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deemarie5500May 19, 2008

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week!!

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Can we all hold some really good thoughts (and send up pr@yers) for Maddie this week? Appears as though she can use it! thanks

Foodwise, I'm glad last week is over. I start counting WW points on Monday mornings, so this is a fresh new week for me. I have a short business trip over Wed/Thur but I think I can hold it together as we are a health-minded corp.


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Maddie~Good thoughts & prayers for you this week & always.

Would everyone join me in wishing some SUNSHINE for NJ Donna today? TIA

QOD: Let's pretend. You have 2 weeks leisure. NO expectations from anyone!! What will you do with your 2 weeks? LOL

I have to think...will be back. Patti ;-)

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Maddie - BJ is right, can you move? I know it is much easier said than done, but this is very serious stuff. (((((HUGS))))), sending positive vibes and prayers your way.

I will join Patti and send some Sunshine out to Donna.

QOD - I would make a dent in my "to be read" pile of books, paint, kayak, hang out on the boat, hike and shoot some photos. Can we make it a month?

It has been cold since yesterday and is suppose to remain this way until near the end of the week, brrrrrr. We may even see frost tonight.

Suzanne - For the last 3 or 4 years we have a pair of ducks that make their way to our bird feeder for a few weeks in the spring. It is so funny to see them, as we have no real source of water less than 1/2 mile. When they take off they head towards the lake, I really enjoy their presence each day. The male talks to me when I come out to feed them, the female isn't quite as friendly. I know that ducks take new mates but I have a feeling the male is the same guy for the last few years.

I have a ton of work, so need to get back to it.


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QOD: Truthfully, I'd go to Las Vegas...all by myself.
-Crack of dawn hiking, biking, and climbing in Red Rock Canyon.
-Volunteering for the conservation crew on a few mornings, picking trash up and grooming trails.
-Afternoons, out of the hot blazing sun, spent at the clubs in town, where they play all the nighttime shows at reduced prices.
-Or driving around the outskirts of L.V., checking out he small mining towns that have a rich history and interesting townspeople.
-Nighttime would be used to check out a variety of unique restaurants and any shows that weren't playing during the day.
-Late night strolls down the main drag to watch people, and visit the exteriors and interiors of all of the fantastically themed hotels and hot spots.
-And SLEEP?---did I mention SLEEP?

I miss doing these things on my own time and my own schedule. I haven't done anything like that in 33 years.

(((HUGS to MADDIE and NJ DONNA))) Pop in and stay sane!

WW going okay, I think. Will know more when I weigh in on Wednesday!

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Rock Canyon

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This is my QOD, my 2 weeks, my fantasy, right?? LOL Get ready GOILS & JOHN! We are having a get-together! All of us. We can start with 1 week so that we have a week to do whatever else we want but you know how 1 week turns into 2 & I'm thinking that it will. A girl can dream, huh?

Raeanne~I've been meaning to tell you, I think that I have worked my way pretty close to where you are in regards to life attitude. It isn't that I don't care particularly. It is that life is so short & that I can't change things & don't have time to waste on trivial I getting it?

As Aubrey says, "Peace" sounds so cute from her.

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*SUNSHINE* to DonnaNJ!


QOD: I would spend a full week on my home. There are so many small projects that never seem to get completed. If I had a full week where I could spend 4-6 hours a day getting those off my mind, I would be in heaven! The second week would be spent at the get-together. If that wasn't a possibility, I would spend it at home, reading on the deck, watching old chick flicks, and experimenting with cooking.

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Hi Everyone,
yesterday was Victoria Day in Canada. We spent our day just chilling out and watching TV. Nice change.

Maddie - I join the list hoping you can just move out of there asap. you don't need this at all.

Wodka, I too have read the thread on the injection diet - I don't understand what the needles do and if you just followed the 'diet' would you not lose the same weight? It sounds horrible, like a starvation diet. I could not do it.

QOD: I'd love to go to one of those post card pictured blue water beaches - oh and while I'm dreaming, I'd have a bikini body too (not in this lifetime), long blonde hair and I'd enjoy the beach. But there would also have to be historical stuff to see and craft markets, sidewalk cafes, outdoor music all washed over with tropical breezes.

Rain is forecast for this week so I'm packing rain gear today.

I've been on maintenance the last month and holding well. Debating on whether or not to target another pound or just hold - it's hard to do the weight loss when I running around gardens because I either forget to eat (lose track of time) or I get super hungry some days from the physical work.

I keep having a thought of doing a spread sheet of everyone in our group so I can get to know you better because I am horrible at remembering details sometimes - under each name I was going to put state/prov, any family details, life comments (story line), interests - from perusing old threads. Would anyone be interested if I did this? I just would like to know everyone better. Have no idea when I will get this done but it's been on my mind for some time.

Time to get shaking my fanny - finish the dishes, pack my gear and head out to weed a garden downtown to start - rooftop garden, really peaceful.

Make today a day worth living. Breathe, stop and notice something small, remember you deserve the right to take care of yourself. Join me in putting your best foot forward, smile - we're in this together!


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Good morning.

I am not going to linger, because it is going to be a hot one today - a high expected of 90, so I'm going to go water my flowers and then come in and do the dreaded housework.

Reading about the hcg/injection diet reminds me of one I was on back in the 80's. I won't name the name (I'm pretty sure they went out of business), but it was one of those very restrictive diet plans, that included peeing on a pee stick thing to see if you were in ketosis or not, and also buying a lot of their pre-packaged meals. I lost a lot of weight very quickly. I remember even bringing my own foods when I went home to visit family. Once my parents came to visit us, and my dad had purchased some gorgeous steaks for us, and I refused to eat it. It hurt his feelings, but I was so obsessed about losing weight. That same evening, after cleaning the kitchen, I looked down and noticed my wedding ring was missing! I was so thin, it had slipped off without me even noticing it. Hours later, after going through our trash bags in the dumpster, I found it. I am 5'6 and got down to 112, which was too skinny for me, but I thought it was just great at the time. Even the "nurse" at the weight loss clinic warned me about getting too thin. My backbone was clearly visible all the way down, and I still thought I looked good. It still scares me to think I thought that was healthy.

Needless to say, the weight loss was temporary - it's impossible and not much fun to live with such restrictions. So, my years of yo-yo dieting continued, until now. I'm determined to make my lifestyle healthier, and after 15 days, I definitely feel better. I know the weight loss will come, but it's not an obsession as it has been in the past. (Still haven't bought scales yet.)

