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marci_paMay 23, 2005

Come out, come out, where ever you are!!

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Good morning all--

Sorry I haven't been here, but I haven't had access to the computer for days.

Seems DH (and I *don't mean dear hubby) has decided that he is no longer going to talk to me, look at me or acknowledge my presence in anyway, shape or form. This started last Tuesday, and is steadily getting worse.

I think, or at least have a sneaking suspiction of, what happened. I signed up for a temp agency on May 2. I told them that I was leaving for vacation on May 6, and would be raring to go on May 17. (By **coincidence**, last Tues, when he stopped talking to me--). I didn't hear form them, so I called to remeind them that I was wanting to go out, and I was told that the guy that I interviewed with was out of town, and would be back on Thurs, and he's call me. (When DH asked, I told him all of this, nd the look on his face--so I'm pretty sure this is what's going on). Anyhoo, things got so bad that I ended up going up in my MIL to spend Weds/ Weds night & Thurs. By Thurs afternoon, I still ahdn't heard anything, so I caslled and left a message for that guy and his assistant calls back. (Why I couldn't have talked to her earlier in the week is beyond me; I didn't know she was there or I would have asked to.) She says she will call me on Friday, and so I wait. Fri afternnon, I call, and she says that they have not gotten any responses back to their requests for references, so I asked her when they had contacted my references, and she said that she "had just called them". Ummm....'s 4:20pm Friday. Thoses ladies are goooooone. So, then she says that she has an opening for a filing cler for $6 at the other end of Louisville. Temp to perm, which I repeatedly stressed that I don't want at this time--I want just temp assignments for the time being. So... that is where I am at. Hubby has not spoken a word to me since Friday, and it's now Monday moring. I got up, and wandered in the kitchen, and it seems as though he didn't close the refridgerator door completely, and since I last heard him in there after 8pm last night, I can only sumise that it was open enought to have the light on all night.

I don't know what to do. I only know that I can not live like this. I am so angry and hurt right now. I never heard a peep out of him when I was working 60-70 hours a week. But now, when my unemployment has only been out a week, I am getting this???? I'd like to remind him that I supported his butt when he quit his job 10 weeks before we were to be married.

I heard him getting up--gotta go

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((((Maddie))) I am sorry that you are going through this. I'm not sure I understand what is happening though. Is he not speaking to you because you are not working yet? My goodness, does he have any idea what the job market is these days? I have a close friend that has been seeking work for over a year now. He did get a really crappy job that has him traveling all over the US and Canada and he hates it. He would much rather be home with his family, but nothing has come up for him. That is what it is like right now. I'm sure you have, but I have to ask. Have you tried to talk to him? If so, what kind of response to you get? Men can be so difficult at times, (they probably say the same about us), but I do think it is more difficult for them to express their feelings. Please know that you have a wonderful support group here and we are always willing to listen.

Speaking of men, John, nice to see you again. I hope things are going well in your world. It sounds like they are. It is nice to have your sense of humor back!

I am down 13.8 pounds doing WW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels good.

Saw the new Star Wars movie yesterday. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, but I have seen all the others. I have to admit though, I did like it. At least I could understand it! LOL The earlier ones, understand I could not. (That was Yoda speak!)

Anyway, have a great day. Maddie I'll be thinking of you!

Love, Besh

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Good morning!
Sorry to hear about your problem with DH, Maddie. The economy stinks right now and getting a good job is not easy!
I've gained a couple of pounds over the past week. Just couldn't get myself with the program! I'm hoping to do better this week. It seems that when I gain it all goes to my stomach area and I hate that! Why is it that when you are young your stomach is usually flat, but you reach a certain age and suddenly all the extra sits right on your abs.
Congratulations on the weight loss, Besh! Isn't it amazing how wonderful you feel after losing weight.

I plan to work on drinking more water this week.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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Hi Everyone! I'm officially checked in!

Maddie~ ((((HUGS)))) The silent treatment from Rog is really a bummer. He sounds like he's pretty angry about something (I know, duh) and isn't ready to lay all his cards out yet and engage in a discussion. Maybe he's worried about the economy and finances and is frustrated by it all. I know you didn't ask for advice, but I'll risk offering... Maybe you might want to sit down and make a time line and plan of action for yourself. Then present it to him, so he knows what's going on and everything. You may have already done this and if so, ignore me. :) Sometimes, partners feel fear if they don't know what the other is doing, especially on the employment scene.

