll answer the QOD real quickly:

-Me: I'd take my bag. It has my ID, credit cards, debit card, check book, medical cards for all of us, foster license, club membership cards, and gift cards in it.

-DH: The server. We have everything on computer-documents, photos, the works. He'd grab that before he'd grab

After the California fires last year, I made a list of stuff I'd want to take in case of an evacuation. I thought I'd put all the stuff & documents (birth certs, passports, etc) in one tote and keep it in the closet by the door, just in case. Yeah, right...the road to he11 is paved with good intentions....and here I sit...on the computer...

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Hi all,

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Hard treading water all the time! I should be thin as a rail before long!! HA,HA
I really cannot understand why it's so hard to get weight off when I am so active physically! Anyway, it is HARD.

QOD: Assuming Patti meant in the event of a fire - I would get my cats, take my purse, and my firebox and then I would hitch my trailer and put all my animals in it. Then I would have to pray that the chickens stayed safe in their house.

If you meant just randomly pick something - I have no idea!!
I really hope I never have to make such a choice.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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I'm back from the doctor's. I've lost 10 pounds.....even weighing with my shoes on. I'm so happy. Next Wednesday is my colonoscopy.

re: QOD: Unfortunately, we've been through this. We lost it all in Katrina, house, possessions, everything. Before Katrina, when we'd evacuate, I always took my family photos with me. My entire landing on the second floor of our house was filled with photos that spanned generations. For Katrina, we were evacuating to my husband's office and would be sharing space with others, so was not able to take as much as I wanted. So, I took the pictures down, wrapped them up and put them in an inner room (best I recall it was one of the bathtubs.) We took photos of the photos so if I had a home to come home to, I'd know exactly where to rehang each picture.

Trust me, I have a happy ending to this story. After Katrina, my husband searched and found an artist in Florida who took the photos of our photos and arranged them on a large canvas, so we were able to "save" the images, just not like we thought. The way she arranged them on the canvas, you would have thought she knew who belonged to who. It was a very touching moment when I saw it for the first time. It turned out beautifully, and other than medical and insurance records, it would be one of the first things we'd pack.

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Hi! I'm just quickly checking in. I made the drive to the Dallas area just fine and even got in a little shopping before the kids got home from work!

I won't be reading or posting much while I'm here, but I will catch up with everyone eventually.

I just discovered a wonderful new WW treat - their 2 point ice cream sandwich! My DDIL bought them for me on the way home from work today. Talk about delish! I'm so glad that I worked out before leaving town this morning as that covered the points. LOL

I hope everyone is doing well today. I'm bone tired, but having a wonderful time just being wth my oldest son and DDIL. Tomorrow I'll meet my sister and cousins for lunch in between appointments. Busy, but fun day!

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Wodka~Congrats on the #10! WTG!! That must make you feel so much better.

Milkdud~Glad that you made it. Have fun & enjoy yourself. Be careful on the road. See you when you have the time.

NH Suzanne~[[[[ H U G S ]]]]

Chicken Legs~[[[[ H U G S ]]]]

How 'bout a funny QOD? Buttons, snaps, zippers, or elastic? I don't know. Use your imagination--not you BJ, or you Dee, or you Rae, oh, how about on a pair of shorts? LOL (Just giving you goils a hard time, trying to liven it up around here.)

QOD: I don't like things to be tight on me. I like jeans & wear the regular kind with zipper & button but I can usually pull them up & down without using aforementioned aparatus. TMI? ROFL

What can we do to get more people posting? Is everyone just really, really busy right now? Patti :-)

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Patti, thanks. Yes, it does feel good, kind of inspires me to work a little harder, now that I know I can lose.

milkdud - I love those WW ice cream sandwiches, but need to buy more, because my husband is eating mine! I can't believe such a filling dessert only has 2 points.

Another bump in the road - we have a cheap refrigerator that we keep in the garage storage room to keep extra items. I had just bought groceries last week, so had about $75 worth of meat and WW/Lean Cuisine meals stashed there. The night before in my hurry to get a WW dessert, apparently I didn't shut the freezer tight and it all melted, we discovered yesterday afternoon. After my husband had fun teasing me about it, (I was on the verge of tears) he went to the grocery store and bought the same items (forgot the desserts, but that's okay) and refilled it.