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and safe day. Thanks for listening.

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Good sunny Tuesday morning! It's already 81 here and climbing to 91! Raeanne, I'll trade you a few of those cold degrees for some of my hot ones. :)

Weighed in at my meeting last night. I've hit a plateau and stayed the same. Well, at least I hadn't gained. Is that the right attitude to have?

Maddie, I've been sending out good vibes for you and Rog and the other good neighbors in your building to stay safe. I talked to my son about this situation on Sunday. He agreed with whoever said that you need to report them when you notice activity and a stronger smell than normal and have the cops pay a "courtesy call" on them. Timing is everything!

I had a great time with my DGDs and ate healthy because I took my "legal" foods. I did have 6 dark chocolate peanut M&M's that they were giving as samples at Sam's on Sunday. I knew that if I didn't go ahead and treat myself to those few that I'd end up going off the deep end later in the day. I stayed on task afterwards, so it worked!

The crawfish was messily fun. I did retain a lot of fluid from the salty boil mix and drank tons of water the rest of the weekend, but it was all worth it. So good and a real treat.

I took yesterday off from working out to just go ahead and be sick with this cold and get on with my life today, so I'm heading out to the center to work out now.

Wishing everybody a safe and happy day!

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Dave is going back to the dr. tomorrow. He's still feeling lousy.

Milkdud~I'm glad that you have such a great attitude about maintaining your weight and that you allowed yourself a treat. Since this is a lifestyle change, you have to be prepared to do this for life & cannot deprive yourself of every little thing. It sounds like you are really doing good.

McPeg~I saw on the calendar yesterday that it was Victoria Day & thought of you. I didn't know what Canadians did to celebrate if anything. Glad that you had a day to chill out.

Wodka~I don't think that I have gotten down to that low of weight but I have been that extreme about my eating & it ruined my metabolism. I've learned that it isn't the way for my body for a fact.

I'm thinking that McPeg had a pretty good idea & that we should all drop in on Amy for our little get-together! LOL Won't she be surprised??

Dee~I felt horrible yesterday & didn't realize until almost bedtime that I hadn't taken my medicine including my b/p medicine. Oops!

Where is everyone this week?

QOD: How about if we name something good about where we live as well as something not so good??

QOD: The scenery in FL is beautiful & the weather is nice if you don't like cooler weather. However, it will be hurricane season in a week & I miss flowers that need cooler weather to grow ie. crocuses, irises, lilacs, etc. I guess that it is just kind of a trade off. It certainly is nice not to have to run a heater during the winter! And, most of the time we don't have to run the a/c in the winter either.

Have a great day & please join in...Patti :-)

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QOD: If it exists in the world, you can probably find it within 20 miles of NE New, restaurants, entertainment--24 hours a day; plus we get the best skyline views of NYC. However, we are the most densely populated state with the most congested highways, and outrageous property taxes (e.g., my neighbor pays $26,000 a year!)

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Back from working out and grocery shopping. I also got to meet our new next-door neighbors before leaving. They seem very nice.

QOD: We don't need to turn on the heat very often during the winter because we only get a few really cold days here and there and this house is well-insulated.

We are close to Houston and all its amenities, an hour from the beaches, an hour from my son and DGDs and more good shopping. We have great seafood around here. Lots of humidity which keeps my skin from drying out and looking old and pruney. (yeah, right!!!)

Good question, Patti! Now I'm taking my cold drink and the morning paper out to the front porch and sit under my new ceiling fan and enjoy being outdoors (and in the shade since it's already 92 degrees out!).

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the sunshine yesterday - I got it and appreciated it. Thank you all for thinking of me yesterday - it's been a tough week approaching this date. I'm glad it's behind us now.

Maddie, hugs, thoughts and prayers for you and Rog. What a terrible, dangerous situation to be living in.

Dee, what a shame about your niece's prom on that rainy night, ugh. I hope she enjoyed herself in spite of it,

QOD: The beach and marshlands, I just love them. We are close to Philly and NYC. On the flip side like Dee says we are congested and I have the added fun of tourists (see the good thing about the beach)and property taxes are ridiculous. NJ is the most expensive state and we just had a property re-eval, oh joy when they compute those figures.

I really have to catch up and read everything.

I just wanted to jump in and say thank you for being there for me!!


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NH Suzanne~I wanted to come back & post to you b/c I've been thinking this all day & forgot to post earlier so I'm thinking probabilities are high that I'll forget again. LOL How often do you sell eggs? Do you know most of the people that you sell to or are they mostly strangers? I decided that you should put, "Get FRESH here!" ROFL Honestly, I can't believe Beej didn't think of it first!

Donna~I'm glad that is behind you now too. How is your Mom?

Milkdud~That's a pretty good list of pluses there. Had you ever thought about it before? I know that you are beginning to settle in there now.

Raeanne~Where are you chicky?

Dee~My oldest DS lives in NJ so hopefully I'll get to come visit him one of these days!

KK...just wanted to bend NH Suzy Q's ear a sec. Nighty night! Patti :-]

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Hi Guys!

After 2 days of HOT sun, it's pouring rain again here. "V" and I are drove to DD's college today, delivering stuff to her. She rented a storage bin for the summer, so I am happy I won't have to move her stuff to and from college next year! She gets a little more independent, year by year.

DD2 is going to live with her BF this summer before college. We'll see how that goes! She moving out just after graduation.

McPeg~ I don't know how to say this, so I'll just express my opinion in a straightforward manner. I rather not have a spreadsheet of information about everyone here. Although I dearly love my sisters and bro here, I feel like that is too invasive. Going back over the threads and gathering personal info feels, to me, like a PI checking up on me. One of the things about the day-to-day of this is that I can vent and then it's gone. I come to this thread in the moment-for sanctuary-sometimes, and whatever I write is sometimes very personal... Part of "me" ---wild chicken---is that I can express myself opening without inhibition here. But THATs sometimes not the all-the-time me. The mere thought of someone putting all those details on one sheet bothers me deeply for some emotional reason. No offense, but if I knew my "stuff" was being stored on someone's computer, I think I'd be more careful about what I say here---and that I'd lose the connection of total honesty.

That being said, I am not against some sort of a questionnaire about general likes and dislikes, where we're all from, and a little blurb of background. We've done that before.

Hope this didn't come across the wrong way!!!, but I have strong feelings where emotional privacy is concerned. Some people might ask, "Then why are you posting in the INTERNET?" To which I will answer, because, HERE, from one week to the next, the thread is re-born and so are our attitudes, lives, opinions, and love for each other.