As an aside, I didn't know you were looking for a job. I thought you were doing your online biz and building product and business for that. But if you're looking for temp work, maybe you could sign up at several temp agencies and see what comes through. And if that doesn't work, consider taking the temp to perm position and decline if they present a perm offer. Beating the streets isn't a bad option either. Part time is easier to find than full time, so maybe the local coffee shops, day cares, or some boutique might be interested in your people skills and business savvy.

Just to dig a deeper grave for myself here, I'll add that I don't know if you agreed to Rog's quitting his job and going to school when you got married, but if you did, it's not really fair fodder to bring to the table in this situation. It happened long ago and if you had hard feelings about it, it might have been worked out earlier for a better result. Dredging up the past for a defense is not always productive, as you probably already know.

Rog may have been surprised that you lost your job, and was not counting on the loss of income. He may harbor some anger or guilt for having to be the bread winner. That's okay, but communication lines need to be opened to talk about it.

I really, really care about you, your marriage, and your health and well-being, Maddie. Otherwise, I wouldn't risk offending you by offering the above. I feel your pain also. Being ignored in a relationship because of extenuating circumstances is not fun at all.

I read about a game couples can play to get discussions going. It goes like this:

Make two sets of 4 mats labeled with:


Then put the mats on the floor facing each other. Hubby stands on one set and Wife on the other set. As you discuss your situation, move to the mat that describes your mood as you speak. It helps couples communicate things that aren't normally spoken and forms an understanding type environment between souls.

Maddie, break down and tell Rog that you love him like crazy and to have him not talk to you hurts you very much. Let him know that you want to talk and are committed to work on this job thing until it's resolved.

And, today, try to make a plan to begin moving in a positive direction and gaining energy toward the job hunt.

Love You! ---SO MUCH! I'm going to be thinking of you ALL day and I'm burning my 'Strength', 'Power', and 'Transformation' candles with you on my mind today, sis!

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Maddie - after what BJ said, I can only offer you a BIG (((((((HUG)))))). I also suggest talking to him - the worse that can happen is he won't talk to you and since he's already doing that..... I will be sending you postive thoughts filled with love and peace.

BJ - you have once again blown me away - with how you analyze situations with such an open-mind. You would make an awesome Mediator.

Besh - congrats on the loss - WTG. I bet the dance you are doing right now is burning a lot of more calories LOL.

MaryAnn - It's okay to wander off the program, as long as you don't wander too far.

Patti - I hope you and Dave are doing better.

I realized I am overdue for my mammogram, so I better go make an appointment.

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Beege--i love you, my sister, and would never take any offense at what you'd say to me, because I know that your words come from your heart. Apparently, the good vibes worked. He came to me this morning, and started talking, and it's not really about the temp situation after all. It has to do with a question that I asked re: the jewelry, and for some reason, he just took it and blew it into a mountain. (I asked if he wanted me to pull about 4 dz different pins for a huge order; I normally ask since there are times when he's not ready for the order to be pulled, so out of commom courtse, I ask.) He appologized, and we hacked out the problem, and he said that we was wrong, and would try not to be such an @ss in the future.

Gotta go--be back==

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Thanks, Maddie. I'm glad it all worked out for you and Rog. Good luck with the job hunt!

Besh!!!!!! CONGRATS! Wow! WW is a great program, isn't it? You must feel like a million bucks! The kids saw Star Wars and loved it! I saw Interpreter and loved Sean Penn in it!

DeeMarie~ Hope you are well and everything is a-okay!

Tikanas: I will be in FallBrook on the 12th of August, leaving on the drive to Las Vegas on the 15th. I hope we can meet each other for lunch or something and chat for a few! I'll have my 14 and 16 y.o. girls with me too. Maybe we can get the teens talking! lol.

Raeanne~ You remeinded me I have to have a blood test for my thyroid SOON! Did you make an appointment for a portrait of the twins yet? .......!

MaryAnn~ get back on the wagon and the abs will pop right back into shape!

MARCI! Thanks for starting us up today!

John! Good to see you back here. I'm happy for you and your love!

All for now!

