very very small flies in the basement

hjbyunAugust 19, 2006

I'm finding very very small flies in my basement. The ones I find are mostly dead. So far I've found about 20 and have killed about 10. Never had these until about two weeks ago.

I am scared to death what this might mean. I have seen these flies in two instances before. First was at my parents house where a sewer pipe cracked leading out from the bathroom. The waste water was collecting under the house. We had these flies infest the house for about a year until the pipes were fixed (we found the pipe issue during the remodel). Did not realize they were connected.

Second was at my friends house mile down the street. He had to vacuum up a lot of these dead flies and couldn't figure out where they were coming from. He was refinishing his basement when he discovered that the kitchen waste water pipe had pretty much rotted away. It was draining into the soil. Once the pipe was fixed, the fly problem went away.

I redid my basement including digging the foundation to add a new bathroom in March of 06. But I have only seen these flies for the past two weeks. I am worried what it might mean.

Any suggestions?

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Sniff around? Look for the place they are most concentrated? Identify the kind of flies. If they are small flies, are they really the kind of flies attracted to sewage or waste? Maybe they are fruit flies? Maybe something died?

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how often do you use the bath downstairs sometimes the
water in the p -traps evaporates and the flies come up from the sewer
keep adding water to the sink and shower once ever month to insure no flies.Just turn water on to thiese items for 2 to 4 seconds this will fill trap up again

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Check for a floor drain and fill that trap also.

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sounds like drain flies. do the flies just hang on the wall and are easy to kill?? i had them too when i had drain problems. after it was fixed an extermiator told me to fill a bucket with very hot water with a cup of bleach.
the eggs live in the sewage goo in the pipes.

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I had this same problem many years ago and it was related to a sewer pipe that busted under my house. All of the answers point to the same thing. Do you have a sewer or septic system?

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Hi I live in a basement I keep finding these flies but the weird thing is they stay grounded crawling but they are black with wings very small what can I do to get rid of them or tell me what they can be .

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Five years ago, mnk716 told you what to do!

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