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nhsuzanneMay 12, 2008

Good Monday all,

Sorry I have been MIA. I was working out of the office all week and never got a chance to check in. It was kind of liberating not being attached to a computer constantly I must say!

DH was home all last week so I took the opportunity to try to kill him with projects that needed to get done! He jokes that I am trying to kill him! LOL We got a new fence up and rebuilt the roof of the chicken coop among other things. We are both so sore and tired I hate to go to work today.

How was everyone's mother's day? I took the time to ride both Sweet Pea and Casey! It was fun but I must say Sweet Pea was a real brat!! I haven't seen her like this in a long time. Casey was a pure angel!

I missed you all and have not had a chance to get caught up.

Raeanne, thanks for the email and for missing me! How did your art show go?

I will check in later. Hope everyone is well!

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Hi, everyone....hope you all had a happy Mother's Day. We don't have children, but made sure my 83-year old mom had a great one.

Today is the 7th day of my new lifestyle/health improvement. I'm not weighing in yet (haven't bought new scales - they still say 104), so will just keep on doing what I'm doing. The weekend went well. I journaled my food and kept everything in balance. Probably could have worked in more exercise, but our A/C unit stopped working (this is a new house, so under warranty, but still a pain) so I didn't feel like sweating. I know, another EXCUSE, but it was a hot one - like 87 degrees - yesterday.

I am following WW guidelines, but also enjoying the website. Someone here, I think, recommended it, and I find it so interesting, and I like keeping track on the nutrition tracker. I can't believe it's free - what a great thing for these people to come up with.

We drove to Port Allen, LA on Saturday to look at sugar kettles - husband wants to make a 3 tiered water fountain/feature out of them. It was a nice trip, not too long. It's just past Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge is such a nice city, so much to offer, but traffic on a Saturday was unbelievable. (I just put this in here so y'all would know I have some kind of life other than talking about weight!)

Have a great one.

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Thanks for getting us started, Suzanne. Missed you last week, and I guess Raeanne beat me to an e:mail to ya. I did, however, send a cute joke to you this morning!

Wodka, sounds like you are headed in the right direction. I was at a buffet yesterday with DH, DBIL and MIL, and was bad, but not horrific. I actually had 21 points saved (we had late lunch/early dinner @ 3:30), so it was not as bad as it could have been. Ate salad first and took lots of veggies, but still had a taste of coconut cream pie and an elephant ear pastry (some folks call them bear claws I think).

My 2 dear stepdaughters came by yesterday with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a gift card to Home Goods. Also, cards that brought a tear to my eyes. They are so sweet; I could not have asked for nicer 'daughters' in my life.

DH and I got home in time for the Survivor finale. It was OK, but I wanted Amanda to win and ride off with Ozzy with the $1Million. Also wanted Erik to win the $100,000 fan fave award, but James is such a sweet, honest man that I'm glad he won.

Gotta run and get my resource allocation report updated.

Check in: Raeanne, Besh, Marci, BJ, Maddie, Donna, Amy, Gretchen, Magickitty, John, Jen, Joanne....have I missed anyone? lol!


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Happy Monday!

Managed to finish the white coat of paint in the living room and just got back with a can of colour paint to start in a moment. You don't realize how dirty your walls get over time until you paint one. So much brighter now.

Glad to hear it was a lovely weekend all round. I'm holding that one pound I lost. Since I start my garden job tomorrow I will be packing a lunch and eating a little more since I will be burning a lot of calories all day digging in dirt. Learned that last year. Also pack a lot of water to drink in my back pack - which I go through really quickly. The nice thing is tomorrows job is at the Delta Hotel downtown - huge job to weed all the garden beds and trim stuff but at least they have decent washrooms to use. Going to bring a wash cloth in a baggie too along with my sun lotion and floppy hat. It ain't pretty but it works. I do wear jeans because I will be literally crawling around those beds. I can't wait - nice change of scenery for me from painting walls.

I'm way behind this year in my yard work but that will come in time.

Dee, you did well to have some space saved for a few mischievous morsels - sometimes you just have to have some no matter what. It's good for the soul. The difference now is they are recognized as a treat and not a part of day to day eating. Which for me makes them taste 10 times better.

I really enjoy a good home cooked meal. When we eat out I'm aware of my choices more so. Do you find that some of the foods you craved before no longer appeal to you now? I can't look at KFC food. Still enjoy McD's child's lunch but I can't eat a huge meal at any of these places. Heavy fried foods make me sick now. Often I think afterwards 'what was I thinking eating that?'. Especially if we are in a restaurant - it's not cheap to eat out. I love my salads but I find red meats really heavy. Often I choose lighter meals now and just enjoy them. I am a beer drinker when given a choice which is also now a treat. I have not given up having a beer all through my journey but I have learned to sit down, stop what I am doing and enjoy it when I do have one. I also ask myself am I thirsty? If so then I don't have a beer because I really want water. When it's really hot in the summer I don't drink beer much - I drink the non-alcoholic, ice cold because I am thirsty more than wanting a beer. It's listening to my body and making changes that have helped me get on the home stretch. I'm not perfect by a long shot. This is a great journey we are on together - learning to listen to ourselves, respecting our bodies, taking care of our mental health and living a better life each and everyday because

we are worth it.