PS: So far, since I've stopped dieting and started exercising and eating smaller portions, I've lost 12 1/2 pounds and over 8 inches. I want to fit into this swimsuit I bought for the summer, so that's my inspiration.......

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Where is everyone?

I'm going off to the dental hygenist today for my every-6 month teeth cleaning. oh, joy.....!

Then the high school design class is coming to work at my house on their class project----redesigning the teacher's lounge! You should see their progress---it's quite stylish!

The weather here is supposed to be gorgeous, so I'll help my little ones (6 and 9 y.o.) plant more sweet peas we sprouted and plant more elephant ear bulbs for summer eye-popping greens! And then I might even get my arbor started, but that involves digging---not my favorite!

And I have an interview offer that I have to call on. I better get myself together here!

Amy~ Send us an inspiring message about the beautiful plants and friut in Hawaii this time of year. And I'm working on enswering your email---I didn't forget!

And NHSuzanne! Riding stories! I need to visualize a warm breeze and wind blowing through a certain perky horse's mane!

Raeanne~ Thanks for the post (note) nice. I found a really cool item at the StarGazer store a few days back. You'll have to wait and see what it is though.... where are you planning on kayaking this weekend---you ARE going, aren't you? And does your DH ever feel like going along? --- or is he being his usual work-a-holic self? ---lol!

Check in and say hi! ---

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Hi Everyone:

BJ, I think the reason you won't hear any stories from NH Suzanne about a warm breeze because it still feels like winter in this part of the world! In fact I have thought of you several times because the joke around here has been, did I fall asleep and wake up in Seattle? We have had so much rain, today we are having a Nor'Easter, again. This makes 2 in less than a month. It has rained every weekend for the past 6 weeks! We are attending a wedding this weekend, and guess what, more rain. I feel so bad for the bride. Wow was that a vent or what? LOL And......congratulations on the weight loss. How about those daughters of yours, I'm so glad that they know the right way to lose weight and don't buy into the fad stuff. Keep up the great work.

What did everyone think of the Desperate Housewives finale? I don't think Rex is dead. I think the Dr. is trying to set up Bree. I thought it ended with alot of good cliff hangers. Anyone watching American Idol? This is the first time I have ever watched from beginning to end. My vote is going to Bo.

Maddie, I am glad that you and DH talked things out. Life is tough enough sometimes without being miserable at home. I hope things are still going well for you today.:-)

Have a great night!

Love, Besh

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Rain rain and more rain
what a pain, im going insane
If I was a duck
I would be in luck
Summer is going down the drain :/

Glad to hear things worked out Maddie. I never dish out the silent treatment(mostly becuase I like talking too much), but sometimes I do put things off a day or two before talking about them. Thats mostly because in the heat of battle I tend to be too much of a smart arse and prefer to cool down and make sure im being rational.

BJ sounds as busy as ever! I wish I could not worry about a diet and just exercise.. but I really have to be careful about what foods I eat and how they effect my blood sugar. Im slowly learning to like brown rice and whole wheat breads and pasta.. very slowly mind you.

Nice Yoda speak Besh, let the geek within shine on. I liked Starwars too, it was fun and wrapped up the series nicely. I did feel bad for some young boys dressed up as Darth Vader, they arent going to see him as much of a hero after they see the movie.

I was on a steady loss but the rain has put a damper on getting out and about. We were able to get out and hike on friday and reached a couple of lovely water falls. The hike was a killer 2500 feet in elevation though, and my knee is paying for climbing over all the exposed roots from the rain. Feeling better today though so if I cant get out and hike or kayak, im going to hit the gym this week.

I still havent heard about the new job yet... I called them on Friday and was told that the CFO wanted them to interview 2 more people from a company that is going out of business.. so now I have to wait a little longer and have to beat out 2 more people that are already doing a similar job. I am really really tired of looking for work, this is the 3rd job in a row that has been dragged out like this, im starting to think the powers that be want me to just stay here on nights, but im sick of the place, the people, the hours and listening to myself complain about it :(

On a happy note! well I dont have anything right now , but Im going to think about it some more :)

Everyone stay dry, and have a good week!


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BJ - I will go kayaking this weekend, if it ever stops raining!!! Both DD's are coming home, so maybe they will try it out. I think DH went out for about 5 minutes when I first got it - I haven't been able to tear him away from work since then! The school project sounds like a lot of fun. Tell more about this interview of your's and good luck (if you want it LOL).