The good: Lots of ROADS to drive on-I love driving! A body of WATER is every direction and easy to get to! Lots of BEACHES and beach-combing---and lots of cool rocks. Lots of LITTLE AIRPORTS and LOTS of LITTLE AIRPLANES. And 3 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS! Lots of STORES so you can buy anything you want!

The bad: RAIN, rain, rain, wet, wet, wet. MEGA traffic jams. Men who need to get BRAIN transplants! And too many stores so everyone has a TON of STUFF!

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Hello all,

It's my day off and I just wanted to stop in and say hello and catch up a little bit.

First of all Donna (((HUGS))) to you and your family. The first year is really hard and I am happy that it is behind you now.

Maddie, please,please stay safe. I can't stop thinking about you and the situation you are in. I don't think I can offer any more than what has been said already, but know that my thoughts are with you and Rog and the other good families in your building.

Patti, I hope Dave is feeling better. Thinking of you guys too!

McPeg, I have to agree with BJ. While I think it is nice that you want to know everyone better, I also am uncomfortable having information about me and others on a spread sheet. Alot of us have been posting here for many many years and that is why we know each other so well. I think that you are still fairly new to this thread and over time you will remember the things that you think are important about each of us. Over time we will also know more about you. You are a wonderful asset to this thread and I hope to get to know you better.

Dee, how is the point counting going?? I also start every Monday morning with good intentions, but by about Wednesday my enthusiasm wanes!

BJ, my DS and DIL lived together for about a year before the wedding. I know that your DD is younger, but I think it is a good learning experience. Is she going away to school in the fall? If so, at least if the living arrangements don't work out, there is an end in sight!

QOD: The good thing about living here is that I am still close to my family (except DS & DIL ;-(); I love my yard; I am very close to the ocean; Salem has lots to offer as far as entertainment, shopping and history; it is comfortable. The bad thing, is DS & DIL are not here, and those of you that know me will not be surprised by this answer: TOURISTS, especially in October!

QOD - Two weeks to myself, well I like Dee's answer and I would stay at home for a week and get everything I could possibly get done, done! The second week, I would make a point catch up with people that I never seem to get to see, go out to lunch, dinner and movies. Take in a museum and read at least 2 books!

Got a million things to do today. I want to buy some flowers before they are all gone!


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MOrning everyone,

thanks for your input - I will forget the idea on a spreadsheet. The last thing I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable here. I will just be more attentive to the present so I don't stick my foot in my mouth! LOL Sorry for any upset and thank you for letting me know your concerns.

QOD: We have many green belt areas to enjoy the city and related activities to get out doors. Very multicultural. Easy to get around since we are not a huge place but like many cities the roads are too congested at rush hour and weekends. For pedestrians you really need to spin your head and pay attention.

Yesterday was a hoot. Not only worked on garden beds, got to go with the boss to a huge garden center and purchase plants for myself to bring home after work (got a drive home) while the choices are still good. It was a bonus day. I don't work for salary, I work for plants!

It's going to a balmy 54 degrees today with some rain so I am gearing up for the day with warm clothing. I actually have to do heavy watering in the gardens - the rain is not enough right now. Hopefully there will not be a ton to do late in the day - I need to catch up on a few chores.

Stepped on the scales and 2 pounds have crept back on which are destined to go back to their origin as far as I'm concerned. I know part was a day of indulgence on the weekend (beer and good food) - which my maintenance takes care of by paying attention and eating the right sized portions, fruit and veggies (which I loaded the fridge with fresh this week). Also packing my lunch is another help since downtown food has many hidden dangers and can become an expensive bad habit.

In 10 days we are forecast to be in proper summer weather, these cools days this week are abnormal but not bad for heavy labour jobs.

Have a fantastic day today. Take care of yourself, don't starve in any sense - slow down when you eat and enjoy your meal. Put that fork down and just chew. Stop your world and breathe during meal time or snacks otherwise you'll forget you've eaten and look for more!

You are worth the time today - so take it!


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Thanks, McPeg. Much obliged for your understanding.

Here's some data for you about me:
Names I answer to: "BJ", "Beege", "Hey, you!", "Wench"
Age: 45
Weight: 173.4, currenting enrolled on Weight Watchers Online, with one week under my belt
City: Greater Seattle
Current: Foster Mom, House Stager
Past: pilot, embalmer/funeral director, entertainer & lots of other short-lived jobs
Odd hobbies:
Skydiving (but haven't in a while), Took race car driving school and kicked the boys' @sses on the track, Collecting LARGE rocks I think are cool looking, Bouldering.
Normal hobbies:
Flying Airplanes, Trying to Lose Weight, Reading news, designing Ceramic Masks (lately), and Buying Plants (one of each variety until I have every kind in the world), Hiking and Climbing, Kayaking...and Driving-I LOVE DRIVING!
Kids: 4 bio, 1 foster, sometimes more ( I accept kids newborn to 5 years old and medically fragile children)
Kids ages: DD:19, DD:17, DD:12, DD; 10, FosterDS: 1
Married: Very
Divorced: I've had my share (2)
Ride: Big gas-guzzling truck, which I am not proud and will replace soon with something less planet-stamping. (I still use plastic nappies for my foster kids, but will switch to cloth once I move at the end of June)
Big Question To Self: Why exactly are we here on earth?
Biggest Asset: My ego. har har.


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Good Wednesday all,

Trying to get caught up here. Lots going on.

Maddie, please take the advice you have been given here. Report what you suspect. That is the most insidious drug in the entire universe and you may be in great danger. Your report is confidential always. Please let us know how you are.

Donna, hugs. May 13th was a significant anniversary for me. 20 years since my youngest sister committed suicide. I cannot even imagine that much time has passed. I cant picture her 20 years older in my mind.

Things have been tough here. DSS is at it again. Not working the program in his halfway house and is no doubt using drugs and alcohol again. We got more devastating news last night and needless to say we haven't slept much. Just another day in the life of DSS sucking the very life out of us. Enough is enough. This kid is on his own, whatever his choice is. Huge sigh of disgust!

Also, had to put my dear Speckled Sussex hen Sophie down this morning. I have been nursing her since Saturday and she was just getting weaker and so we ended her suffering. Thank GOD Mark was home to help me. Like all my animal tragedies I would not trade the joy they have brought for this sadness right now.