Make today count. Feel good that you are on this journey and don't sweat any small misgivings - just dust yourself off and get back on track. I'm glad you are here today sharing this moment with us.


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Suzanne - DH is going to think twice about being home so long next time LOL. I am glad you got out on both horses, even though SP was being sassy. I sold an original painting and a couple prints. Not bad considering we didn't advertise, it was all word of mouth, as this was a soft opening for the nursery.

Wodka - I bet you could sell that scale on eBay LOL.

Dee - I'm not a Survivor watcher but Rich is. I folded laundry and then watched Housewives. I am glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

McPeg - I planted flowers throughout our entire town today, from 8 to 3. I am exhausted! Sounds like you are prepared for your job - it does sound like a big one.

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Off to play today downtown. We are getting our phone number switched and internet updated - if things don't go as planned I may be offline for a couple of days.

Looking forward to playing in dirt! Raeanne sounds like you had fun too! Must be pretty in town now! It's too early for our last frost date to plant the annual flowers so we are just cleaning the planting beds right now - which is enough in itself.

Gotta pack my lunch and stuff. Hope everyone makes today count and take good care of yourself!

Hugs to all of you,

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Good Tuesday morning! I had to take Monday off to rest up from the weekend, but I did go work out and weigh in.

We ate fantastic food all weekend as it's my grown kids' "thing" to try out new foods. Sunday, oldest Dson fixed ribs, both Kansas and Memphis, DDIL#2 fixed roasted rosemary red potatoes, Alexis and I fixed stir-fried green beans and broccoli with cheese sauce. It wasn't that I ate too much, it was WHAT I ate that wasn't WW-friendly. But, it was all delicious and a real treat for this happy mom!

My weight stayed the same from last week because of all the eating this weekend. But, this is a new week with no temptations, so I'll be okay.

Dee, it sounds like you had a lovely treat from your DSDs. You must be an awesome SM!

Hi, Besh! It's always nice seeing you here. I miss your posts.

Raeanne, congrats on selling a painting. How rewarding.

McPeg, you make me tired just reading about what you're doing these days! LOL

Wodka, congrats on 7 days back on WW! Wasn't that a nice surprise for you? You have a good attitude about doing this, and that's half the battle.

I need to get ready to head out, but I wanted to check in and say "hi". Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Checking in briefly to ask "where is everyone"?

I am trying to catch my breath here at the office, but it's no use....too many projects, too few people. We are laughing about how we are in overdrive.

However, I did manage my 15-minute neck/shoulder/back massage and it was lovely! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

OK, I've got a 3pm meeting which leaves me only an hour to prepare. Got a folder full of papers to read and absorb before I head off.



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Ooooops! Just realized that I didn't say "hi" to Suzanne! I'm so glad to see you posting again. You've definitely been missed, but it's great that you accomplished so much last week.

Dee, that massage sounds wonderful. I'm always a little achy on Tuesdays after working out on Mondays, so it would be most welcomed to get a massage today.

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McPeg - hope you are having a fun day in the dirt. It is too early to plant here, but I live in a resort town and we try to make it look nice for the tourists. We haven't had a problem yet, but the rule is June 1st around here.

Milkdud - it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and you didn't do much damage in the process.

Dee - glad you are continuing to take care of yourself.

It is another beautiful day here, but we are looking at a weekend of rain - on the positive side - we really need it.

Enjoy your afternoon.

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Hi --- checking in fast will have to catch up tomorrow.
This cold really kicked my butt this time around and yesterday we had that awful yard looks like a war zone.

Had a nice Mother's Day though with my mom and sister. Hard to believe that Monday the 19th is the one year anniversary of my dad's

Love and hugs to all - will really catch up tomorrow.


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[[[[[[[[[[Donna]]]]]]]]]]] hope you are feeling better today..emotionally and physically. Glad your day with your mom was special!

Have not stepped on the scale because I think the weight has not moved, but I was able (for the last 2 days) to wear 'skinnier' jeans out for my morning walk. These are a pair that used to be put on while lying on the bed and impossible to sit down in! haha

QOD: Can any of you help me with wording for an invitation? We are giving my MIL a surprise 80th birthday party. SIL gave me the job, and she wants this party to have an elegant feel to it. We have reservations for about 75 people in August at a lovely restaurant with a spectacular view of NYC. Thx

Gott run, but hope you all have a great day!

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Dee - We did an 80th for my MIL and I had copies of an old photo of her made up and made the invites myself. I will have to pull an old one out for the wording. But it wouldn't have been considered elegant. I think i put pssst on the front to remind them that it was a surprise. But the invites came out beautifully. They were black and white with black photo corners holding the picture on the front. I then ordered small bottles of wine with the same photo on the label with her name and birthdate. They came in cellophane bags and I put ribbons on them as party favors.

Otherwise I would treat it as a wedding invite but maybe not as formal - the family(or children) of _______ cordially invite you to a suprise celebration in honor of her 80th bday. With the particulars below. Or you could start with Join us in toasting ________ in honor of her 80th bday with dinner and reminiscing. etc. I think what will really make it elegant is the type of card you pick out and the font you choose. At the bottom I would once again remind them that it is a surprise (if this is a concern to you). I would maybe add a quote like "to live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else" Emily Dickinson.

Donna - (((((HUGS))))) to you and your mom. I am glad you enjoyed your day in spite of the timing.