John - thanks for reminding me, I bought a new pair of hiking boots last year and haven't tried them out yet, maybe I can fit that into this weekend too. Sending positive thoughts for the job.

Besh - I said the same thing - I don't think Rex is dead. However, I am worried for Mike - but they would never get rid of him! My vote is for Bo too and I actually did vote this time LOL.

Maddie - What a relief! Guess DH was just in a funky state and over-reacted.

QOD - what are your Memorial Day weekend plans?

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Good Morning All,

Seems like I have a lot of catching up to do.

Maddie, ((((HUGS)))) I have to tell you as I was reading your post on DH that I could not believe that he would be upset about the work thing. Seems to me that while he was busy making a mountain out of a mole hill you were doing the same thing!!!

BJ. I am jealous about the gorgeous weather you talked about.

Besh, LOL. You are so right. No horse stories from this broken down old horsewoman. I am SO sick of this weather. I still have to wear my winter clothes to the barn, including polar fleece gloves. My girls haven't been out in weeks and are getting as cranky as I am. You must be so sick of getting pelted with this weather!!

Raeanne, have you sprouted webbed feet like me?

John which mountain did you and your gang climb??? I am surprised you didn't get rained out......grrrrrrrr Good luck with your job interview.

The hammer has come down hard again at work. I am frankly tired of it and the morale here is at an all time low. We ad reps thought that there were going to be some positive changes but quite the opposite has happened. I need to do some soul searching about what I want to do. Of course, it's easier to do nothing.

DH is depressed again. I must say that I have a real sense of dread but he has put himself back on his antidepressants and is going to call his Dr. today. I would say that was very positive so I am keeping positive thoughts. His DS is not doing well again. He has spent the last several months in rehab and now living in a half way house. He has been working as a laborer but recently quit his job and took a job on a fishing boat........bad news. Not a good place for a drunk to try to keep sober. The worse news is that he's been lying to his DF which is a major problem because honesty is the most important part of sobriety. I wish this kid could turn himself around. I hate to see it consume DH too.

QOD: I am building an ark for me and my animals!

I will try to write more about what is going on later.

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NH Suzanne - speaking of an ark - I was just thinking that this morning as I looked out at my feeder and there were 2 ducks, 2 doves, 2 blue jays and 2 gray squirrels LOL.

For the past month we have had a pair of ducks visit our feeder daily. I am now concerned because last night there was a gray fox hanging around the feeder. I am tempted on not putting any food out for the birds and maybe divert an ugly situation. I am sure there is a nest around, but haven't found it yet.

QOD - I have no big plans, just spend time with family and do a little BBQ thing, hope to get some boating, kayaking and maybe hiking in. However, I do work Friday, Saturday and Monday, so my time is limited. I am hoping my new single friend will come join us too.

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I forgot to include a ((((HUG)))), I will keep sending positive thoughts and energy out to DH and his DS. And hope you come to the right decision about your job - you have too much to offer, not to be appreciated.

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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

Maddie ((HUGS)) glad things worked out so quickly. Men...can't live with em, can't K*ll,.... I mean can't live without them. LOL. Just teasing. I hope the job situation gets better for you!

QOD: This weekend will include....boating, BBQing and just hanging with friends and some family. I am looking forward to it.

I just purchased tickets for my nieces to come down for a visit in July. They are going through a tough time right now. Their parents (their dad is my brother) are splitting and I wish I could just get them down here now to get away from the madness for the moment. Give them a tiny break for crying out loud. I remember when I was a teen and my parents did not get along, for about two years...... my stomach always in knots and being very nervous all the time.....horrible feelings. I really feel for them.

DH and I are going to a diabetes workshop Thurs and Fri. We are serious about getting DH off the insulin. We need to pack a lunch..... so I am off tonight to buy healthy items in case they check them at the door....LOL. Heavens, I don't want to be made the example of unless it is a good way.....I am tired of being the DON'T picture. LOL.

Loved the last episode of Deperate Housewives....I too don't think Rex is dead. It was George the Pharmacist who has been giving him the wrong meds in his bottles. They certainly cannot get rid of Mike, and that Zak might be his son, oh my..... Oh I could go on and on.... just love it!

