Tinkerbell card fits White 3300?

cherylsegalDecember 8, 2004


I'm new here, and have been searching the messages, but cannot find the answer to this question...Does anyone who has the White 3300 machine also have the Disney Brother/Tinkerbell card, and does it work with it? I have asked a few vendors who sell the card and they all say NO, it won't, it works only with Brother machines. Can anyone please clarify for me? Thanks, in advance.

Cheryl in Maine

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The card is question only works on a Brother machine because it is a Brother design card that can only be used on any Brother machine model ending in D for Disney.

I have a PE-150 and would love to use some of these designs and can't because I don't have a Disney machine or use a lot of Disney designs that would qualify purchasing a D machine.

You are not the only one that is frustrated with Brother and their marketing strategy of dedicating certain machines to only use a Disney card instead of sharing the wealth for users of other machines.

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I have the Tinkerbell card but never knew it wouldn't work on another machine. I do know I can't save an edited design with disney in my machine to a floppy...only to my machine.

I thought the Tinkerbell was PES & would sew in any machine that used a PES format. Live & learn.

I paid over $100 for that card 2 years ago thinking my great nieces would want something off it. I have not used it yet.Makes me sick to think about it.

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I can use the White cards in my Brother 150.

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You can use the White cards or any other card but the dedicated Brother Disney on a PE-150 or .pes based machine.

Brother will get smart one of these days and share the designs on a .pes format other than a Brother D machine.

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Disney has put out a "Taste of Dinsey" card that will work in the none Disney Brother machines. I have it, it has about 26 designs I think.I'm not sure if that one would work in the babylock or white machines or if it still much be a Brother, even if it isn't a Disney machine

I saw the small Disney machine (180D??) at Wal-Mart last week for $470 if I remember right. Some of you with young kids might want to consider it, then you could use all the Disney cards.

To be honest though, I've sewn out a few of the designs on the "Taste of Disney" card, and I was really not that impressed with the digitizing. I see much better designs done by individual designers all over the internet.

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Ihave seen Tinkerbell designs done by individual designers on e-bay that can be transferred to a magic box or an Ultimate Box or similar card and placed in your machine. I love Tinkerbell don't give up!

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