Patti, I like your "Get Fresh" logo! Really cute. I have a few customers and they are coming to me now by word of mouth. This probably sounds silly to some people (Dee, lol!) but I consider each and every little egg a precious gift, jewel if you will!

Besh, I hope you buy some flowers somewhere! I can't believe it's Memorial day already!

McPeg, a spread sheet sounds like alot of work. I think if you just stay with us that we will imprint ourselves on you.

BJ, you would probably die of boredom in my neck of the woods! We are lucky to get a loaf of fresh bread in my town!! LOL But we can get freshly baked home made bread on Saturday morning at the Farmers Market!

Milkdud, sounds like things are really going your way where you live and I am happy to read about it.

Wodka, chin up and don't get discouraged. It appears that this is a life-long battle for us all.

Dee, what exactly does one get back for a $26,000 property tax bill? Holy S//T

QOD: If I had 2 weeks? I would welcome 2 weeks without a single thought or worry about DSS. Other than that I would love to spend it at home with my husband, animals and finishing the myriad of projects that we want to get done.

QOD: I could write volumes about the good things about where I live. I am fortunate enough to live in a very small, rural town where folks still care enough about each other to wave if you are going by or say hello to a perfect stranger. The beauty that surrounds me here is a place that lot's of people come to vacation. Fortunately, most those people share my interest in nature and the environment and are respectful of Mother Earth so it does not seem like a tourist trap. Far from it. It's more like a nature retreat.

The only bad thing that I can really say about it is that it is truly a bug mecca here. But the ying and yang of that is that the bugs are here because it's a healthy, thriving environment with lots and lots of water that is teaming with wildlife and terra fauna. It truly is a paradise in spite of the bugs!

I had a lovely ride with Sweet Pea this morning. One of those perfect rides where we are communicating perfectly. She must know I need to just enjoy her. We came out of the woods this morning onto the dead end of a dirt road. There were two does standing together in the road. Normally, they would take off at the sight or sound of us but they didn't. Sweet Pea was walking gingerly right towards them like she was going to say hello ( knowing her she probably was) we got very close before they moved off! They didn't bound off they just walked off. I suspect they know Sweet Pea! Seriously.

Have a good day all.

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Hello again! Not working after all today - everyone's schedules are so tight with work it was not possible to get the gear delivered to my destination downtown today, however tomorrow I am helping plant up/decorate a huge conference/entertainment ballroom which is attached to a shopping mall...indoor creative work so that will be fun. Expect to be planting garden beds on Friday. Soooooo today I just got back from a nearby home building store (blew over $200...) with a new curtain rod to finish the living room redecoration, a ton of new electric outlets - noticed a few are not in good shape in this house, including one to go by the kitchen sink under the new code with the GFI/surge protector so you don't electricute yourself if something falls into a wet sink...I'm paranoid because I'm clutzy at times and got grass seed, a spreader, new fangled weed puller that you step on (back yard is way too much work), stain for some planters and of course...

more plants.

I walked there and back (I have a trolley). Once the debit is processed on the bank statement and Dave sees it, I hope it's when I'm out working ... teee heeee. He does not at all like letting me lose in those places - I could easily empty the store.

I did not know who BJ was, so thanks for the update. A little more on myself:

Married 10 years, together 14.
No kids except a cat.
All the kids in my family were adopted and I found my birth family but I have not built a relationship with them.
Career highlights: ex-military (adminstrator) 11 years, office manager/executive assistant, project coordinator, computer networking at a junior level (I know enough to cause serious I returned to office work), last 5 years I have been off on stress leave 3 times for prolonged periods hence the reason I now work part time gardening.
I have lived in Ontario, Manitoba and Scotland during my life so far.
House is almost mortgage free, we are planning to sell next spring/summer and move on to next phase in our lives - build a house in the country which in itself is a whole new chapter for another day.
I love to read, quilt, craft, garden. Enjoy walking for exercise and gardening.
Creative, empathetic, organized, vivid imagination, learning to let go of stressors.
Crappy sleeper all my life.
Enjoy surfing the internet.
5'3", curvy, super short toes, small hands, short fingers, big mouth sometimes.
Presently on 3rd year of weight loss/life style journey, down from 167 to 140-143. Would love to get the last 10 pounds off but when I'm ready. Enjoying this forum immensely and working on maintaining right now, focusing on eating better, slowing down and just breathing. Very slow at weight loss which suits me just fine. I appreciate sharing my journey with yours - so we can all be here for each other.
45 years old, pisces with a scorpion moon sign - found this and doesn't it just pin me down!

12-8 Pisces/Scorpio
The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very emotional and sensitive personality. Will power and the intensity of intuitive perceptions are the key feature of your nature. You possess a strong, fixed and determined personality, though inwardly you are less firm and decisive. Keen senses and acute powers of observation favor success in along investigative and research lines. Personal qualities of persistence, determination and courage add stability to your nature. Emotional express is strong and dramatic, and you are not afraid to display your feelings in a public manner at times. You demand a lot of life and get it, so long as you don't let temperament get the best of you. Once you set your mind to something, you possess the energy and will to reach your objective. Your possibilities are enhanced by deep intuitive perceptions, hunches, feelings or impressions about things and situations. You keep your ideas and plan secret and in this sense you are very reserved. In relationships, you are too intense, often to possessive, and too prone to extremes in moods and feelings. Emotions can create major problems in your life or prove to the main spring of your vitality and strength in obtaining your objectives.

Emotions cause problems in my life - now there's a no brainer!

Enjoy your day - I'm going to cut down cedars for yard waste pickup tomorrow!


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McPeg~When is your birthday? We have a couple other pisces here.

NH Suzanne~I need to E-mail you. I'm sorry that I hadn't already. I know to listen to my inner self by now.

Besh~I'm so glad that you had a day off.

BJ~I had forgotten about you doing the embalming for some reason! LOL Thanks for the reminder.

QOD: Do you have a special way that you have learned to relax?

QOD: I used to be able to get out & drive or walk & just think by myself. That isn't as easy now as it used to be. Now, I busy myself with craft projects. It seems to get my mind on other things.

The dr. told Dave that he needs to have bloodwork done to see why his immune system isn't working right. They are supposed to do that tomorrow. Oh, I do have some pertinent news that I heard on tv last night. Did you know that the restaurants only have to get the calorie count & fat count accurate to within 20%? Our local news tested Chili's, Taco Bell, Macaroni Grill, Applebee's, & Cheesecake Factory. Only Macaroni Grill & Cheesecake Factory had information that was even close to accurate. I thought that it was important to let you know that they don't have to be as accurate as you would think. (They said that was the national protocol.) And now you know...