BJ - are you still in the garage?

McPeg - how did that job go or does it hurt to talk about it LOL?

Wodka - did you make a decision on the fountain? My pants felt a bit snug today, I may borrow your scale LOL.

Working out must be doing something - I am the only one from the town planting that is not sore LOL.

Going out with a group of women from the gym today to see Made of Honor - I know it has gotten horrible reviews, but you can hardly go wrong with pre-movie margaritas and a bunch of women.

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Good Wednesday all,


I just did the invitations to the rehearsal dinner for DS. The wording is laid out just as below. I have scanned a copy and will email to you in a minute.

My wording was:

Name & Name Last Name
Request the pleasure
of your company
for a
Birthday Party
RSVP - phone number by

Raeanne, enjoy a margarita for me!!

Donna, I hope you feel better soon! Hugs

Busy, busy here as usual. The black flies are really thick right now and I have donated my share of flesh and blood!

We need rain too!

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Raeanne, I used some of your wording on my 2 drafts.

Suzanne, I sent you an e:mail forgot to attach the example!

Thanks for the quick responses. This forum ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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Hi, everybody.

Well, I missed breakfast because I talked for over two hours this a.m. to a favorite cousin in Dallas. She's battling her weight, too, so I told her we'd use each other as long-distance buddies to encourage each other. She's not big on posting on computer, so I'll share with her what I learn here. I will make up my calories I missed at breakfast later on with a snack or two. I can't believe I even told her what I weighed, but I feel like the more people know, the harder I'll try to stay with this program.

Raeanne, no progress on the fountain. We know exactly what we want, but finding someone down here to do it in "post-Katrina land" is difficult, especially this time of the year. Our homebuilder is going to try to help us with it.

I have really aquired a taste for Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus - it is so refreshing, and a little more exciting when water won't do. From reading the label, it looks like it's good (no calories, no sugar) so that's good, I guess. (A lot less fattening than chardonnay!)

Need to get moving after losing my morning with the phone call. Hope everyone has a good day.

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Good rainy Wednesday afternoon! We got a much-needed light shower a while ago, and the temp dropped a few degrees. Very welcomed!

Wodka, you've got such a good attitude about losing weight! I'm glad that you and your cousin can buddy up and lose together. It's always nice to have company on your journey.

Raeanne, you must be in really great shape to not be sore after all that planting. Impressive!

Dee, it certainly sounds like you're getting great assistance from Suzanne and Raeanne. It sounds like it's going to be a lovely party.

I worked out hard today, but it was also fun because there were 3 new members and it made the time just fly! I love this center because everyone is so happy to be there. I am looking forward to picking up a couple of new things in a smaller size to take on my trip in a couple of weeks.

Dee, I smiled reading about you wearing your tight jeans today. That had to be such an ego-booster for you! I love wearing something for the first time in a couple of weeks and finding it looser than last time I wore it. Talk about feeling good!

I hope Patti is enjoying her family time in Texas!

Marci, are you back yet?

And where is Ms. BJ?

Hey, Donna!

Have a good one, everyone!

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Hi Guys!

My parents flew away last night, so I am back. More later on that----lol. I'm just beginning to get my mental confidence back after 7 days with my mom.

Also had a 3 week old baby here from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. VERY cute but VERY awake every night every 3 hours!

And my email died on Friday afternoon...lost almost everything but am trying to rebuild my email list. Raeanne, if you have the inclination, I would be thrilled if you would forward my *NEW* email addy to everyone here. In the email crash, I lost many email addys. One word, guys....PAPER back-up! I did not have one...(wah!)

Patti: I know we were having a conversation about scrapbooking, so if you wrote anything after 5/7, I probably did not get it...

Then my SIL called yesterday. She has cancer and just found out her DH (and I don't mean "dear") has been having an affair for 3 years and has had a secret phone for his GF to call him on plus everything else. What a (fill in the blank with choice words.)

I ate and ate and ate after all of the above--why?---dunno--and this morning, woke up and joined Weight Watchers Online. I need to start CONTROLLING things in my life and food will be the first. I am on track so far and it's past noon, so I am happy. It's one HOUR at a time for me right now. I am a total and complete emotional eater.

I have to print, read, and catch up, so I'll be back tomorrow.

Just have to say that it is such a relief to have this place to come to where I can share and know that my gal pals and my bro John are constant. (((SMOOCHIES)))

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ BJ ]]]]]]]]]]]]] Huge huggles for you, sister. You don't need to control everything, you need to identify the feeling when you're munching. Takes one to know one! We are here for you. If you stumble, we'll catch ya!

Sending out prayers to your SIL.

Here are some [[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]] for those who need them today.

Now I'll shut up and go home!


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(((((((((BJ)))))))) I am so sorry about your SIL. I can't put into words the right thing to say right now. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers for sure though.

I agree with Dee that you can't control everything, especially when life is throwing things at you left and right. All you can do is control your own self, and hour by hour is the safest way to do that. I wish you all the luck in the world in doing WW, and kudos to you for all the wonderful things you do for those little ones.

Got to go fix dinner with my forced-thawed-out chicken. The freezer is working again thanks to an extension cord and a working outlet in the laundry room!