QOD: I have not worn shorts in a long while (at my weight, you understand.) I was laughing this morning though at my redneck tan from working in the yard. It's bad enough that I have the shirt sleeve tan, but now I also have the capri's line mark. If I go to the beach anytime soon, I'll have to be spray tanned to look presentable. I don't think that's something I have to worry about anytime soon.

I bet a lot of people took advantage of Monday's holiday and went on vacation. I hope everyone has had a good week, so far.

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QOD: Zippers.---on my pants, coats, and BOOTS. I like 2 -10% spandex in all of the above as well. My calves are really steers and I need the extra stretch in my pants and boots. I like zippers because they are FAST... ;-)

I don't know about the others, but I have been busier than a one-armer wall paper hanger. Another agent is coming to peek at my house today. (small arg!)

Wodka: 10 pounds!!!! Holy Cow!!! CONGRATS---Keep up the great work!

I still have to read and catch up....

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Happy Thursday everyone!

QOD: Zippers, buttons, snaps, whatever holds up what I need holding up! You can't imagine how many snaps I require to hold up some things...LOL!! (hey Patti, you asked for it!)

Worked out last evening and got on the scale. Looks like I'm holding steady at 15 lbs down since early February. I'm really happy about it, and would like to lose another 5 pounds before I leave on vacation in July. Then, another 10 or 15 pounds before the end of the year. During 2009, I'd like to lose another 30 pounds, followed by a 30 pound loss in 2010. That still appears to be a realistic goal over the next 2 1/2 years. But I'll be older and it's just not east to slowing lose and keep them off, but I'm working at it.

Oh yeah, wish me luck. We are having dinner tonight at a NJ Diner. Try to stay within 15 points in a diner...not easy. I may opt for veggie burger topped with grilled onions, no roll with a house salad on the side.

Gotta run, as I have a problem running a report that is driving me a bit crazy....


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QOD - Zippers on pants, shorts, skirts. Mostly pullover tops - as buttons don't usually work well. I can't think of anything I own that is held up by elastic - but I have considered buying maternity clothes for the comfort LOL.

Dee - sounds like you had a good plan for the diner - did you stick with it. I usually get a caesar salad in places like that - I do know the dressings and croutons are not 100%. I think you have a very doable goal with all the determination you have.

BJ - busy here too! I hope all goes well with the realtor and you get that house on the market and SOLD.

Wodka - I have done the same thing with a refrig we have in the basement that I put all my surplus in. Sometimes the freezer door doesn't close tight. I feel your pain - but DH was sweet to replace all of the items.

Patti - I have very curvy wide hips and can't imagine being able to pull jeans off without unzipping LOL.

Milkdud - enjoy those ice cream sandwiches and your family.

make the best of your day

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Hello, hello, hello?


Only 2 more hours here and I can go grocery shopping and head home for the weekend.

QOD: Whacha doing this weekend?

QOD: We have some paperwork to go through this evening, and tomorrow night is a fancy Italian NJ wedding! (Raeanne, ya know what I mean?) I have about 3 evening dresses to try on tomorrow morning before I decide what I'll wear. Should be fun. We are driving with another couple so that 1 in 4 will be designated driver (most likely DH). Sunday we work around the house and maybe grill outside again...would love to see my stepdaughters, so I might ask them over if they are free.


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Happy Friday all!

It certainly is quiet here so I thought I better stop by and let my whereabouts be known!

Wodka, I read your post for the first time - Today is a new beginning (I hope). I barely have time to keep up with this thread let alone others. I was touched by your words and I think you have been steered into the right place. You must feel the love here by now. I think we have all had those low self esteem times in our lives. Keep coming back here and keep your chin up! This (weight loss) seems to be a lifelong process so try to enjoy the journey. Big squeezy hugs and Dee would say.

Dee, have fun at the wedding.

QOD: I have no preference for zipper or buttons EXCEPT in a shirt. NO buttons.

QOD: I hope to get my vegetable garden planted tonight as we are expecting rain. Yard work and planning my annuals tomorrow after the rain passes and riding both days.

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Well, the real estate agent I had over yesterday was SO nice. She said she really liked the house and we got along really well. So, my choice are narrowed to her and another lady. (There are mostly lady real estate agents in my area. In fact, no men have listed a house in this area in AGES.) Last night, I got an email from someone who was asking if my house was going on the market soon and then, this morning, I got a call from an agent who wants to preview it for a client. So she's coming on Tuesday. I'm ready to SELL and MOVE now!

