I hate my DVD Recorder!!!

taniaJune 16, 2007

Do any of you have the Lite-On HD-A760GX DVD Recorder? This is the second DVD Recorder I buy. I just don't have any luck with them! I managed to record onto one DVD. When I went to record again, the stupid machine didn't want to recognize the DVDs I was using. So I went and bought a package of a brand the manual recommends. Hooray, I was able to burn to DVD again! Yay! Now that I want to burn again, the stupid machine isn't accepting the DVDs. I'm sooo irritated with this! And to top it off, I have a lot of stuff on the Hard Drive that I wanted to burn and cant!

Anyone else having any problems with this model?

Tania ~_~

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pretty much all dvd burners act this way .thats why i got an electrohome one for like $50.00 and i have less issues than my sister (don't remember what brand it is),but i got no hard drive.try another brand of dvd very annoying but belive me my brother sells electronics and thats just the nature of the beast .good luck.

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Check to see if they have a web site and if there is a "firmware" update available for your model. Be careful, though. These firmware updates can be a fix or render the machine totally unusable. You usually download a file, burn it to a CD, then put the CD into your deck and turn it on to load it to your machine, or something like that. I had an ILO machine with a similar problem, but even though the update fixed it, the machine flaked and died about six months later anyway. Good luck.

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