westinghouse icebox tv/dvd/etc

BuildingHomeJune 24, 2005

Has anyone had any experience with the new Westinghouse iCEBOX? Ither the countertop or flip-down model? It looks great, but would like some real user opinions. Kind thanks!

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Seems expensive to me....
Are you already wired in the kitchen for cable/broadband?

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I have had the undercounter model for a year now. It has been great with a few comments.

The internet mode is somewhat slow, unrelated to the available connection.

The unit did not function on first installation - DVD drawer would not open. They were going to replace it with a remanufactured unit. After a letter to the company president I got a new replacement with no problems since.

Overall I am pleased with the total features. Touchscreen, internet, TV with remote, DVD, FM, CD player, etc. It does seem somewhat overpriced but I am not aware of any device with the same total package of features. The WOW factor is amazing with visitors but I use it heavily and my expensive granite counter is unencumbered. You can use a wireless connection for broadband (I am wired). You will of course at the least need cable TV and power. If you want to use the video monitoring features additional connections or an empty conduit or future wiring will be needed.

If you can afford it I would recommend it. Like everything in a new kitchen remodel, the cost is a personnel choice based on your own situation.

Good luck with your project!

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I have had a Icebox for about 3 years,i use it mostly for the TV
I have tried the internet and it is fine, the radio is so so,
we are going the replace it with a larger TV in our kitchen,we are getting old and would like a bigger screen.If you woluld be interested in buying it please contact me by e-mail at wolge @comcast.net

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I am after some help/advice on an icebox flip tv I bought. I am having problems getting it to connect to internet and getting it to recognise outside source via s-video or composite video.


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