Ciao! Patti :-)

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DonnaNJ; missed you and glad to see you back and a bit better. :-)

Besh, I am counting points and it's very painful sometimes! haha I was at an off-site meeting for 2 days and the buffet eating can drive you down the road to chubbyville. I decided to check out of the hotel early this morning (without their breakfast). I had packed an apple which I ate on the way to the office. Once here, I bought a whole grain bagel with light cream cheese. Back into meetings until about 1pm here. Since I was not home, I could not pack my 6-point lunch; however, I noticed on the cafe menu that today they offer chicken cesear salad with no-fat dressing option.

QOD: Wish I had a foolproof way to relax. I try my best, but I've always been like this which has never helped my hypertension. My major problem is that when I cut back on my needs to do everything (and perfectly), I get the old guilt. Working on this, but it's a struggle.

[[[[[[[[[Suzanne & DH]]]]]]]]] I feel so awful for you both. It's so frustrating to live witht he fact that we cannot make people change. We all want to 'fix' our family members whom we believe are broken. Unfortunately, those members often are so caught up in their lives that they don't feel broken to the outside world. Good luck and rest easy with your decisions girlfriend.

BTW, I love you all dearly, but you will not get me to put down my weight in writing for all to see. Not now; maybe someday, so hang in there with me. LOL!

Hello to Marci, Jen, Maddie, Gretchen, Amy, Joanne, Milkdud, Patti, Dave--feel better, John, magickitty, and those of you whom I've forgotten again!

OK, gotta run to the Lecture Hall for more exciting presentations about how we all need to practice "Flexible Globality" (absolutely not kidding about that topic)! [sigh].

Bring on the 3-day weekend!


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This is purely a self-motivated QOD:

What do you do for your face, i.e. what products do you use on it? Do you use soap, cream, night cream, botox, lol, etc.

QOD: I've been using "Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial cleaner w/bursting beads" for about a year b/c just about everyone in my family uses it of all ages. However, my face itches something awful. I still deal with minor break-outs from time to time. I'm just wondering what else I should do. Any suggestions? TIA

I'll check back in later. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a great day! Patti :-)

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TO THE SARATOGA FOUR: Are we still on for next Thursday, May 29th? I need to protect my calendar so that no one drops in a meeting!

QOD: Are you ready for this Patti? Since I was 10 years old, I've used petroleum jelly (vasoline!) each and every night to remove my makeup and as a night cream. Rarely, if ever, had a problem with blemishes. During the day I use various (extremely light) lifting creams (whatever is on sale), but it's not a ritual. I use a washcloth with cold water in the morning to scrub off remaining vasoline before I put on makeup and/or that light lifting cream.

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Dee~I was ready for that. It is really interesting. I'm thinking that I may be having a reaction to the environment right now. My forehead has been itching like crazy for the past 3 days. I know it sounds crazy. LOL

I thought that I didn't have anything to say earlier but I forgot to say that I lost another #2.

John~I wanted to let you know that I'm interested in what you do for your skin too b/c I'm not a big make-up type of person. And, this really does apply to everyone, right?

Has everyone already started their long weekend?

Marci~What is going on with you?

Raeanne~Are you on vacation or something?

Hmmm...Dee, we might be talking to ourselves...looking around to see if anyone is lurking in the dark...

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Good afternoon! It's hot and overcast. More of the same for the long weekend.

Suzanne, I feel so much pain for you and your dh. My youngest son put me through the wringer when he was in his teens, and it was a huge issue between my then-h and me. I hope and pray that he gets help and you and your dh find strength.

McPeg, I'll gladly give you a few pertinent facts about myself. I'm a Virgo, 61 in late August, the mom of two grown and married sons, MIL to two lovely women both of whom are named Amanda! I'm "Mimi" to 2 precious DGDs, and stepmother to 3 grown kids. My husband and I have been married for 10 years next week. I'm a native Texan who moved back to SE Texas, the Houston area, last August, for my husband's job. I have been a preschool teacher in the past, but now I'm just footloose and fancy-free, decorating the new house and working out and doing Weight Watchers/Core plan. This is the first time in over 20 years that I've stayed on a healthy eating plan for more than a month, and with the loss of 2 more pounds, I will reach the lowest I've been in over 20 years also!

I treated myself to a pedicure this afternoon after working out very hard today. I had to come see how y'all were, but then I'm going to sneak in a nap.

Oh, yes: QOD: I've always used Avon products for cleansing and moisturizing since I was in my early 30's. Sometimes I'll try a line that just doesn't agree with me, but for the most part, I love using their products.

Have a good evening!

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NHSuzanne~ HUGGSIES to you for your younger sis, your DSS, and Sophie. What a week! I felt so happy when you said you got to go for a Sweet Pea ride and she connected with you. What a blessing!

McPeg! Nice to "meet" the real you! Thanks for posting all that!

Milkdud: Ditto about posting personal info. It is good to get to know one another.

Raeanne! If I have to keep hollering to get you to post, I'm a-gonna wear out my lungs. What in tarnation have you been up to that keep you away from us-ins?

Besh- A few posts ago, you mentioned that you don't weigh yourself because it either makes you cocky or brings you into bad eating habits. I can totally relate to that---just sayin'!

Dee: I went a week on Core Plan, but didn't lose, didn't gain, so this week I am on the Points system. I like it better for some reason. I think it's more accurate for me! Have fun on Thursday with the gals! ...And the only reason I typed my weight is to scare myself into staying on track....I went to get my new driver's license and told them my actual weight too---25 pounds MORE than what I told them the LAST time I got a license. The counter girl looked at me funny and said, "No one says their REAL weight..." And I said, "Well, I have to this year..." "Okay, what---EVER..." was the response. I had a good chuckle over that.

Hey, I ran into an old friend of mine at a school event tonight. I haven't seen him in about a year. The guy has lost 90 pounds! I didn't recognize him! He looks amazing and he said all he did was decide to walk an hour after dinner each night---EVERY night. Amazing what some people are capable of once they set their mind to it, really.

Well, I gotta get to bed. At night, I'm reading The Lobster Chronicles and enjoying it.

QOD: Good question, Patti! Lemmee see...I wash my face with Autograf brand Dare to Wear Black on my face in the shower. Although it is a shampoo, I don't use it on my hair, but it works great on my face. Then I use Lubriderm Daily Moisture (for normal to dry skin) on my face before I apply my makeup...or use it alone if I don't feel like wearing makeup. It's not greasy and moisturizes really well.

