Any safe appetite suppressants?

tiamariaMay 6, 2007

Hello, this is my first post.

First let me say that I'm asking this because I have a lazy streak. I don't like exercising. It is very boring to me and so I never stick with it.

I recently lost 8 pounds and have put it all back on.

I can't seem to get back into the diet. I eat constantly.

I start out great and by 3:00pm it's all over.

If there was an appetite suppressant out there that was safe I could curb these insatiable cravings.

I recently ordered a product advertised and it did nothing at all. I thought it made me hungrier. I sent it back.

My cravings are of course for carbs. and sugar. I'll pick on prezels but really want potatoe chips. I don't have cookies in the house or I'd eat them. I don't have chocolate in the house either. But I will eat a diet ice cream bar for an afternoon snack to curb my cravings.

I'm sorry about the above info. I thought it would be helpful to give a glimpse into my bad eating patterns.

I started reading the labels of the products at the pharmacy and the caffeine was a deal killer. But I thought if I cut out the coffee in the morning and took a diet supplement instead it wouldn't keep me up at night.

The products advertised sound so promising. One I started to think about was Medisystem by Judy Singer. Anyone try that and have success?

I hope there is something out there because my willpower is non-existant.


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A friend of mine was told this by his doctor when he was trying to lose 700 lb. Mix sugar free jello and put in some metamucile *sp*. Drink this if you feel hungry or wait till it has set up and eat it. It is supposed to give you a feeling of fullness and a little bit of fiber never hurts. The doctor also said to have some before you eat to help "fill" you up. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I think I will try that.

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Note of Caution: Be very sure to have water next to you if you try that jello/metamucil combo. There have been choking cases reported. Follow with plenty of water...that should fill you up too!

Be well.

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Thanks for the warning. This diet trick is sounding pretty unappetizing, and helping me realize the beauty of self-discipline.
My hearfelt congratulations to anyone out there that has conquered it. I hope that doesn't sound sarcastic.

I was hoping there was a good diet pill out there but I guess not.


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I use an appetite suppresant called Snack Defense, it is very effective. I use it with a weightlose program. You can find it at youcanbetteryourbody com or at youcanbetteryourbodymall com.

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Look for Alli in the stores very soon. It's the first FDA-approved over-the-counter diet drug that has a great safety profile.

I heard that Costcos will sell it for much less than pharmacies.

Good luck!

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I get starving and exhausted around 3pm every day. I found having either a turkey or peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread satisfies my hunger and I end up eating much less the rest of the day. Good luck.

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I wish I knew, I have the appetite of a small horse and ZERO energy :-(

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Don't bother with appetite suppressants. You probably eat for other reasons besides hunger. Suppressing your appetite won't get rid of the psychological/emotional desires to eat.

Learn to fill up on high fiber grains, fruits & veggies with good quality proteins & lots of water. Schedule small snacks throughout the day too.

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I know of one that is GUARANTEED to work...I've tried it myself. Take a picture of yourself NAKED and tape it up in the kitchen or put it in your wallet to see when you reach for money to pay for junky food. Failing that....water works wonders.

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Cinnamon gum is a great appetite suppressant. Big Red is the best. The original flavor Dentyne works well too.

The heat in these chewing gums deaden the feeling in the back of your tongue, supressing taste buds, destroying a better part of appetite in the process.

And you still get to chew, chew, chew---relieving stress and tricking the brain.

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Thanks for the replies. There are so many diet remedies on the market I thought something had to be safe.

I like the suggestion of the sandwich at 3:00. That is a great idea! I'll feel like I ate something and it won't be junk food.


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TM, fiber helps fill you up and I've found the best fiber in an herb called glucomannan. I just started using it and have drastically reduced my intake quite a bit. I just have to remember to take it at least a half hour before eating. It seems to make me feel full better than metamucil. I drink lots of water with both. Late evening, I take it if I feel hungry, since I eat dinner around 4 pm and bedtime is after 11. I eat a piece of fruit afterwards or a small glass of milk or V8 if I remember but I find I am not craving munchies like before. I can't go to bed hungry and this has helped me the most. Flax meal is supposed to help also but it's not as convenient as this glucomannan. It's a little hard to find but some health food stores may carry it. My daughter takes Alli but and she says it helps because it absorbs fat and you may get the runs if you eat too much fat. That's why that works. Glucomannan is supposed to absorb fat and carbs. I like it because it makes me feel full. It is also known as konjac root, I believe.