American Idol..... I did not vote, but would like to see Carrie win. I am not a fan of Bo or the type he portrays. His singing hurts my ears. Something about his tone or monotone or lack of it. I am sure it is my ears.... Axel Rose is the same way for me....just cannot do his voice. Isn't that odd. It should be a great show tonight. A co-worker just told me what is happening tonight...sounds like quite a big SHOW!!!!

I am bummed that no one seems to know the show Veronica Mars. Must have been against some tough competition.

Take care.......


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Lynn~ Hoooray for you for lovin' your nieces to pieces and giving them a break. The split may be necessary, but they'll REALLY enjoy the break. Besides, teens love adventure and traveling in the summer!

East Coasters~ The rain keeps everything so green here! Unfortunately, we're heading for a drought this summer, so we'll be on a water schedule this summer, not fun! It's sunny again today and so I hope it comes your way SOON!

NHSuzanne~ (((((((HUGS))))))) Stay strong. And look for another job----you are so positive and motivated and are good at what you do. You certainly can find employment that includes animals and interests that managed more efficiently! Luck to you!

Thursday- Lunch with the DJ who's spinning tunes at my 17 y.o.'s bday party next weekend and then--- at night, high school mystery themed play.

Friday-House and garage cleaning and gardening! I have a meeting at the school for an event planning thing. I'm coordinating the principal's and a kindergarten teacher's
retirement parties! Gotta get the thing in gear!

Saturday-Go to a friends house to re-do her entry way landscaping---it needs a MAJOR overhaul--very neglected. My teens are watching both sets of our kids so we can feng shui her entry way! That should take most of our day! But I get to use my hedge clippers, saws, and all kinds of cool tools!

Sunday-Hosting dinner party for 2 other couples and their kids. I think I'll take the kids to a park during the day to keep the house in order! Then come home and make food and desserts!

Monday- Appt to donate blood at 8:30am, then hosting the dance team for the Jr. High Talent Show here so they can practice their routine.

Water, water, water. I bought a case of sports sized water bottles yesterday and will bring them everywhere with me this weekend and drink water ONLY all day long for 4 days! I take that back---I may need a shot of espresso somewhere along the line! lol.

Have a great holiday!

Here is a link that might be useful: Crash Course about Veronica Mars!

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Hi All!

Sheesh! It doesn't pay to fall behind in these posts! Everybody has so much going on.

Maddie ((( )))) I am glad it's blown over. I couldn't stand the silent treatment either.

Besh!! Way to go! Almost 14 lbs. WOW. I love Desparate Housewives too. I don't believe that Rex is dead either. The suspense is gonna kill me...

MaryAnn, get back on the band wagon! It happens to all of us now and then. But you are here. That's the important part.

Raeanne, I wanna see some kayaking pics! Nice if you can get DDs to go with you.

Bj, I'm marking my calendar! Keep me posted as to the best day for you and I will keep it open. I can flex my schedule with a bit of warning.

Suzanne, John, do you live close to eachother? Sorry to hear about all that rain. You can send it here. It's been too hot and I love rain.

Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about DH and his DS. At least he got himself back on the meds. I agree about that fishing boat atmosphere...

Lynn, way to go on your determination re diabetes! What did you pack for your lunch. I was ROFL at how you were trying not to be the poster girl for "Don't do it THIS way" LoL! How nice of you to give those girls a break! I will have to check out this Veronica Mars...

QOD: I planned a quiet weekend but now I am changing my mind... I am thinking of throwing a BBQ here now. I don't like to stray far from home on holidays as the crowds outside of our little town are AWFUL!!

Biz # 3 is starting to take off! I have marketed to 3 local health clubs and will be teaching 2 CPR and first aid classes at each of these clubs in June. I set up a raffle for one free class per club to the member whose name is drawn. I will certify/ recertify each clubs owner for free and staff members for 1/3 cost. I am offerring a gift of a well stocked first aid kit to each club for any successful referrals to other clubs. All classes will be taught at the clubs so I have no overhead. I am using these initial classes to gauge response to the class, the flyers, the incentives and the referral system. Wish me luck!!

Busy day today! I am a parrish nurse for my church and we have a couple of people really in need. I need to find a student to live in with a 93 year old lady so off I go...