Today, I had to clean, pack, and have a visit from "V"'s social worker. The visit went well and she wants him to move with us to the the rock, so it's looking very promising. Please light a candle and send a positive thought that he stay with us through our move. Love has nothing to do with this move wher ethe state is concerned. It's all about visitation for the mom (who has not been heard from since just before Easter! The S/W's supervisor has the final say.

Now, I'm off to pick up my DD (age 12) from school. She's been at a remote Eco-Camp this week--no communication, electronics, and no make-up! I wonder how it went! No doubt, she'll be re-working our house to make it "greener" now! After the move, I'm switching to cloth diapers. After NHSuzanne's info about them and my own reading, I am convinced it's the way to go!

Saturday will bring the community recycling effort, where we can take all of our hard-to-recycle stuff (like monitors, TVs, batteries, motor oil, paint, and stuff) to the church lot and drop them off! I'm making a pile of this stuff and loading it in my truck. Then it's off to the granite place to choose a "bundle" of granite for my new countertops. After that, choose a sink. Yesterday, I bought a new SS cooktop and SS dishwasher. Sunday, the new appliances will be delivered so they can be templated for the countertops on Tuesday. Oh! And prom is this weekend. No rest for the WICKED! lol.

Soon, we'll have picture of our home to post and then, hopefully, a SOLD sign will be in our yard! (Yet another candle, please.)

Sounds like EVERYONE is busy! That's great!

DeeMarie! I am very proud of your success on WW. I hope I can be JUST LIKE YOU! Right after this chocolate thumprint cookie, I'm going to get SERIOUS! :-)

I miss Besh and Marci and Gretchen and Donna, JEN, and Maddie and of course, everyone's secret boyfriend, John...where are you guys?

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nhsuzanne, thank you. Today marks the 25th day of my new and improved lifestyle, and I can't believe how much better I feel than the day I wrote those first words.

I do feel welcome here, (thanks, everyone!) and enjoy reading your posts. I hope as days pass, I'm able to contribute more here.

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Good Saturday morning!

I have purposely avoided the internet this last week and tried to be active instead of vegging in front of the computer screen. I finished weeding, planting and mulching my flower and herb gardens. The preschool is packed up and put away for another year and my pile for GoodWill grows by the minute. I am getting ready to paint my DD's old room and make new drapes and rethink my wall decor in there. I hated to remake the room last year, as I was having a hard time with her move to LA and didn't want her to feel like I was waving goodbye with one hand and painting over her old life with the other. But enough time has passed and I am resigned to the fact that she isn't coming home and it's time to move on. I still want to keep the room as a guest room, but I just want to put my own stamp on it.

I will have to read to catch up on what is going on with everyone. I did see that the Saratoga get-together was postponed. Hope you guys get to reschedule soon. I was looking forward to hearing about your antics (oops, I mean visit) and some seeing some pictures.

I am trying to keep my eating on an even keel. Keeping busy is the key for me. And wise shopping. I stocked up on produce and fresh fruit and have tried to rethink my definition of "snack" food. But I have been craving crunchy things lately and haven't been very successful. Tomorrow is always a new chance to start over and I am determined to get back on track. So I am cleaning out kitchen cupboards today and taking stock of my inventory. I need some new recipes to spark my creativity. I am dusting off my George Foreman grill and we are getting a new gas grill soon.

QOD - What is your favorite meal on the grill?? Recipes welcome!

Have a great day!

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Hi Marci and welcome back!

QOD: I love plain fish on the grill. Tuna with lime and fresh cilantro, or salmon with fresh dill and lemon. I also place some sliced pineapple on the grill next to the fish. You can also do a bottled asian marinade (go light on it and place fish in ziplock bag to marinate). Brush a bit of the same marinade on the pineapple. We also do corn or a baked sweet potato side with that along with green salad (don't forget your greens!).

I've got to get ready for the wedding. Need to paint my toes and do something interesting with my hair. I decided on a 3-piece navy evening outfit...pants, shell, and see-through long top with navy sparkles and beading on the shell/top. Very comfortable and flowing. Dropped the idea of a fancy dress as we are expecting hail storms, strong winds, and heavy rain. The bride is supposed to get married in the garden of this restaurant before the cocktail hour and dinner, but I don't think that's going to happen....not sure where they will put 200 guests for the ceremony.