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I feel so bad I haven't responded to the suggestions posted by all. I had to laugh over kickypants' suggestion about the naked picture. All I have to do is conjure up that image and if that doesn't work I don't know what will. I just have to remember to do it!

I've had the busiest summer and stressful transition of sending my 2nd off to college who wasn't adjusting well and had to cope with a hazing event. All of this while having the worst PMS of my life. Needless to say, I gain a pound every day. I loose three and gain four back. I think I have to starve myself which I hate because then my metabolism shuts down for a while and my stomach never stops growling. What has happened to me? Is it menopause?
I've got to get a handle on this because the PMS is so bad I think I need to go on an anti-depressant and that makes you gain 10lbs in a heartbeat.

I started walking and bicycling but I've been too busy to be consistent.

I like the idea of the fiber but oh how I wish there was a way to take a safe pill. Starving myself is not going to work.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Sorry I'm whining today.


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Terrapots, I looked up this supplement and have posted an interesting link for all below. Thanks for sharing it.

I guess there are no easy ways to lose weight. Just cut back the calories sensibly and exercise as much as you can even if it's for only 10 minutes. Every little bit helps.

tiamaria, I have been fighting the "middle age spread" for several years. Menopause can cause a real thickening of the waist and also your metabolism to slow down so you really have to focus and work at it. Try walking for 10 minutes a day and really watching your portions. Eat small little meals throughout the day to stave off hunger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glucomannan

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haveyou tried homemade smoothies i recently bought a smoothie maker (not that expensive) its great they fill you up for ages plus your getting your recommended fruit intake which gives you energy, also try eating your meals on a smaller plate it tricks your mind into thinking there is more food than there actually is (sounds nuts but it worked for me)remember you have to keep eating to keep your metabolism going so keep things handy like a fruit salad made the night before is good to have in the fridge so you can pickat it when you like water biscuits are also great with hummus get the same crunch as you do with eating crisps (potatoe chips) but only 14 cals per biscuit

i know it sounds easy to say but if you really stick with it healthy eating becomes a habbit as your body adjusts to it
good luck

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I am on "fem tight" got it a Walgreens. Check the reviews.
Like they say stick with it kinda makes you feel kinda yuk for a while. It does work, more energy, less of an appetite.

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Somehow I'm starting to get some control.
The only thing I'm doing different is I've been able to increase my walking speed and distance.
That must have helped my metabolism and I'm starting to lose inches but not weight. But, I don't care because everything is fitting.

This change motivated me to be more careful with snacking and so I've cut out a lot of carb snacks so my cravings have diminished.

For anyone reading this that hates to excercise go out and buy a shuffle or ipod. Load it up with your favorite tunes and take it with you on your walk. It makes the time go so much faster and walking isn't so boring! The only problem with the ipod is people think I'm nuts because I sing along and I don't care who hears!

Just wanted to let you know where I'm at.


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Hi. There are some safe appetite suppressants on the market. I have tried everything that's sold over the counter at Walmart, except Alli which really, really scares me. So I finally broke down and paid lots of money and went to a diet Dr. He's great and after an EKG & lots of medical questions, we worked out a diet plan for me. Very reasonable and sensible. In addition, he prescribed an appetite suppressant and something to beat the craving for carbs. It's been great. We started with a low dosage and it allows me to eat appropriately and make good food choices. I get weighed in & meet with a counselor monthly and have an EKG every 3 months. These medications have been used for years and are considered very safe. There could be side effects, but they are rare, and to tell you the truth, I felt more comfortable with them than the unknowns or possible side effects in some of the obscure herbal/supplement appetite suppressants that I've tried (and didn't work). I feel great, I've lost only 15 lbs. in a couple months, but I'm happy with that. I'm eating normal food and plan to step up the exercise.

My suggestion is simply not to rule out Dr. prescribed drugs. There are good ones out there, just do a little research and find a good Dr. It's really helping me lose weight the right way. Good luck!

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Congratulations Nicole!
It sounds like you have a good doctor.
Can you tell me if you get any side effects from the prescribed appetite suppressant you are taking?

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Hi TM. No serious side effects for me. Really the only 2 things I've had are dry mouth and if I take it too late in the day, I have a hard time falling asleep. No jitters or anything. Good luck with the weight loss. I feel your pain!

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fem tight, anyone try it? They sell it at Walgreens. I have been on it and it works energy loss of appetite. But in the beginning you have to hang in there.

