separate forum for hand embroidery?

Molly AdamsDecember 17, 2013

anyone else think this would be a good idea? machine embroidery is a totally different subject. i don't do machine embroidery and would like a forum that actually addresses what i do! just a thought...

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I would like that also....

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Molly Adams

hey db, good to see there's someone out there. what kind of embroidery do you do? i like redwork and simple embroidery in homey type motifs.

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Right now I am working on some t towels for my granddaughter... I know people don't use them now days like they used to but thought maybe some day they would bring back some good memories of me for her. I am doing the 7 days a week of a kitten pattern and making the kittens a dark orange, the same color as her orange tabby cat. My Granny got me started embroidering when I was about 13, she made t towels out of flour sack, stamped the patterns on. I remember having the best time embroidering with her and how proud I was of them. I still have them. I go back and forth between embroidery and crocheting with thread, making more things that people don't use anymore... lol...

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did a separate hand embroidery forum ever get established? I don't see one.

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You might contact GardenWeb via the link at the bottom of the page (in the gray area, second column, "Contact Us") & ask for such a forum.

or maybe they could sort of subdivide this forum;
when I cllicked on it, I was surprised to see that it was all about machine embroidery.

I too learned embroidery when I was a teen, & I still like the old patterns-
days of the week
Sunbonnet Sue


Best luck!

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I love the old, stamped patterns - can't do the tiny cross stitch that are pre-stamped, etc. I have several vintage patterns and tons of thread. Would anyone be interested in trading patterns and/or thread?

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Surprised too it's just machine emb
Maybe crossstitch forum?
That's emb.

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I'm a little bummed too at how much machine embroidery there is and how little hand embroidery. Maybe hand embroidery is just a bit too labor intensive for a lot of people now that there's machines for it.

I do blackwork, redwork, and whitework. Crosstitch. Printed patterns. I design and do monograms, particularly for handkerchiefs. Bullion work and other metallic work for things like trims, embroidered beadwork. Jacobean work and Assisi.

Most of this stuff just does not translate to machine work.

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lola8325 zone5KS

It would be nice if there was a "Hand Sewing" or "Hand Stitching" or "Hand Embroidery" forum. (Or "Sewing by Hand", "Stitching by hand" or "Embroidery by Hand" or.... )

I've hand embellished allot of crazy quilt patch seams and patches with some fancy embroidery combination stitches. I find stitching by hand to be very enjoyable and relaxing and addictive.

Some of the folks on the quilting forum hand stitch their quilts.

Maybe we could always say "Hand Embroidery _____ " when we have something to say or need advice.


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