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I am zipping by to say hello! Could someone email me BJ's new email? I must talk with her! LOL I am fine but as always too busy. I do read sometime but I feel so far behind on the posting. I am not dieting and I should be. What is it about the 50's? Does the fat just become a bad guest that never leaves? I need some motivation to get my fat a@@ working out. Any ideas? I am competitive and respond well to challenges. Does anyone have a good suggestion for me?

Hello to all of you and welcome Wodka! I love that name!

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Good Evening All!

Gretchen, I love the 50's (so far), but I have to say the weight really is an issue. I have to agree with you on it being a bad guest. LOL I could use some motivation too, so if you hear of anything good......

BJ, welcome back! So sorry to hear about your sister. I had many phrases to fill in the blanks! How low can you go.

Milkdud, I am glad that you are happy at your gym. It sounds like it is agreeing with you. :-)

Wodka, I am not a hot tea drinker, but I do like Lipton diet ice tea w/lemon. I may try the green tea for a change. Do you think it has all the benefits that green tea is supposed have?

Suzanne, we don't need rain! We need blue skies and sun and warmth. It has been so cold here lately I can't stand it! Sorry about the black flies. They are brutal.

Raeanne, I am excited for you that you sold some artwork. Got the email w/BJ new addy. Thanks!

Dee, I want a 15 minute shoulder massage! I am on a computer all day now at my new job and it is really wearing on my upper back and shoulders. Any suggestions?

McPeg, I have been craving Mickey D's for the last couple of days. I have no idea why. It sits in my belly like lead, but it is so good going down!

Marci, where are you? John? Do we have to start some rumors about the two of you now?

((BIG HUGS)) to all that need them.


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Gret - I emailed you BJ's address. Stop by when you have more time.

Besh - I am with you on loving the 50's but not the weight.

BJ - (((((HUGS))))) to you and SIL - just what she doesn't need to deal with, especially now. Give V a hug from me.

If you want to see a feel good romantic comedy I can give a thumbs up to Made of Honor. Keep in mind that I love cheesey romantic comedies.

Just waiting for the AI results so I can go to bed.

Goodnight all.

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Just popping in for a quick hello. We had a great time in FL, although I wasn't able to see Patti. Couldn't hook up by phone and the time just ran out.

Back to reality and end of the year school activities and haven't had much down time on the computer. But I'll be done next week and will hopefully be able to post more.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Hi everyone,
I'm back. Working the next month or so with the gardening contract and loving it. Great change from working around the house although the list of things around here is long enough. One more wall in the living room to paint but it is now relegated to weekend work. My garden will also now wait until the weekend to.
We had much needed light rain all last night which means my garden work will be a little messier today but that's fine. Nothing that a good coffee break won't cure.
Had my annual check up yesterday afternoon - doctors are so overbooked all the time these days I felt like I was put through the drive-through. Thank heaven's I've had the same doctor for years and we know each other well. I am officially 10 pounds lighter than last year and very happy about that. Maintaining my weight right now and will probably do so until I finish my garden job. All round my blood work was great and I got my tetanus shot updated (ouch).

Sorry I don't have time to get personal with each of you on this post - BJ I am sorry to hear about your SIL.

Very happy to read the comments and see everyone is still checking in. I too need to get journaling again but have a million excuses why I am not right now. I am paying attention to what I eat and portion sizes. I am taking lots to drink during the day - water, ice tea and I do buy a coffee downtown.

Let's make today a positive day! Smile as much as you can, say hello to folk on the street and think happy thoughts!


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Good Thursday all,

BJ, hugs to you and SIL. I too filled in the blanks on that sorry human being (or is he?)

Marci, welcome back. We missed you as always. Too bad you and Patti could not connect.

Raeanne, margaritas on a Wednesday? YUM

McPeg, you sure sound busy and enjoying the great outdoors as much as I am. Do you have black flies where you live? Here in NH they are considered the state bird LOL. The particular area I live in is a virtual bug mecca. It's unreal but we have lots of forest and water.

Dee, have you decided on your invitation wording?

Besh, someone else down your way told me what a cold miserable spring you were having........our has been fairly nice and very dry.

Gret, one of my biggest motivators is to stand in front of the mirror - naked!! Oh boy, if that doesn't do it nothing will. ROTFLMAO

I wanted to share this photo of the ornamental apple tree in my front yard. The 11+ feet of snow we had this winter must have had an effect on it because it has never been quite so full and beautiful. The lighting this morning was really nice too.

QOD: Weekend plans?

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Suzanne, what a lovely pic! I have sent SIL a first draft of an invitation using a combo of your ideas and Raeanne's. We shall see what the reaction is shortly!

Checking in quickly..........have a fund raiser tonight, and I get to see my sis and niece, who have agreed to drive 90 miles (one way) to attend. They are not able to stay over with me, but we should have some laughs at the dinner and tricky tray.

Eating is not going well this week, but I refuse to give up!

Hello & Hugs to all!

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Good Thursday afternoon!

QOD: We've been invited to a crawfish boil by the builders of our home on Saturday. I also want to go to some flea markets beforehand as I'm always on the lookout for cute little primitive things for the house. I may try visiting a new church on Sunday as that is something I've missed.

Hi, Marci, Besh, and Gretchen! It's always special to see y'all posting as I know that your time is limited these days.

Suzanne, that is a beautiful picture you posted! A real feast for the eyes.

