Stained table top

katie7bAugust 30, 2002

Help! The rubber pads on the bottom of a small fountain left dark stains on my ash table top. The wood is a pale blond color and just has some sort of a polyurethane sealer on it. What can I do to get rid of these stains? So far, I haven't done anything to remove the stains, other than try to rub them off with a damp cloth. Needless to say, that didn't work. I'd really appreciate some suggestions on what to do.

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Try pledge wipes;
if that doesn't work, try a soft abrasive like bakingsoda and water.

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Are the marks caused by dampness from the fountain, or were the pads always dry?
How long was the fountain sitting on the table, for months/years, or only a few hours?

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Yeah....what ranchhand asked...
And baking soda is not a soft abrasive, it's quite harsh. Try a little soft scrub on a Q-tip....very gently.
Linda C

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I would reccommend softscrub w/bleach--you may damage the finish--but it's trashed already as it is. I have had quite a bit of success w/Softscrp and a soft cloth.


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