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Good morning.

Yesterday was a good day. Still haven't weighed (I agree with Besh, plus just haven't bought a new scale), but I was able to wear a pair of capri jeans yesterday that are a size smaller than what I normally wear, so that's a good sign. Today is my 18th day of new lifestyle.

I'm playing around with an exercise ball, using it mostly in stretching and leg lifts, but it's so much easier on my old body.

Personals: I'm a Leo (will be 58 in August)
Occupation: Homemaker - just moved into a new home last November, after losing everything in Katrina. Love the new home, but miss my old friends and neighbors, who all moved away.

One husband, going on 37 years of marriage (anniversary also August. I turned 21 and married in the same year, 1971. Gosh, were we young or what?) No kids, but best aunt that a niece or nephew could ask for.

Old jobs: AT&T (was South Central Bell/BellSouth when I worked for them - almost 19 years.) Director of Fund Development for a non-profit - loved that job. Very hard work, but very rewarding.

I wash my face with a mild soap and water, then use Oil of Olay Total Effects moisturizer during the day, but use something a little heavier at night. Under eye cream varies, right now it's Neutrogena, but am open to suggestions if anyone has a better one to recommend.

wild chicken, I'm doing WW points (unofficially, still have my old info from last time I joined) and I find it works better for me than core. I need the structure and discipline of writing it down. Also, I use's nutrition tracker, so I can also see the calories and how balanced my diet is each day.

Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend....

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My points have been so "off" this week that I've decided to scrap it and start over today. I may have another look and start with yesterday (THursday) because I can save the week after a bad weekend, right? Last night was a last-minute invitation by MIL to dinner at her home....aka carb-central. Everything she makes is soooooo...European, but I do it for DH, and even he knows I'm uncomfortable trying to mentally count my points. I need to leave it aside and not stress over it.

Have a great weekend!

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I used a lot of points last night too, DeeMarie! I don't know, I was just munching out of emotional emptiness, I guess. But I ate low point stuff---just lots of it! lol.

Wodka: Thanks for sharing about yourself! I love reading what everyone's about! I use the WW Online Beta Points Tracker. I love it---so easy to tell where I'm at and what I have left to "spend."

I am just hoping to see the scale go down on Wednesday. I am going to Costco today and see if they have a Wii yet. I have been trying to find one since December and now I want to try out the NEW Wii FIT! Maybe I can do it with the kids! Wish me luck! I need some easy way to get exercise that is HOME-based!

Hoping to finish packing rest of the stuff that's visible in the house today. Then I'll start on the cupboards, closets, and the like. Arg. I really hate moving. I need to adopt a gypsy lifestyle like I had in my 20's, where I could pick up and move quickly! Of course, I had the fear of commitment thing going then too! Hmmmmm....

Well, gotta fly! Check in everyone, and tell us what you're doing for the holiday!

(I'm staying home. Too much to do and 2 b-day parties my kids are attending.)

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Hey, Hey, Hey! Remember Fat Albert? LOL I'm just 1/2 of him so you can call me, "Al". ROFL

Well, I'll tell about myself.

Name: Patti
Age: 50
Weight: 187, I think I told b/c I wanted to let Wodka know that we aren't all model thin when she first started, I've been here since 1999 & don't think I've said before??
State: FL
Occupation: I had to retire from USPS b/c of disability
Hobbies: Reading, Scrapbooking, Cross Stitching, Grandkids & not in this order! LOL
Kids: 2 bio, 1 step, 2 ? just call them mine; 4 Grandkids
Kids ages: 37, 35, 29, 25, 25 DGKs ages: 7, 3, 2, 21 mo.
Married: Very Dave & I married in 1995. He's a keeper!!
Divorced: Twice (Love & leave 'em, NOT!)

BJ~What is your book about? It sounds interesting.

Wodka~Glad to see you still posting.

Milkdud~I'm glad you treated yourself to a pedicure!

Dave said something about renting a movie & grilling out this weekend. We'll see if he honestly feels up to it or not. I can always find something to do. :-)

Please check in. Patti

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I am back and I have missed all of you. It has just been one of those crazy weeks. Too much work and too much play.

Here's my story.
Pisces, 54 years old, married 31 years this September, 2 daughters ages 27 (in San Diego) & 25 (in Manhattan), and a 14 year old dog. Transplanted to the Adirondacks 16 years ago from Staten Island.

My past life's have included interviewer for Welfare recipients NYC Dept of Social Services, Graphic Designer for NYC Dept of Social Services, Executive Administrative Asst for VP of huge Management Consultant firm in NYC, Pre-School Teacher, no title at my current job - I just do a little (sometimes a lot) of everything - at a real estate office for the last 15 years. Graphic Designer was my favorite job - even though the deadlines were always yesterday.

Hobbies - painting, kayaking, hiking, photography, traveling.

Been coming here since 2000 (I think)

I am 5'2" and curvy (lots of my weight goes south) stopped weighing in because it was driving me crazy. I would be very happy with dropping 20 lbs. I pretty much follow the Carb Addicts woe (at least when I am being good). I work out with a trainer 3 times a week (only 2 times in the summer) the other days I try to at least get in a good cardio workout.

I think that is all that is fit to print!

Good to meet our newcomers and be reintroduced to our oldtimers.

QOD - I use all Jurlique products for my face. I use a liquid face cleanser, no creams at night. During the day I use their hydrating lotion, eye cream, neck serum and moisturizing cream - how is that for a regiment! I don't know if it really helps, but it feels good and smells fantastic. They are made from herbs and flowers grown on a farm in Australia. It is expensive, but they last an extremely long time and the gym I belong to offers their members a big discount on the products. I think I have been using them for about 3 years. I just added the neck serum and eye cream this year though - probably waited a little too long, haha.

I am having another art show this weekend - I had to hang my work at the gallery on Thursday and then I had to be at the gallery yesterday after work. Today I will just make a quick appearance and then tomorrow the Resort is letting a small group of us do a show there. DD#2 came home last night and we would love to get some boat time in. Heading out to dinner tonight and to a neighbors house tomorrow (although I am already thinking I may pass on that).

BJ - sounds like you are making real progress with the big move! I don't know how you do it all.

Patti - that is a good sign that Dave is talking about those things - I hope he was up to, but tell him not to push himself too much.

Dee/Suzanne/Donna - are we still on for this week? If so, save some points for at least a glass of wine LOL.