Have a great day everybody! Stay strong and stay well!


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Raeanne-thanks for the good thoughts I can use em. With all the rain this weekend, maybe you can break in the boots at the mall. I pick up the kayak tomorow, I know I probably wont get to use it till next week, but Im still excited!

BJ your weekend looks a little sparse, slowing down eh?

NHSuz- We went up to Franconica notch, we skipped the tourist trap hike and started at the basin. The first fall was called Kingsman falls, not sure the name of the second one. We managed to finish just before the rain hit, thank goodness. The funny thing was a couple in their late 60's early 70's skipped by us and told us to "be careful and take it easy" that made my chunky behind feel great :/ I hope the job gets better for you and DH gets the help he needs. Im greatful my issues with drugs and alchohol are behind me and other than a banged up 86 buick, my parents never had to witness the problems they caused.

Lynn- let us know how the workshop is, im trying to get off of my meds using diet and exercise but its not an easy task. Ive been making my own granola bars that are travel friendly to take on day trips. Its hard to find things other than fruit that travel well and are not loaded with refined flour and sugar.

Tikanas- one monsoon and lots of rain coming your way!

QOD: Im working all weekend so.. looks like dinner and a movie Friday and then working my way through the rest of it, that and lots of praying for nice weather next week :)

take care everyone!


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Hello everyone,

Wow, lots going on here.

Tikanis, good to hear from you. I don't mind rain but I am so sick of it. It's cold and driving rain too not a warm little shower. My poor horses are getting cranky. John and I live about 45 miles apart. We have never made the attempt to meet. He works nights. Besh and I live fairly close about 1 1/2 hours or less we have never met either.
Congrats on buisness #3................I would love to figure out what I want to do. Wanna be my life coach?

John, I love Franconia Notch and the whole region. It's so beautiful and so special. When I was younger I skied Tuckermans Ravine every June! It was quite a feat. We really should make an arrangement to meet when you get on days. I hear there are some great wine bars and martini bars now in Manchester.

BJ, do you ever stop? I need a landscape overhaul at my house next!

We are closing the July issue and it has it's share of stress on top of the other stuff going on. The holiday is making the deadline very tough.

QOD: It's flower planting time at my DFIL's farm. The whole family comes up and we plant the place. I hope it doesn't pour.

GRETCHEN, you are missing.......check in and let us know how you are.

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Tikanis - I finally sent Marci a kayak photo to post, when she get's a chance - I know she is very busy right now. My DH came to the lake the first day I kayaked and took photos - just like my first day of school LOL. Congrats with Biz #3 - how do you manage all that you do???

BJ - Once again my head is just spinning thinking of your weekend. I have been putting off some landscaping for a few years now - I need a plan first and can't come up with one. I should fly you out here - are you free next weekend LOL?

NH Suzanne - have fun planting and wear your wader's. It didn't rain today, but it looked like it was going to all day long.

John - Loved the reference to the problems your parents caused ROFLMAO.

Lynn - I will try to remember to check out Veronica Mars. Most nights there is nothing good on TV at all and other nights there is too much. You are a GREAT aunt.

I was just thinking about Gretchen too.

MaryAnn - Let us know if you got back on track.

Gotta run, going to a Real Estate cocktail party (which I am way underdressed for - but that is the way I'm going).

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Happy Friday,

Looks like everyone started the weekend early??? Where is everyone?

The sun is out here and it's looking glorious. Don't know how long it's going to last but I am certainly enjoying it.

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I'm here!, checkin' in!

It's 88 degrees here and we're havin' a heat wave!

I'm ready to start the weekend!


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Yesterday reached a high of 60 degrees - brrrrrrr.

DD's came home yesterday and my house is filled with noise and it is good.

I woke up early to kayak, but the fog was laying heavily over the lake, so took a pass.

I think I'm going to get some clams and throw them on the BBQ later.

Getting ready for work now, have a great weekend.

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GOOD Morning!

I should say GREAT! The sun is out and it is glorious! What a change in attitude the weather gives. I love it!

