Just bought Brother UTL2001 machine...+

AquaflashDecember 10, 2004

Hello...I've been sewing for years but am new to machine embroidery. I bought a used Brother UTL 2001 machine today. Man, this thing is smart!

Where do I start? I make do-rags and sell them online, Dee-Rags. As I was making one tonight to test things out, I had a problem with the tension when going from double thickness to single thickness. Since I usually sew in assembly-line fashion, sometimes using different weights of fabrics, I don't want to have to constantly fiddle with the thread tension. Is there a way around that?

Any tips or hints to using it will be greatly appreciated!



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Are you using a stabilizer? Go to the Thread Artist site. She has lots of free lessons. Those helped me a lot. Watch Joann's sales if there is one near you. Probably Martin Luther King holiday will be the next time they have 50% off the notion wall. That is when I stock up on stabilizers, bobbin thread & etc. I have gotten my scissors there on half price sales.

I have a ULT2002 that has been upgraded to a 2003. I got mine 5/02 & I still have not tried all it can do. I watched my tape a few weeks back & learned about something I had no idea it did.

I have heard that the 2001 doesn't have Disney & that is about the only difference in the machines.

My daughter keeps looking at the new Pro600 & it really is smart. It has an free arm style increasing what you can do & you don't have to stay right by it. It clips all it's jump stitches. Those things are nice but I can't see the additional cost helping me that much. Maybe she thinks if I got it she could have my ULT.

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I feel like a real idiot! My tension problem was from the bobbin being backwards, the thread has to go COUNTER clockwise! I was straight stitiching so no stabilizer needed but thanks for the link. There so many choices....

I looked at the 2003 and was told the same thing...the only difference is the addition of the Disney stuff.

There's a video? Cool...I look into that!

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Mine came with a CD & I requested a video & they sent it. I somehow go to sleep everytime I try to watch it. Maybe it is because I sprawl out on the sofa, tired when I decide to look at it.

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