Suzanne - (((((HUGS)))) I am so sorry that DSS keeps slipping up. I know it must be very hard on you and the entire family. You have been extremely patient and supportive - so don't be hard on yourself.

Looks like I made up for lost time here. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hi there!

What a glorious weekend so far. The weather here is perfect!

(((Suzanne))) I'm sorry. I know how much you guys have hurt over DSS. Stay strong. I am so sorry about Sophie too. What a great loss to you and your farm.

Ok, here is me in a nutshell: I will be 51 in July (Cancer, although I always wished I was born the next day so I would be a Leo, as I hate the word cancer), will be celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss in December. My DH, Roger is a wonderful guy and makes me laugh. I have 2 sons (24, married and living in VA; 17, a junior in high school), ofcourse 1 DIL (that I adore). I also have 1 yellow lab named Zoe and a black cat named Maggie and DS has a lizard named Jeff. I am currently a Patient Service Rep for a large Ob/Gyn practice. My former careers include a dental assistant; office manager for the Salem Chamber of Commerce; bookkeeper; librarian and I was once a mall Easter Bunny! DH and I have a boat and love to go fishing and cruising (although this summer at $4.25 a gallon on the water we will be doing alot of sitting at the dock or the mooring.) I also love to decorate, garden, read, buy and sell on eBay and entertain. My life is pretty simple and I am very happy with that. I have been posting here for a long time (1999 maybe???)and have made some wonderful lifelong friends here!.

Got to run. DS just called and needs a ride! Have a wonderful weekend. Get out and move!


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This is when I could let my emotions rule and I eat everything in the house or pour myself a big glass of chardonnay.

Instead I will vent here while I drink my diet green tea. Most of you know we lost our home and everything else in hurricane Katrina. We used just about all of our resources and then some to build a new home, that we just moved into in November. It's been a rough, expensive journey, but we are so happy to have our own home again. Or so we thought.

We have two hvac units - one downstairs and one upstairs. The upstairs is where my husband has his computer/personal office, balcony and big tv. Today, for the third time since we moved in, it stopped working. On a Saturday, holiday weekend. I've called the homebuilder because the repair people are idiots and he's been acting as the go between for us. All they do is come out and badmouth the company (Lennox, which I thought was pretty reputable brand.) The unit is only 7 months old, and we've been having trouble for the last two months.

I guess I should be grateful that we didn't go out of town or that we didn't have weekend guests. We've been through so much worse I don't know why this should be bothering me, but it does.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Now that I've typed this, hopefully it will keep me from roaming the kitchen.

Happy Memorial Day.....

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Wodka - It is because of that long expensive journey that this is upsetting you so. You have had your share and it isn't a lot to expect that things work properly at this point. I am glad you came here to vent instead of the pantry LOL. Hang in there as this to shall pass.

I am catching a little lunch break at work - couldn't eat much this late as we are going out to dinner.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!

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Wodka - I meant to ask if you can contact Lennox directly, if you haven't already?

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raeanne, thanks for understanding....the appliance guy called a few minutes ago and spoke with my husband and said they would have their #1 mechanic out on Monday to check it out for us. My husband has off on Monday and he won't take any bull from them, so that will be good. (Wonder why they didn't send the #1 guy the first time we had trouble?)

Just as I was calming back down, I checked the mail and we received a bill for $145 from these jerks for their last visit, for labor and adding a hard start kit (that apparently wasn't the solution to the problem.) The homebuilder has already told us not to pay it, as if we would even consider doing so.

If this isn't resolved on Monday, we will most likely be contacting Lennox, either directly or through our homebuilder.

Thanks for listening. Just had some grapes, so still "in control." ha.

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Wodka~So glad that you came here. When Dave & I got married & moved into his home we were forced to replace the a/c unit. I talked him into getting a warranty. The day before it expired the unit went out & we had to use it. I'm thinking ours was a Lennox too. (We were in TX.) We were blessed to know the guy that we bought the unit from. He went to our church & had a great reputation.

Raeanne~I gave your message to Dave. He did fix burgers & corn on the cob. He said that he was beat & wasn't doing anything else then talked about going to the laundromat. That's when I put my foot down. LOL It will have to wait until another day. It won't get up & walk away, today anyway. Good luck on your sales! That's thrilling!!

Besh~DS, DDIL, & DGD just got a golden puppy. His name is Roman & they are calling him "Romo". Yep, Tony. Ha, Ha. He is really a good puppy just big, clumsy at this stage, & chewing on everything, but SO cute.

Dave got a watermelon today. I hope that it's good. I haven't had one in a while. He is talking about having smoothies in the a.m. Remember those? We haven't had those in a long time either.

Well, I really should get some more work done. Have a great Memorial Day everyone! Patti :-0

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Patti, sounds like you and Dave are having a wonderful day....good for you.

Re: the ac unit. It's barely 7 months old, this is a brand new house, and we have a year warranty on it. That's another reason I was so frustrated. We were planning on getting an extended warranty when the year is up, but don't want to have it with these appliance people, if I can help it. We'll see how Monday goes.

I think we're going to grill out, too. I found some steaks in the freezer. Husband is going to have french fries, I'm going to try baking a sweet potato.

Worked hard in the yard today. Again, the frustration of a new house is a new yard. They used zoysia grass for ours, and it is so slow in growing and turning green. We have more weeds than we do grass, so I get a very good workout bending over and pulling up stubborn weeds. We have a guy who takes care of the yard and he's testing a small part of the yard with weed killer, because he doesn't want to kill the grass before it really gets rooted.

And to add to the merriment, we have, of all things, a rabbit (apparently a large one by the size of his "gifts" that he leaves us each evening in our front yard.) I wasn't sure if it was a rabbit but the yard guy said he could tell by the berries that were present....yeck.

Are y'all sure y'all want me in your group??!! I promise to stop the whining and enjoy the rest of this weekend.

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Hey, Wodka! I'm so sorry that y'all are having a problem with your unit. This is NOT the weather or time for problems! I always have to deal with repairmen, and wish that my husband could be here to talk to them instead of me because I'm sure he'd get better results. Hopefully, you will, too, on Monday! And just remember that friends listen well to the good and the bad!

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Wodka~I just read today & we bought & are going to try it:

use a mixture of vinegar & water on weeds. I'm not sure about the strength. It is something that isn't harmful to children or animals or the environment so that was a plus as far as I was concerned. The bottle of vinegar, gallon, is still sitting there though. LOL

I didn't know if we would go ahead & post on this thread on Monday since it is a holiday or start another one. I thought that I would post a weekend QOD & let it be good through Tuesday.

