newbie, i just bought a pe 100

lindasarahDecember 1, 2006


im new to the world of embroidery, i just bought a 2nd hand brother pe100, i was shocked to find out the price for the software for it, about £500 uk pounds. i have a reader/writer, but no card or software, can anyone help or suggest what to do. also do you embroider onto cloth or straight onto stabiliser.

thank you so much.

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You need a card and Embird is a good software program that doesn't cost too much. Usually you put your fabric on top of the stabilizer. It really depends on what you are making. Colleen

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There should have been several disks that came with the machine. One is the program disk, the other is a dvd that tells you about futura, there should be the design software, a USB cord to hook the machine up to your computer (which is how the machine embroiders and transfers the design). There should also have been a machine manual or you can download one from futura support.

You do not need a reader-writer box with this machine because the software converts all formats. The added modules are just that, added modules including autopunch, photostitch, the font engine and cross stitch.

I have a CE-200 that came with the autopunch. I purchased the cross stitch module later. Wait and the prices will go down...everything new is expensive and then prices reduce later.

I highly recommend that you join all of the yahoo support groups for Futura. Do a search for Futura and join. There is a weath of valuable information.

The first thing I would do is run Futura through the sewing side to make sure the machine works since you bought it used. By the time you get through, you will find it is worth your money to buy new with a warranty.

Please go to and You will learn much about your machine.

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