Dee, hang in there, woman. You know you can do this. So you messed up some - you can get back on target just as easily! I have confidence in you.

McPeg, your energy level is just incredible to me. I read in my Woman's World magazine last night about incorporating CO-Q 10 into my vitamin intake on a daily basis to increase my energy level. Even with as hard as I work out 6 days a week, by the time I get home, all I want to do is take a nap - a long one! I have enough ooomph to cook dinner and clean up afterwards, and that's it. Hope this works.

Raeanne, thanks for the movie review. I love cheesy comedies, too, so I'll be renting it soon.

I'm catching up on the most recent "Top Chef" episodes I missed, then I'll be so inspired to cook dinner. LOL

Have a good one!

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I couldn't wait to get here & see how each of you were. Dave has double pneumonia. I, on the other hand, had a fantastic time!

Marci~I'm so sorry that we missed each other.

BJ~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] to your family. What a ratfink. That is my nice thing to say. I do need to E-mail you back to make sure that you got my last message.

NH Suzanne~So glad that you were able to get back in the saddle. What fun even if SP was a pill.

Milkdud~I'm thrilled that your Mother's Day was so wonderful.

Besh~There are some exercises that are supposed to help for working on the comp all day. (You are supposed to take a few minutes time out to do them during the day.)

Gretchen~I was so happy to see you posting.

Dee~I'm sure the invitations will be lovely.

McPeg~You are one busy lady.

Raeanne~It sounds like you did a fabulous job at your art show. (We'll all be saying we knew you before you were famous!)

Wodka~It sounds like you are keeping up with this new WOL & attitude very well. You are to be commended. For me, change is hard.

Donna~How are things in your neck of the woods? I need to contact you, I guess. ;-)

QOD~I think that perhaps Dave might need to go back to the dr tomorrow if we can find one to see him. (We are considering showing up at the VA ER.) Probably a lot depends on that. I haven't slept well since he has been wheezing so much & for whatever reason, my brain wouldn't shut off last night so there was NO sleep. I do wish a great weekend for everyone else though.

If you are MIA~please take a moment to check in~Patti :-)

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Hello Ladies,

Am back at work after a week at some training, and just playing catch up.. so no time to read or post im afraid.

All is OK right now, and I hope things are springy for all of you as well!

stay tuned!


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Dee~I sent you an E-mail. ;-)

John~Glad that you took time to post. :]

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Besh~ for your burger craving---Foxboro (coming soon) or Plymouth Red Robin Restaurant. They have a great menu item called the Lettuce-Wrapped Protein Burger. A juicy beef patty topped with red onions,fresh tomatoes and cheddar cheese all nestled between cool,crisp lettuce. Served with a side salad and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. So awesome! And BONUS!---if you walk there, you can probably have as many as you want---since the nearest restaurant is, like 40.5 miles from you!

Dee: How strange is this? After you mentioned your massage, my DD gave me an hour gift cert for one at the local physical therapist---I'm all over that! She and her BF are going to babysit little "V" for me--her boyfriend got fingerprinted and an FBI background check so he could babysit the foster babies in a pinch. I am jazzed! BTW, CONGRATS on the 15 pound loss! WTG!!!!!!

McPeg! 10 lbs lighter than last year is fantastic! Congrats to you too!

NHSuzanne! OMG! That tree is SO beautiful! Our flowering cherries are in full bloom here and the streets are lined with fallen pink blossoms---it looks like pink snow! Sorry about the black flies---it sounds like Australia! The flies were so thick and thirsty, I spent the entire time in the Red Center hiking with a green net over my head---photos of that are TOO funny! They WILL eat you alive or drive you INSANE trying! Has anyone read Mutant Message From Down Under--? Good read.

I keep forgetting to say WELCOME Wodka!!!!! Your name reminds me of Alaska!!

Raeanne~ Thanks for the email forwards! And congrats on your SHOW! It's really what you SHOULD be doing full time, you know. Screw that day job, woman!

Gretchen!!!! GIRLFRIEND!!!! I thought you got swept down the river! SO GLAD YOU CHECKED IN! Gotta check in for your daily @55 kickin' NOW! 50-schmifty. You CAN get a handle on the weight! You do so many things for other people---put yourself 1st for this! Besides, you stick-figure, you CAN'T have gained THAT much weight since your last photo posting! :-) Let's compare and I'm sure you'll feel MUCH BETTER! Har-har.

Milkdud- Have fun at the Crawfish boil---YUM!!!!

Patti & Marci!~ Glad you enjoyed your trips! But glad you're back now!

John! Just keep checkin' in so we know you're okay---hope you gained a huge amount of knowledge at the training sessions! SERIOUSLY.

QOD: More garage cleaning--does it EVER end? / DD's swim meet / Showing an agent my house--YIPES!!! Scary! / And, since the weather is supposed to be in the 80's, maybe I'll take a half hour and catch some rays and tan the fat.

Day 2 of WW down and still taking it hour by hour. The carbs aren't calling yet, but the weekend is approaching.

Calling all Maddies---come out with your hands up.

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Gretchen & John YIPEEE I am so glad that you both are still lurking out there and not losing touch.

Can we all send out good vibes so that Maddie will put her fingers on the keyboard to let us know she is OK? MADDIE, I sincerely miss you. Please post, no matter what is going on....vent, share, whatever.

