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jhk51December 28, 2004

Is there a way to send several design to the pe design card? Everytime I try, I need to delete whatever is already on the card. I want to be able to use the little memory card the same way I use a floppy. Thanks.


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You can send several designs at one time, but it will always write over any designs that were on the card previously, so you can't "add" to what's already on the card.

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Jini, there is a part of the program called "file utility." When you call it up it gives you the option of loading designs from a card onto your computer, or writing designs from the computer to the card. When you select Write Card, it gives you a screen that allows you to select multiple designs to put on the card. If you try to do too many, it will give you an error message that what you want to copy exceeds the card's capacity.

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Jini, did you ever get your question answered to your satisfaction? If not, try this: go to layout and editing, click on file, go down to "write to card". You should have the option of choosing "current design" or "other PES files". Choose "other PES files" then click on it. A box should come up. The half on the left should have your files in it, the half on the right should be empty. There is an arrow in the middle pointing toward the right side. Click on the file you'd like to put on your card then click on the arrow. That file should copy onto the right side. I think you can put up to 20 files on your card. As soon as you've chosen as many as you'd like, click on the...bent arrow on the bottom right side. This should transfer the files to your card. HTH and good luck!

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I belatedly realized that you specifically asked about v.4. I think mine is v.5. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

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