Did Turning Off Vampires Ruin TV?

red50June 26, 2009

Does turning off all the power to the TV & computers damage them in any way? For about a year now, I have been turning off all the electronics in the house, thinking to save power. So, am I being penny wise, but pound foolish?

The picture on my 13 year old Toshiba model #CF27E50 has been going from dim to totally dark for a couple of months, finally last weekend, it stayed dark. Is this a problem that is easy to fix? Or worth the cost?

Thanks in advance, Joyce

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It sounds like a picture tube is failing. It is the right age for one to wear out. Not worth fixing.

No, turning off power doesn't harm the products.

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Yea, You need to get the picture tube changed.

BTW, What do you mean by turning off ( I don't understand, cos you need to turn off the devices if not using. It's not like you need to keep the power on 24 hours a day)?

Also, Do you shut down your computer properly before turning the power switch off?

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