Marci, glad to see you home safely and that you had a good time.

Patti, thanks again for the e:mail! Saying prayers that Dave is feeling better today.

Milkdud and Peg - you ladies are so prepared in your eating/activity that you inspire me. I am at my best when I plan ahead and at my worst when I stand in front of the fridge without a clue. Keep up the good work!

Wodka, hope you are hanging in there.

Raeanne, I keep forgetting to congratulate you on your success in your artistic endeavors! You are very well-rounded.

Donna, we are in for very wet weather today. Hope you are planning a nice weekend for yourself. My youngest niece has her senior prom this evening; not far from you in South Jersey. Her dress is spectacular silvery color and she planned to wear strappy sandals, so we'll see.

Suzanne, we have similar trees around the lake and it's a beautiful walk in the morning. We have no horses, however, just annoying chipmunks who dig holes in my yard! LOL! (I could not resist!) LOL!!!!!

OK, need to go before I antagonize others!

Hello to everyone I've missed!


    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 8:04AM
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TGIF!!!! I am ready for the weekend. I get to feed more black flies and do more yard work!!

Dee, you must know how much I adore Chippies. You really know how to get to me!

The apple blossoms here are truly amazing. Even the ancient apple trees are blooming in their old glory. Just lovely.

BJ, our apples blossoms are just coming out but I know what you mean by pink snow....of course, I am not ready to think about snow in any form right now! LOL

Patti, welcome back. Sorry to hear Dave is so sick. Hugs

Milkdud, I love Top Chef. I really want Spike to go away. I can't stand him! Do you have favorite or a feeling who might go all the way yet?

John, it's good to see you post brother.

Raeanne, where are you?

Hope everyone has a good day.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 8:41AM
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Hi to everybody! It's another stormy day here, how is it where you live? We're supposed to meet a man today about hurricane coverings for our windows of our new house. I bet he doesn't show with the bad weather.

Wodka is a strange name, isn't it? My real name is Jan. Wodka was a nickname given to my husband when he was growing up, and I just borrowed it to use here.

So far, still good. I need to go to the grocery store, so had just enough "healthy" leftovers for me last night and fixed my husband a pizza. Normally, we would share the pizza and I would eat as much as he did. It didn't even tempt me last night, and there were several pieces left over.

Today is my 11th day on my healthy living, and would like to know how I'm doing weightwise, so need to fix or buy some new scales. Maybe it's better that I'm not weighing in yet, so I won't be disappointed if it's not much of a weight loss. I know I feel better doing the right things, so that is enough for me, right now.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Thanks for checking on me.

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Wodka - not being tempted by pizza is quite empowering WTG.

Suzanne - great photo, thanks for sharing.

Dee - thanks for the congrats, it is very hard for me to accept praise right now for my art, big lesson for me to just say thanks.

BJ - could you convince Rich that painting should be my day job. Did you become a foster parent just so you could do a criminal check on DD's BF??? LOL

Patti - I tell everyone there is more of a chance of me becoming infamous than famous. Glad you had a great visit, too bad about Dave. I hope you can get a Dr. for him.

Milkdud - Crawfish boil sounds like a lot of delicious fun. My Dr. recommends CO-Q 10 too.

Marci - glad your trip was a fun one. I will be thinking of you and the last few hectic days of school.

John - I would like to send my husband for some training LOL.

Enjoy your day!

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 10:38AM
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Raeanne~ You know my ulterior motives for foster care too well, my friend! lol.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 10:43AM
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Dee - I know you are well connected and was wondering if you knew of anyone that works for Channel 13 PBS in NYC? I am trying to get a copy of a very old special they did many years ago and it's not currently available in print. I have searched high and low for it. I am asking all my NYC buddies and thought of you.

BJ - I would've done the same thing if I had thought of it ROFLMAO.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 12:10PM
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Sorry, Raeanne, I have an HBO connection tho. Did you call the NYC Library?

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 12:44PM
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BJ, the burger sounds delish. I may try making one on my own, since I can't even get my butt in gear to walk around the neighborhood! Enjoy the massage...they are so heavenly!

Suzanne, your tree is gorgeous. Our apple tree is in full bloom, all white blossoms. We planted it when DS #1 was born, so it always brings a smile to my face when it blooms.

Marci, welcome back. I'm glad that you had such a good trip. Were you there to visit DS?

Wodka, not that this advice is doing ME any good at the moment, but I do better when I stay away from the scales. They always seem to give me permission to eat. If I weigh in and it is good news, I figure I am "entitled" to a cheat. If I weigh in and it is bad news I give up and say what the heck, I'm not losing anyway. So whatever you decide, keep up the good work. You are doing awesome!

Maddie, come out come out wherever you are!

OK so tonight, DH and I are chaperones for the after prom party for Seniors. Underclassmen parents chaperone so the seniors don't have to have their parents there. We have to be there at 10PM tonight and will leave at 4AM in the morning. I think we will be fine as long as we don't sit down. Then tomorrow I am bringing DS to get his wisdom teeth out at 9AM. Then I think I will sleep. DS will not be up for much, so I think we will be laying around watching movies. I am looking forward to having him around the house for a change. He is always out with his friends.

Anyway, got a chicken roasting in the oven, so I got to go.


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Just what I like to see--lots of activity!