Make this weekend count!

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Marci!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Glad you popped in! Missed you like CRAZY, GF!

Packing up a classroom...I helped my kid's kinder teacher do that once. LOTS of stuff, but really fun! Now my senior DD is looking for volunteer hours and I told her to help pack up classrooms for teachers. She's pretty great at packing

QOD: Grilling....I'm grilling on my good ole charcoal grill tonight. I love charcoal---the taste---I know it's bad for you, but for me, it's a guilty pleasure! I am grilling Kalbi-marinated beef kabobs, sweet-spice rub chicken thighs, skewered purple and white onions, green & yellow peppers, yellow & zuchinni squash. Once I "light the fire," I like to do a couple of days meals on there.

Re-doing rooms is a fun project! I've re-done a few now that I'm staging the house for sale. My kids move in and out so much that they just put up with me going in their rooms and taking over. When they start paying rent, they can have their own decor! (JK!)

I think I'm going to change my weigh-in day to Friday, so I can use my bonus piont for the weekends and stay "straight" all week. I'm keeping a very low inventory of food since I'm moving. The fridge is full of veggies though...mostly salads.

DeeMarie~ Your outfit sounds devine! I wish them a wnderful wedding-where ever it is!

My DD just left for prom and she had the nails, the hair dye, the extensions, up-do, the fake eyelashes, the long-red-carpet-style dress and the works. Her BF was wearing a tux and they looked stellar! My credit card melted in the process...girls and their dances= $$$.

Okay, gotta go. Have a nice night. I'm goign to watch a Shakespeare movie with DH (dear-this week).

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Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Day! Finally I was first.

Marci - glad to hear you have been accomplishing a lot already with your precious time off.

BJ - good to hear DH is a dear this weekend.

wodka - congrats on a great start on your journey.

QOD - Weekend plans were Friday night out to dinner with friends, last night was out to dinner with other friends - same restaurant, the funny thing was we met our friends from the night before - yes, it is that good you can go 2 nights in a row. Today, laying low and doing laundry, housework, possibly a ride on the boat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Happy Sunday...!

Instead of watching Shakespeare, we watched an episode of the "old" Charlie's Angels series. We were laughing about how dramatic the actors were...entertaining though.

Choose the granite yesterday---the warehouse experience was interesting. I have to choose a faucet tomorrow---boring.

Today, like Raeanne, is laundry, housework, sans the boat ride. I might put some stuff on FreeCycle and see if I get any bites.

Tomorrow I have a class from 11 till 4, so "V" will have his first babysitter. YIPES! But I have to take the class to keep my license, so off I go.

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Happy SUNDAY! rabbit, rabbit

The wedding was really lots of fun. I ate way way too much fried calamari, but was really good otherwise. Danced with DH (slow only), and then just jumped onto the dancefloor for some disco crazy stuff with the young folks. Hoping I worked off a bit of the fried calamari.

Gotta go through some more paperwork now, while DH gets his brand new, super duper, power washer to work. He's going to try it out on our smaller deck first before we tackle the large deck (and take all the furniture and grill off it). Both decks are long overdue for powerwash and stain. Have I said how much I miss my condo? lol!!

Breakfast was Trader Joe's multi-grain pancakes; prepared with 1/3 of the fat and fresh gorgeous blueberries. Only 4 points!

Gonna go switch laundry and get moving.

[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS to all who need them today]]]]]]]]]]


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Dee - I'm glad you had great time at the wedding. DH powerwashed our deck and it looks brand new. He even powerwashed the deck furniture - which I though looked clean but couldn't believe the difference. Men and their toys.

BJ - Shakespeare to Charlies Angels LOL. I don't think anyone watched Charlie's Angels for the acting LOL. We went and picked our granite out from the manufacturer warehouse too. It was fun, until we had to go back to find out they gave our slab away accidently. It worked out for the best as we like the piece we got better and the funniest part is they gave it to a friend of our's so we get to visit it LOL. I bet V will handle the babysitter better than you LOL.

Stripped 2 of the beds to prepare for June company. Most of the laundry is done, all the vacuuming, decluttering kitchen and my art "studio" (upstairs hallway).

Enjoy YOUR day.

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