QOW: If you could remodel one room in your home, what would it be?

QOW: I think we would do the kitchen, simply b/c the one in this apt. is so tiny that 2 people cannot get into it. I was thinking earlier today, that is the reason that Dave & I both no longer cook, besides I can no longer lift the pans. I just hadn't stopped to realize.

I thought that this was kind of neat:

Going Green--Kitchen Remodel:

Most kitchens are the center of energy use in the average home besides being a place where people like to congregate.

Before you remodel your kitchen, think about these renewable, eco-friendly resources:

*Bamboo is known to be strong and durable. It is lightweight in comparison. It can grow up to 2 feet per day and can be harvested every 4 years. An oak tree takes 120 years to mature. Bamboo forests are natural habitats for the Giant Panda but the bamboo harvested for building purposes is cultivated separately. Bamboo can be used for flooring, countertops, furniture, and other kitchen accessories.

*Cork comes from the cork oak tree. It is the only tree whose bark regenerates after each harvest. The trees are unharmed from harvest and can be harvested every 9 years. It is popular for its softness and resiliency. Cork flooring is easier on the legs and back especially if you are on your feet. It is an excellent thermal insulator. It's perfect for keeping energy costs down. If you use cork flooring, be sure to use a proper sealant to waterproof the surface.

*Marmoleum is named for a marble-coated linoleum. It will change the image of the cheap, poorly made, plasticky material from the outdated kitchens of the past. It uses ingredients including cork, linseed oil, and pine rosins & is 100% biodegradable. Marmoleum is excellent to use in a home with allergy concerns as it is easy to clean, very durable, comes in a variety of fun colors and shapes.

*Recycled Glass is used by some artists for plates, bowls, cups, and other kitchen necessities. It can be used for decorating as recycled glass tile such as multicolored large tiles or tiny pieces for mosiacs. Recycled glass can also be used in the bathroom.

*Appliances--How long has it been since you have replaces your microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, freezer, stove, or dishwasher? Many companies have changed their policies and overall makeup of appliances to make them more energy efficient.

*Eating green no longer means you have to eat your spinach! Eating green means picking out organic foods.

These are just a few things to consider if you are looking to remodel your kitchen and want to conserve energy at the same time. I don't think I really knew or considered any of them except for changing appliances. And my parents put up a cork blackboard on 1/2 of a whole wall in the kitchen when I was in high school. It was pretty neat b/c they could post everything that they wanted there: ie, chores, grades, schedules, pictures, appointments, etc.

Well, I'm off again.

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Wodka - I am glad they are sending the top guy and your DH will be home that day. Sounds like you may finally be making progress. You can whine whenever you feel like it - we all do LOL.

Patti - thanks for the tips. I never heard of the marmoleum - very interesting.

QOW - Our home is only 7 years old, but I know exactly the room that I would do. It is our master bath. It isn't large and I wouldn't even change the size, I just want it to have a little wow factor. We put in a jetted tub that I dreamt of soaking in all the time but never do, so I would pull that out and put in a very luxurious shower. I would streamline the vanity and mirror most of one wall to make the room look larger. Throw in some stylish glass tile and I will be happy. We are going to do this, just not sure when.

Enjoy your day!

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Good Sunday afternoon, Raeanne and any others peeking in later! It's warm, 88 F., and sunny here. We're finally doing our spring-cleaning (yes, I know summer's almost here, but I'm a procrastinator! LOL). Hubby's daughter is driving here from MS, and will probably be here around later dinner-time, 7 to 8'ish, so dinner will be shrimp kebabs and baked potato chips and salad since we don't like to eat heavily late.

Tomorrow's cookout will be well-marinated Delmonico steaks that H bought last night. I plan to grill veggies out there, too, so we'll be eating healthy.

Wodka, I hope you're having a better day today.

QOD: This house is only 9 months old and freshly decorated, but if I could redo one room, it would probably be the backporch and include a patio or deck. The patio cost just isn't in our budget for this year, but I'd really love one. We have a healthy bunch of St. Augustine grass that would need to be removed to a bald spot way at the back, then prepping for a patio/deck, and it's so darned hot, hubby is too busy, and I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do, so it probably won't be this summer. All we've done to the backporch so far is add a ceiling fan. Not much, huh?

I love when I have company coming because I always undertake projects I've put off forever! Today, I finally hemmed 2 curtain panels that have bugged me for months now. We've also steam-cleaned carpets and I'm going to mop the tile floors when I finish my salad and this novelette! LOL

My new next-door-neighbor wants me to help her decorate her new home when I get back from Dallas. I'm so excited to get to do that. She likes my decor and has purchased all new furniture which is pretty bland (according to her), so we're starting with a blank slate. Fun, fun! Nothing like getting to shop and it's not your money!

Well, ladies (and John if you're here!), I have to finish lunch and get everything finished so that I can start prepping for dinner. I hope everyone's having a truly restful and peaceful weekend.

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milkdud, yes, it's a good day today. Had fun talking long distance to my 83 year old mom, who's so funny and so full of life. Then talked to one of my sisters, who lives in DC. She is starting WW tomorrow, they have a group meeting at her work, which I always thought would be so nice. She said she needs to lose 17 pounds. I bit the bullet and told her what I weighed and she literally gasped. Of course, she said that I didn't look it, and she never would have guessed it, which is what sweet sisters say. And how because of everything we went through lately (Katrina, etc.) it's no wonder. Well, that all SOUNDS good, and God knows I used that excuse for a long time, but a lot of people went through Katrina and worse times, and they didn't balloon up like me....

Where is MS does your step-daughter live? My husband and I are originally from Jackson, but have lived here on the Miss. Gulf Coast for a while now.

It's hot here, too. 87 with heat index of 96. My poor husband keeps going up to his unairconditioned "man space" and comes down soaking wet. Tomorrow can't come soon enough for him!

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Hey, Wodka! She's living in Vicksburg, her hometown, for now. She's got to take a couple of science courses this summer in Raymond before starting nursing school in the fall. One of her brothers lives in Brandon. I lived in Vicksburg for about 3 years before moving back to Texas. Didn't miss that town.

Stay cool and check in daily! I'm glad your sister was so sweet and good to you on the phone. Makes a huge difference, doesn't it, when you've got family support!

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Don't have much time except to say HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Thanks to all who have served my beloved Country and made the big, the small, and the ultimate sacrifice.

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