OK Maddie~It's your turn, DGF!!

Thanks for the well wishes for Dave. He did see a pulmonologist today & has to go back next Wed if he isn't better by then. Otherwise, he goes back in 3 weeks. Dr. says perhaps he has gotten asthma which would explain why he's been ill since Dec. We both really liked the Dr.

BJ~I still plan to E-mail you. Just been real busy the last couple of days.

Wodka~I guess I'm the only one who associates your name w/Vodka! LOL (Maybe b/c Dave was talking about craving a tequila sunrise or was it a screwdriver? I don't know. Yes, I know that TSs don't use vodka. tee hee)

Besh~I hope you have a great time tonight.

Raeanne~That was clever figuring out the "real" reason that BJ is a foster parent. Why couldn't I have thought of that? ROFL

NH Suzanne~We bought 10 bags @ Wally World today so that we aren't using plastic bags anymore. The check-out lady wanted to put them in a plastic bag! I told her no that I would be using them & saving on plastic. She said that she hadn't had anybody else use them & didn't know how. We always bag our own groceries anyway. Dave wants me to put our name on them. (Scrapbooking will serve me well there too. :-)

DeeMarie~Do we get to see the finished project? I think it will be fun.

I have lost a total of #55 now. DDIL did not disappoint--she had plenty of fruits & veggies. (Every brekky she makes a fruit bowl for each person.) We had a relatively large lunch today so just had cherries & blueberries for dinner. Yum! Have a great weekend & remember that it tastes good for just a few seconds but stays on the hips for a long time!! Patti ;-]

    Bookmark   May 16, 2008 at 7:18PM
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And not complaining one bit - feels good to be physically tired - makes staring at the wall exciting! Today weeded and pruned more gardens downtown and this afternoon got to dig in a new garden bed and plant it up....hence - I'm pooped! Of course my garden beds at home are 'on hold' until I get motivated...what was I thinking missus here thought this afternoon - I'll go home and finish painting that wall....

well DUH!!!!! I'm pooped! What was I thinking. My body just told my brain where to go.

I will catch up with everyone's week tomorrow when I can concentrate and keep my eyes open!

As for being energetic getting a few pounds off has made a world of difference for me. Attitude is most of it. Wanting to get moving for myself makes each step worth it. This afternoon there were moments when digging out grass and knocking the dirt off it back into the garden I really felt like I'd never see the end of it. One more section, one more section and in time I was able to start planting.

One step at a time attitude is a winner for me - I hope it works for you too!

Need to get up and stretch!

Glad to see the posts - I will reread them later.


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Good morning.

This might have already been discussed, but since I'm fairly new here, I thought I'd mention it. I ordered a book a couple of months ago, but just put it on the bookshelf, thinking I'd read it later. Last night I started reading and couldn't put it down. In fact, I'm going to have my second cup of coffee and read a chapter or two. It's called "Never Say Diet" by Chantel Hobbs, the woman who lost and kept off 200 pounds. I'm really enjoying it, was wondering if any of you have read it and what did you think?

Patti, I'm embarrassed to say, my husband was given the name "Wodka" his freshman year in college by his fellow partying fraternity brothers and it was related to Vodka......the nickname doesn't fit him anymore (thank goodness!) When I said he was given it when he was growing up, he was still "growing up" in college - ha. so I use it because it's unusual. So, you guessed correctly! How wonderful that you've lost 55 pounds! I yearn for the day I can say that. Congratulations!

Besh, I tend to agree with you re: scales. I'll be going back to the doctor's office in 4 months, so will know soon enough how much weight I've lost. Plus, I've got to have another dreaded colonoscopy, and will probably be weighed in for the gastro doctor, too, so plenty of opportunities to meet up with the scales again.

McPeg, I bet you slept good last night!

We've got sunshine today after two miserable stormy days of rain, so am headed out after breakfast. Have a great weekend.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2008 at 8:50AM
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Good gloomy Saturday morning! Weatherman isn't calling for rain, but it sure does look like it.

I have a nagging little sinus infection (since Thursday), and didn't sleep well last night. I'm on my first cup of coffee (no good book to read like Wodka though!), then I'll go work out, come home and take a nap, then go to the crawfish boil.

I'll bet that Besh is dragging about now from her overnight chaperoning duties then taking her Dson for wisdom tooth removal. Hope you get a good long nap, too!

McPeg, do you ever photograph your professional plantings? I'd love to see the finished product at the hotel.

Patti, I'm so sorry that Dave isn't getting much better. He's really had problems lately. Hope the meds knock out what he has now.

Well, I need to keep gulping my coffee to wake up, so I'll wish you all a good weekend. See you either Sunday evening or Monday!

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Hi all--

Just checking in to say hi--

I don't even know how to start this, but we (neighbors, too) are sure that the firebugs below us have a meth lab, and the cops just left the building--no one would answer the door. We are living in total fear of another fire, or an explosion or gawd knows what. We can't sleep at night b/c that's when most of the activity/burning chemicals/etc... is going on, so we just don't sleep. Period. I'm not kidding. I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but I don't have the luxery of that.

Please don't think I'm being a drama queen--I am not one, and never have been. If anything, I'm the very oposite. I only write this as an explaination as to why I'm not here. I have nothing left of me for me, and by the time i come home, i've even less.