QOD: Laundry, pick up the house, etc. today. Tonight, a wedding (had to get a smaller size on the dress I bought to wear!). Tomorrow, sleep late, visit with my Mom as she will be staying with my brother this weekend, visit with FIL later and hopefully drinks with some friends. Monday, GARDEN! I have not planted one little plant yet. It is probably a good thing because they would have washed away by now. I hope there are some left to buy, by the time I get to the Nursery. And ofcourse, laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Besh

PS - I am down another pound at WW making a total of 14.8!

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Besh! CONGRATS! WOW! Right on with the weight loss!

Raeanne~ The clams sound GOOD!

I am off to re-do my friend's entry way landscaping. I am so excited about it---we've just been waiting for the weather to cooperate!

Have a graet Saturday!

Here is a link that might be useful: Make mine an iced latte!

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BJ - I'm with 92 year old Phyllis Cameron - make mine a gin and tonic LOL.

DH just took a break from work to take DD's out on the boat, before the weather turns ugly again LOL. I am taking my lunch break.

Our main street is lined with American Flags and looks beautiful, the streets are also lined with tourists. Good to see so many people around - ask me how I feel about them in August.

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Happy Saturday everyone! Sounds like everyone is off to a good start.

Besh, WTG on the weight loss. I am so proud of you. Wish I could get myself in that mode.

The horse stories are coming girls. I rode yesterday evening over to a friends house that just did her living room and dining room completely over. We untacked the girls and let them graze while we went in an had a glass of wine (or two). This is the first ride the girls have had for almost four weeks! We were all glad to be out. We tacked up and rode home almost in the dark. Shouldn't have done that as we were not prepared to ride in the dark. Fortunately, we were mostly in the woods. I love the woods at night. Right now the water from the brooks is really rushing and it feels and sounds very mystical.

This morning we had an early morning ride. We were out by 6:30 and the rode with the rising sun. It was a wonderful connected ride for me. One of the things that the animal communicator told me was that Sweet P thinks I rush her down rocky slopes and that we communicated about it (throught the communicator). Anyway, we rode down a pretty rocky and steep slope this morning and this is the first time that Sweet P ever really picked her steps carefully. It was amazing how slowly and carefully she went down! I cannot say how amazed I am. We had a wonderful ride together.

Unfortunately once we were home the vet came to do spring shots and Coggins test. The girls got stuck good four times each. Now they are out on pasture trying to forget how sore they are. They will not think about it while they are eating the beloved grass!

I should be out doing all kinds of things but don't have the energy. I feel logey (sp?) and I think it's pollen.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Just think! Two more days to go.

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Hey all!

Just got back from my gal pal's house. We totally bushwhacked her entryway landscaping and cleaned it up a lot! Her DH and she were loving all the light and energy that was flowing through there. The overgrowth had blocked the light to her front door and she couldn't see her driveway from her front door! The ferns had bolted through the evergreens and were stalky, 8-9 feet spindles of stem! So, we filled lawn bag after lawn bag of ivy, brush, branches, and tree needles. We worked for a full, non-stop 5 hours on cutting and bagging. Her DH powerwashed their deck and my teens babysat all the little ones. It was so much fun and so cool to see the result...not too mention the exercise we got! I may be sore tomorrow, but I'm jazzed tonight.

Sunday, my 14 y.o. and I are headed to Costco to buy supplies for the local tent city that moved to the local church this week. It's a homeless, well-regulated group of homeless working citizens that move their city of tents from church property to church property every 90 days. They don't cause any trouble; they're just without homes. Anyway, some communities like them and some are frightened of the image they bring... We like nice humans, and they are, so we're going to visit with some donations for them. They publish a list of needs each week on the tent city website, so people can help. They give tours of their encampment to the folks who visit, and I really want the kids to see that everyone should help and not ignore the plight of people who are just down on their luck, partly because of our lousy economy.

After that, we're cleaning and DH and I are hosting dinner for 2 other couples (good friends) and their kids. The kids are eating, then watching Racing Stripes. Then the adults will eat and catch up with each other.

Catch you after that!

Raeanne~ I think I'll stick with coffee for now, but the gin/tonic sure brings back foggy memories of night-clubbing in the early eighties! ---- oooooohhhhh, la, la!!

NHSuzanne- So cool you got to ride! Sounds so relaxing and peaceful. I'm happy you and SP got to connect again....

Besh~ A smaller dress size? I wish I could say that! Maybe sooner than later! Cheers!

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Hi everyone!