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go to for before/afters. And you'll see why the protein bar is a natural meal replancement and appetite suppresant. It's a miracle to me!

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My goodness people. From the majority of the posters I can see that many of you, eating is tied directly to your emotional state of being. Taking diet pills, eating more or less fiber, putting naked pictures of yourself on the refrigerator (which I'm sure helps to build you self esteem) will never work for you, because the problem centers in your thinking not in your mouth or your stomach. Many of us, me included, eat for emotional reasons. Take a mild anti-depressant and see if you ever over-eat again - My point, is now that you have become really overweight it's like hiking up an impossible mountain, its better to just sit at the base and wonder what it would be like to be thin. You know you all have done it, lift up your belly fat in mirror to see what a flat tummy looks like on you - the time has come - and I can tell you exactly how to lose 50-100-150-200 pounds very easily and treat the biggest problem which is between your ears. It's called Five Apples. It starts off with a veggie fruit juice fast that lasts 4 days, I was instructed to either get a colonic or drink this tea which they provide (i opted for the tea and I must of pooped 12 pounds of stuff) I wasn't hungry at all! and then they transitioned me into 10 days of veggie soup fasting. I'm not hungry at all during these 10 days. Matter of fact food had lost its appeal all together. All of sudden I'm sleeping less and feeling very active for no apparent reason. There is a lot more to this so you'll have to see their website - but I lost 150 in less than a year with a huge loss up front which kept me motivated - it changed me forever. Then a transition to a puree soup regime for 3-4 days as your coming off the fast. Then 5 apples. Not just any kind of apples. 5 pippin green apples, specific size etc. By this point I lost 36 pounds. Think about how 36 pounds could change a guys life- I went from a 50inch waist to 44 in what? 20 days? Then I was given a great meal plan- keep in mind no exercise has been advocated yet. I was recommended a book which either I got an option to read or listen to. I opted to listen im not that good a reader. Then about two weeks later, it happened again. 35 more pounds! I'm up to 71 pounds! Another veggie fruit juice fast followed up with only a 7 day veggie soup fast, I opted for the colonic this time and wow what a huge difference, if I could back I would have done the colonic first. So 11 days later another 20 pounds! I'm up to 91 pounds and now at a 38 waist. This is like nothing I've ever felt. I have been fully detoxed of sugar, red meat and above all prescription medications. They taught me about how my liver is supposed to prevent me from getting fat and so much more information. The next 49 pounds came off over the next 3 months as they instructed to me to find a new sport to play - I chose soccer. I play soccer two times a week now in a league and I weigh 230 pounds. That was two years ago.

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M russo .... curious about this five apples. Can you post a web link?

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Keeping gluten (wheat, barley, rye, spelt) and sugar out of my diet keeps the cravings away. It's a lifestyle for me as opposed to a diet though. Eating whole foods and low carb has done wonders for my health. I wouldn't dream of eating a conventional diet ever again.

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How cool that you responded to this post. I have discovered exactly what you suggested. I notice that cutting out sugar and carbs has made a tremendous difference in how I feel and it certainly reduced the cravings dramatically. The minute I go off this diet my cravings come back with a vengeance.
I lost the weight and my sister has lost 40 pounds using this philosophy too.
Of course exercise is essential as you get older. I'm over 50.
It's really about discipline and learning to say no to the sugar and carbs.
My sister treats herself to pasta after she loses 10 pounds and then goes back to the healthy diet. I have carbs on weekends and a dessert on Sundays. I've been a junk food junkie as long as I can remember so I need to be careful. I could easily go berserk should a bag of chips lay open on the counter. lol
Thanks to all for posting.

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I wish so much that there was a Willpower tablet. Wouldn't that be great? I think most of us lack that

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I have taken Phentermine,I did loose alot of weight but when I was taken off it all came back. I would not recommend taking glucomannan in any form other than the shirataki noodles..because you would have to make sure to drink,drink,drink because you could choke,and with the shirataki noodles you dont you just treat it like any other food.The best part is you can fix them with anything.They work just the same.Try for 2 weeks and weigh yourself at the start and after 2 weeks to see if it works. I think it does.I myself over eat because when I was growing up I was made to eat everything off my plate n now I have a hard time not even when im full. I know this was posted awhile back but it still might help you

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Hey, I have been using the beaded fastin from dramatic weight loss in dunwoody for about a year now and I have had nothing but great results with my weight loss. I love them they work great.

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