Disaster Supply Kits

jacksparAugust 26, 2008

Gather water, food and emergency supplies to last at least three days--longer is better. You probably already have most of the items on the list below. The trick is gathering them in one area and packing them so that items are easy to transport.

Rubbermaid and other similar manufacturers make plastic, seal able containers in many sizes and shapes, some with carrying handles that make them easy to transport. Clean trash containers with tight-fitting lids are another choice. Find a variety of container sizes that you can pack into your car in a short time if necessary.



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also, remember to rotate out water and canned foods every few months with fresh supply!

and don't forget to stick an old hand operated can opener. electric models do no good if power is out!

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Remember to include a change of clothes, prescription medicines and at least some cash. Here in earthquake country you must assume that power and water supplies can be significantly disrupted. We keep our containers outside of the house (in case it collapses).

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Yes, the cash thing is vital (have had that problem) because local stores' registers run on electricity and they can't make change for you otherwise (presuming their power is out too).

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