Raeanne, I feel your pain (tourists). They are starting to hang around in this neck of the woods as well.

BJ, you constantly amaze me. Are you planting where you cut out the shrubs, or are they just enjoying the open space? We have had to remove some big overgrown bushes too and what a difference it makes. It does not take long for the stuff to just take over everything.

Suzanne, can you email me the information on the animal communicator? I would like to look into it and also pass the info on to my sister. Thanks.

The wedding last night was so much fun. A great dance band, so DH and I were up on the dance floor for most of the night. (I can hardly walk this morning!) The groom is a BMX stunt bike performer, so they rode a bicycle built for 2 from the church to the reception. I wish I had thought to take a picture with my phone because it was so cute. We had a great night.

Today, I'm going to buy flowers, finally, vist with my Mom, go to the cemetary, go vist FIL and maybe get together with friends, but now I think we may go to a movie instead. Don't know yet. Tomorrow I am planting and then later having a small cookout for the family.

I don't think I could handle a gin and tonic any more!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Drink your water!

Love, Besh

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Happy Memorial Day All,

Hope everyone enjoys this day. It's starting off to be a beauty here. The early morning was so beautiful and quiet.

After another early morning ride, which was just as nice as Saturday, we spent the day planting at DFIL's farm. What a job but after all that hard work it rained so we didn't have to water!

This morning I have Sweet P's harness out, polished and ready to go. She is going on her first drive for the season. I brought the cart out and she knows what it means. It's fun to see her perk up in anticipation.

It's so nice that it's not raining constantly, I have been out everyday since Friday! YEAH!

Besh, I will send you the animal communicator's contact info. Our editor called her to set up an appointment to talk about her horse. While she was on the phone, Julia, (the communicator), said that there was a white dog that really wants to tell Kathleen, (our editor), something! Apparently, Kathleen does in fact have a white dog and it annoys her as it constantly needs attention which Kathllen does not have alot of patience for right now as she is a new mother! The dog wanted to tell her that she loves her and doesn't mean to make her mad! Isn't that amazing? Poor Kathleen felt so guilty and awestruck!

BJ, you continue to amaze me with your energy. Please find a way to bottle it and send some to me!

Raeanne, I hope you are out kyaking this weekend.

Enjoy this day everyone.

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Hi All! And happy Memorial Day. I hope that everybody is having a wonderful weekend.

A big HELLO from Patti and Dave! Patti called me on Saturday. She and Dave have ben really sick for a few weeks. Hopefully, they are over the worst as Patti leaves today for 2 weeks in Texas with her son. Poor Dave is home alone : (
Patti will try and check in while on vacation.

Went to the movies last night and having a BBQ here this evening. The weather is nice. We got a few drizzles (thanks John!) on Sunday morning but the sun is shining and it's a nice 72 degrees out now. I got in a little gardening early this morning. I picked 5 heads of cabbage, 2doz. onions, 2 doz. carrots, some arugula, oregano and chard. The grapes are almost covering the arbor! The pumpkins, squash, potatoes and beans are up, the tomatoes are 3 ft. tall eggplant and peppers are about 1 ft. Melons, cukes and luffa should be up soon. I love watching it all grow!

Have a wonderful holiday and don't forget your H2O!!


Suzanne, I love hearing about your rides!

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Hi All,

As for this weekend,I didn't go nowhere nor do nuthin. Oh, wait, I spent the weekend on a tropical island enjoying deep soft sea breezes, relaxing, talking with friends, petting my cat, and eating exotic fruit. /shrug

"Amy~ Send us an inspiring message about the beautiful plants and friut in Hawaii this time of year." Okay. :)
I've never eaten lychee before this week. It is native to Southern China, grows on trees, about the size of a large strawberry, with a dragon skin that is hard and has sharp bumps all over it. Inside, it tastes kind of like a cross between a purple grape and a melon, and the ones I tried were quite sweet. Very tasty. Below is a link to a picture.

Otherwise, not much has changed. Speaking of questions, has anyone here seriously considered the relationship of physiological body processes to subjective experience? Just curious. If so, what are your thoughts on it? It's quite an amazing phenomenon, though we take it so for granted.

BJ - thanks for thinking of me. I know I'll hear from you when you have a minute. I can't keep up with things either.
Take care everyone

Here is a link that might be useful:

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