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amyjacksonNovember 16, 2006

I JUST got PED basic for my Brother 270 machine, and am curious about it. Do I have to have win zip or something to "unzip" pes files that I download to my computer? I was just costs about 30.00 so of course, if possible I would like to avoid paying for it. Thank you for your time.

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If you have a newer computer, you right click on the zip file and follow the prompts to unzip the file...the feature is built into your computer. I have a download folder on my desktop I use to download and unzip, edit out the formats I don't want when the folder appears (some files have multiple formats that take up unwanted disk space), and then close the unzipped file. After you unzip the file, you can delete it out or put it on cd to use later.

When you unzip, designate where you want it unzipped to so you know where the file went to...had that happen and had to do a search for the design, only took once to learn that one.

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Some of the newer computers give you the Winzip file. they might have a free evaluation version that you can use to try it out. You do need it to unzip embroidery files so it is worth the price.

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Windows 2000 through XP have a file compression utility that can unzip a zip-compressed file, it is not necessary installed on your computer, and it is an applet that must be selected during the OS installation. If you have one of these systems, you can go to control panel, add/remove programs, add/remove windows components and install it. The file necessary to install this app may or may not reside on your hard drive, if they don't the program will ask you for your original Windows CD. If you have an older operation system (95/98/Me) or you don't want to mess with all this, you will need to download WinZip, however there are many other compression utilities out there that do exactly the same thing.

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Thank you to everyone!!! I am up and running now! I appreciate your help!

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