illuMask - Who said they were trying?

DLM2000March 17, 2014

I can't find the thread, but someone said they were trying the illuMask and planned (or already did) take a before pic and would do an after, then let us know what they thought. So I'm wondering if that poster or anyone else is using it and what you think.

After that post I looked into it and since I had a gift card at Ulta, decided to buy it. What stunned me as I read the instructions is that this is a DISPOSABLE item - meant to be used for only 30 uses (it counts down each use) then you throw it away and you buy another! What a landfill nightmare! I think it has to go back to Ulta :-(

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I have been looking at the acne version for my kids. A reviewer on Amazon was also mad about the counter and posted a way to circumvent.

1. Open the unit, and replace the four AA batteries.
2. Connect a wire between the POSITIVE terminal and the labeled RESET copper pad on the printed circuit board. Press the POWER ON button.
3. Move the wire to connect the POSITIVE terminal and the labeled TEST copper pad on the printed circuit board, and press the POWER ON button.
4. The counter will reset from 0 to 30 uses.
5. The manufacturer deliberately drains the four AA batteries after the initial 30 sessions to thwart users from just RESETTING

For acne, $30 per month is less than we spend on prescription drugs so it might be worthwhile. I am going to wait for some more reviews.

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I never believe in these at home devices. Even when getting a procedure done professionally it takes multiple treatments with an expensive powerful machine to see any improvements. I think this sounds too good to be true, hope I am wrong.

dlm, have you tried radio frequency treatments. I have had two sessions of six each, last year and the year before. I plan on making another appointment this year. It stimulates collagen.

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Thanks, deee - not sure how many times it could be reset and then it's still landfill material. I know nothing lasts forever but it just rubs me the wrong way!

roseabbey I totally agree with OTC and home devices - for the most part they're minimally effective. I haven't tried and really know nothing about radio frequency treatments - not sure that's even offered at my dermatologist's office. She (or an RN under her supervision) does just about every treatment that doesn't require surgery. I've reached the age and the point in my life where I'll consider anything that doesn't require a knife!!

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Dm2000, I hear ya! lol I recycle like crazy, so this definitely goes against my nature. However, maybe if it can be taken apart, something could be made from the parts? A garden ornament? I'll have to check it out. ;)

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Oh now i want to see this in your garden!!! A mini bird feeder? LOL!

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