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Elites2013July 5, 2013

What can I do? I live a half block away of a restaurant that uses to play music Friday and Sat from 7 pm to pass 11 pm. We had been calling to the city's number and the police had arrived to the restaurant many times. Also we started a police report and this problem has more than a year and they still keep doing the same. Once the police turn back, they play music louder than before. I wonder if there is some kind of different authority, beyond the Code Compliance of my city, that can help us.
The code of compliance says it not allowed to play music after 11 pm and the volume must to stay at 65 decibels and, at 10 it has to low down until 60, but, after 10 they play music louder than before 10. Can you believe? So, we don't have the right to hear the silent, the tv, or just stay in my back yard because of they music. And, one more detail, I have tinittus so, music and ringing at the same time......
Please, let me know what can I do.

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You can contact your city or county Dept of Environmental Protection to see if you can file a noise pollution complaint. My son handles this for our county and I'm not sure if music qualifies or not, but he routinely sites individuals and companies for violations. It starts with warnings but will escalate to fines if they don't comply. Good luck!

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Look, here's the problem--which of you are contributing more to the city's budget? The city isn't going to do more than pay lipservice to your complaint--they're making far more $$$$ from a business than from a home owner, so to curtail that businesses ability to make money to pay their taxes, fees, etc, is NOT in your city's best interest.

I'm really sorry, but if you bought the house, knowing it was in the vicinity of this establishment, you sort of accepted the situation. You will need to take direct alternatives--soundproofing, ear plugs, etc. Or move to a quieter neighborhood. I would assume, were I in your shoes, the problem was MINE, not the business that is just doing what they do to make money.

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You haven't posted back, so am wondering if this is still an issue. In case it is. Talk to your neighbors. Put a flier in mailboxes addressing the issue, the goal being that others share in your discomfort. You'd be surprised what a big stick you can stick in their spokes if you have a good number of homeowners who complain against a business. Another alternative is to contact one of your local tv stations. Some of them have departments who help locals solve problems that seem un addressable by cops, city council or whoever. Our tv station is called "9 on your side" . Good luck with this problem and post back to let us know what's happening.

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