Viking designer SE Upgrade

sadiesewsNovember 5, 2007

As a follow up to my 11/5 message, I found out what was happening to my designs after I had the upgrade for the jump stitch cutter. Those top threads when cut have to go somewhere, so they are pulled to the back and then as the stitching continues, they get caught in the stitches. The longer the jump stitches and the amount of jump stitches increases the messy back. The technician reminded me to go under "tools" and turn the cutter off when working with projedcts where the back will be seen. When I did that, the back was lovely. The cutter is such a time-saving device that I have decided to use it on projects where the back won't be seen; i.e. quilt blocks. Then when I want to do tablecloths or napkins I'll turn off the jump cutter and take the time to cut the stitches. It was alarming to me this weekend so I was glad today when I found out what I had to do to get those neat backs. I imagine Viking will release upgrades to this feature as time goes on. It's a good thing once I discovered how to use it.

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