Please keep us in your thoughts--there are 6 other families that are good folks, too--and are in just as much danger.

I love you all--


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Oh my gosh, Maddie! Please try to nap as much as you can this weekend so that you can stay awake and vigilant at night. I'll keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers that you stay safe. Hope the cops can figure out a way to get in there and check things out.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2008 at 2:03PM
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Maddie, I am so very sorry that you are going through something awful like this. After Katrina, we lived next door to some similar people, and it was the most stressful time. Cops would come out and talk to these people, but never arrest anyone. Eventually, the property management people were forced to evict them. The "animals" decided to trash the place, knocked holes in the walls, left debris everywhere. About a month after they were kicked out and we had also left, I read where one of the 18 year olds had been arrested and sentenced to 3 years.

At night, when all the illegal activity is going on, can you call the police anonymously and have them come out? If there are chemical odors in the air, I would think they could break down the door if no one answers?

Stay safe and, like milkdud said, you and your neighbors are in our prayers. This is no way for anyone to have to live. But I've found people like this don't respect themselves, much less other people. Take care.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2008 at 2:30PM
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((((((MADDIE))))) - I can't imagine what you are going through. I will send positive thoughts and prayers to you. I hope the police can find a way to put an end to this and you and Rog can get a safe nights sleep soon.

Wodka- I think I knew your DH in college LOL. I haven't read that book, but am very interested in hearing more about it.

Milkdud - hope you feel better after the nap.

McPeg - I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm - it must be nice to be doing something you love.

Patti - sounds like DDIL took good care of you.

BJ - how is Day 3 of WW going?

Besh - thinking of you and your son. Hope last night was more fun than work and today went smoothly for both of you.

I am at work, didn't have a lunch break yet, but wanted to say hello.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

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((( H U G G L E S ))) MADDIE~I cannot imagine. We live in the county in FL that has the most drug activity even more than Miami, which is hard to believe, I guess it is per capita. But, we also live in a very safe place since it is all retired USPS people & most of them are gone for 4 to 6 months at a time. You & Rog are definitely in our thoughts & prayers. You have to take the time for yourself b/c you also cannot afford to let yourself get down. You've had a bad couple of years. So sorry. :*(

Hi to everyone else. I've fought this computer all day. I'll try to address you all later if I get a couple of moments. In the meantime, thanks for everything. Patti

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((((((MADDIE))))))) I just had a horrible feeling that something was wrong. Will pray very hard for you and Rog that your situation improves immediately! Yet another time when I wish I could give you a big old hug in person or take you both in with us! This too shall pass, sweet one.

For those of you who have never met Maddie, you are missing the joy of one of the warmest and kindest women you will ever come across. This is just not right what is happening to her over the last year or so. I can just cry!!!

Concentrating on bright lights and goodness around them now....

    Bookmark   May 17, 2008 at 5:27PM
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Okay, I'm probably getting ready to open a can of worms here. Let me first say that I am not judging anyone on how they choose to lose weight, especially since I've done such a lousy job in keeping my weight down these past few years. That's why I ended up here! I'm really more curious than anything, I guess.

Is it just me, or does this hcg diet sound like a dangerous way to lose weight? 500 calories and injections just doesn't sound like something we should do to our bodies. And some people are ordering theirs over the internet, without a prescription.

Maybe I don't know all of the facts about this diet. I googled and found that doesn't think much of it, and usually they're pretty reliable.

I apologize if I'm wrong in my assumptions, just concerned that a diet like this could really be harmful. I guess it's different strokes for different folks......

    Bookmark   May 18, 2008 at 5:17PM
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Hi! I just want to post a quick note to let you know that I'm around. Is everyone getting their wash done? I think that we will be doing our tomorrow or Tuesday. I despise going to the laundromat but OTOH it is nice to get it all done at one time. :)

You would think I have nothing to do...I got our Christmas cards made today. LOL I didn't sign them...just made them. (I wanted things to be quiet so Dave could rest.) Hope that your day was fun or productive or both! I'll try to have a QOD tomorrow. I'm kind of missing them. Nighty night! Patti

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Hi Maddie~ Glad you checked in, but what a bad situation. Take care--and MOVE out of there.

If the cops suspect a meth lab, they likely would have cleared the building immediately.

Meth labs are extrememly toxic and smell like cat urine and chemicals---you can tell if there is a meth lab operating. The smell is really (chemically) OUT OF THIS WORLD. Along with the smell, meth labs generate an emormous amount of garbage---bottles and bags of chemicals, used tubing, and LOTS of small boxes of cold medicines. Are their windows covered 24/7? Can you check with the landlord to see if they pay rent in cash only? Are there visitors all night?

If you and your neighbors really believe there is a meth lab operation, you should get license plate numbers of their visitors, call the police, and then MOVE OUT.

If that place is a meth lab, you will be forced to move anyway!

If law enforcement busts a lab, they evacuate the building until the haz-mat process is over and the apartment is cleaned, inspected, and repainted. It's a LONG and expensive process.

They might just be smoking and selling crack, which is really as bad and dangerous for the residents of the building, due to the rise in crime associated with crack use, and the acrid odors and weird people you have to deal with.

For your own safety, peace of mind, and sanity...MOVE...asap. We love you.

    Bookmark   May 19, 2008 at 3:36AM
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